SEW gearbox

German SEW gearbox is one of the well known trademarks in Iran. SEW Gearbox manufactures cement plant in all types of SEW helical gearbox  and SEW gearbox and SEW gearbox. Contact sales experts for SEW crawler gearbox advice. 

SEW Gearbox has official dealership in most parts of the world and there is also official SEW dealership in Iran. To choose the best SEW gearbox you need to get in touch with sales experts to offer you the best option. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the SEW gearbox price list?

A: Contact the sales experts to download the SEW Gearbox price list and get the updated SEW Gearbox price. 

Where to download SEW gearbox catalog?

A: You can find the SEW Helicopter Gearbox and the SEW Bull Helical Gearbox from the Catalog Bank section. Get in touch with sales experts to download the SEW Cubic Gearbox Catalog. 

For the price list SEW gearbox  with experts please get in touch.

Contact sales experts to get SEW gearbox catalog  .

How does the SEW direct shaft gearbox work and what are the benefits? 

A: The reason why this type of gearbox is named SEW is the existence of helical or helical gears. The gear in the SEW gearbox is a simple gear that has a profile along the diagonal shaft. How the SEW gearbox is transmitted is that more than one gear is involved at the moment of transmission, which will make both gearing smoother and less likely for the gear to break down and be able to drive at higher rounds and power. Simply unable to work, to work. The essence of a SEW direct shaft gearbox is to reduce the torque and increase the torque at the output.

Is the SEW gearbox Italian or German?

Answer: Basically the SEW gearbox is German but with no official SEW gearbox in Iran so far, no officially approved specimens can be found.

Does the SEW gearbox also produce helical gearboxes and helical gearboxes?

A: SEW gearbox manufactures helical gearboxes.  


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