Helical Gearbox

In a helical gearbox, the transmission is made by a helical gear that is made of steel. In helical gearboxes, the gears are low noise and work very smoothly. On the other hand, due to the diagonal of the gears, more than one gear is involved and the least damping. On the other hand, after the solar gearbox, the helical gearbox has a higher efficiency than the cochlear gearbox. These advantages have made the direct shaft helical gearbox widely used in the industry. The helical gearbox shell is generally aluminum or cast iron shell, and depending on the type of use, the helical gearbox can be a base, a flanged helical gearbox and a base and flange combination.



Direct shaft helical gearbox



Bull Helical Gearbox



Parallel helical gearbox



Three-axis helical gearbox


One of the most used gearboxes available in various industries such as food industry, steel industry, cement industry and so on is the direct shaft gearbox. Base shaft helical gearboxes are mostly used in material transmission lines and flanged helical gearboxes for cases where the gearbox is mounted vertically, such as a mixer. Helical gearing batching, steel helical gearing, food industry helical gearing, marine helical gearing, tile helical gearing, pharmaceutical helical gearing, water and wastewater helical gearing, cement helical gearing gearbox, helical helical gearboxing One of the most widely used helical gearboxes in the industry.

  • If the helical gearbox operates continuously, it is advisable to contact sales experts before placing an order.

Helical gearbox repair

The product range includes industrial direct shaft helical gearbox repair, direct shaft gearbox repair, noble helical gearbox repair, noble helical gearbox repair and other brands. And estimating the cost of industrial gearbox repair will guide customers. Refer to the Repair section for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a straight shaft helical gearbox ?

A: There are various industrial gearboxes in the industry, one of the most popular types of industrial gearboxes is the straight shaft helical gearbox . straight-shaft helical gearbox consists of a number of gear pairs that are housed inside the industrial gearbox shell, as well as two axles for the gears with rolling bearings on either side of them. The types of gears used in direct shaft helical gearboxes are helical or helical gears and simple or straight gears ; the direct shaft helical gearbox is one of the most popular industrial gearboxes due to its low noise and workability. The soft impact between helical gearbox gears is straight shaft .

How Do Helical Gearboxes Work? What are their features?

A: There is a helical gearbox along the oblique-angle gear which due to this angle at the moment of the helical gearbox operation, more than one gear is involved at any given time, which puts less pressure on the gear. And minimize the possibility of depreciation in the helical gearbox. In the helical gearbox, the direct shaft of the electromotor and the output shaft of the industrial gearbox are aligned, and the output diameter is proportional to the standard sizes specified. Helical gearboxes are classified according to their applications into three categories: flanged , helical gearbox and base and flange. The helical gearbox shell is made of cast iron, steel and steel shafts and the type of bearings in the helical gearbox is generally rolling.

What are the uses of a straight shaft helical gearbox ?

A: As mentioned,  direct shaft gearboxes are one of the most used and popular industrial gearboxes on the market and have different applications in different industries. Among the most important applications of direct shaft helical gearboxes we can mention the following: 
helical gearboxes used in the oil, gas, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, helical gearbox conveyor, ceramic tile, helical mixer gearbox, batching gearbox, Helical Conveyor Gearbox, Ticker Gearbox, Steel & Cement Industries, Marine, Water & Wastewater & Packaging.

What are the different types of direct shaft helical gearboxes ?

Answer: Their direct shaft helical gearbox is divided into two general categories, each having sub-assemblies. Direct shaft helical gearboxes include basic shaft straight gearbox , flanged helical gearbox  , double shaft straight shaft gearbox and halo shaft straight gearbox which are available on the industrial product site of these direct shaft gearboxes . Sharif Gearbox, for example, is one of the most prestigious Iranian gearbox brands in the field of helical gearbox production and is an industrial product proudly the official representative of Sharif Gearbox (this Iranian quality brand).

How does the straight shaft helical gearbox work ?

Answer: The input power of the direct shaft helical gearbox is between 12 kW and 45 kW and their output rate per minute is about ?? To ???The output shaft is also a number between ?? until the ??? It will be mm. How to install the direct shaft gearbox is mounted vertically on the surface from the base position, horizontally and vertically. The basic shaft gearbox era is driven by gear, chains, belts and poles and power transmission couplings.

How is the work of a  flanged helical gearbox ?

Answer: Input power and output rate and shaft size in flanged helical gearbox are  exactly like direct shaft helical gearbox as follows: Input power 12 to 45 kW Input power, ?? To ??? Rpm output output and output shaft ?? To ??? Mm. The flanged helical direct shaft gearbox is mounted horizontally or vertically to the engine.

How is it possible to transfer power from a straight shaft helical gearbox to a device?

A: In the power transmission from the helical gearbox directly to the shaft there are a number of power transmission equipment including: couplings, belts, gears, chains, etc.

What is a Halo Shaft Helical Gearbox?

A: The halogen gearbox shaft gearbox is, as the name implies, a halogen or hollow gearbox, with its input proportional to the output of the motor shaft. There is a flannel shaft in the hull of the helical gearbox which fits into the flange electromotor when installed. One of the benefits of connecting a halo shaft to an electric motor is the simple separation of the electromagnetic flange from the industrial gearbox, which is easier to repair and replace.





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