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Controls can be used to prevent damages caused by pumping and building plumbing. Fluctuations can cause damages and damages, such as disconnection, failure to control the flow of water in the pumps and other things to the building plumbing or even the pump. But there are ways to prevent them. 
The use of five-way, automatic key and expansion source is one way to control the fluctuations. Of course, in the last few years, with the rapid growth of technology, all of this can be handled only in one package called Control. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What pressure should the water pump control set? 
Answer: The
 set control pressure is set according to the initial pressure value, that is, if the initial pressure is 1.5 bar, the pump control pressure must be 0.6 times higher than the initial pressure for proper pumping. In fact, the set pressure of the set control pump in this case must be set to 2.1 .

What are the components of the water pump control set? 
A: The
 Set Control Set has many different types but generally the set of controls consists of various components such as: electronic board , degree or manometer , power cord , valve , rear and front plastic cap , plastic body and pressure screw.

What are the Benefits of Using a Set Control Pump? 
A: The use of a pump control set has the benefits of making it more economical and practical to use. The control set is easily installed. In areas such as the northern parts of the country where the weather is humid,
 Set Control works without any problems due to having a plastic housing and is resistant to moisture. Use of control sets in places where there is a shortage of space is very economical because the pump control set occupies little space compared to the expansion source. Control is Set Control due to low number of consumers, is suitable for use in single buildings. They use a set of controls to prevent various parts of the pump from collapsing and to prevent amputation as well as burning an electric motor because the control setSet Control prevents the pump from continuing to operate and turns it off or off when there is a shortage or a power outage in the building or when there is insufficient water needed for the pump.

How is the pump control set up and installed? 
A: The first step in installing a control set is to install an automatic that must be located between the pump and the first valve. In any part of the installation is controlled
 Set Control , sealing fittings Control is Set ControlIt is essential and must be fully sealed. It should be noted that the automatic installation must be either above the pump or on the pump. In order to be automatically connected to the power supply, the cable in the control set must also be connected to the power supply, in which case the pump will be connected to the power supply via an outlet. When the wires are connected as well as the power supplies needed, the water is out of order, indicating proper installation of the pump and pump as well as the automatic operation. If you want to close the valves, you need to stop the pump for 9 seconds automatically and automatically. An essential point to have in the Set Control Setup is that if the water we use is non-urban, we need to put a filter or filter in the water pump.

What should we consider when using the Set Control Pump? 
A: It is best not to use controls in environments that are warm and directly affected by the sun's rays. If the water used is muddy, it is advisable to install a suitable filter on the pump inlet (prior to 
Set Control ).

How do they adjust the pressure bolt in a Set Control Set 
A: The pressure screw control set is set so that the pump is turned on when the system pressure is less than 1.5 bar; finally, we know that if the numerical system pressure is more than 1.5 bar, the pump will not turn on. And it does not start, so to fix this problem we need to close the
Set Control Pressure Bolt until the pump starts working. Also, if the pump fails to shut down, we must keep the control knob set until the pump stops.

How Does the Set Control Key Work? 
Answer: The control set has a sensitive key that acts as follows: If the water pressure passing through this key is 0.5 the activated key will transmit electricity to the pump, which will then turn on the pump. If the pump does not have any pressure and the water is not flowing then the switch will not be activated automatically and then the pump will not turn on.

When is the Set Control key automatic activated? 
A: To check that the set is active, the first control is measuring the city's water pressure, which can be done by installing a pressure gauge on its pipe. By measuring the pressure and the numerical results obtained, we can calculate the amount of automatic operation, for example, if the pressure is 1.5, the digital automatic will measure 10 meters, and if the pressure is 2.5, the digital automatic will operate at 20 meters. This value is determined by the manual in the different brands.

How many floors does the control set work in the building? 
A: Generally, controls are recommended for pilots up to 3-story buildings if installed correctly. And for higher heights, you can use the expansion source.

What happens when you start the automatic switch? 
Answer: Suppose a city water pressure is 1.5 bar and the consumer is somewhere 10 meters above the pump, in which case more than 1 bar of pressure to overcome the 10 meter water column and losses. The pipe used and less than 0.5 times its height will reach 10 meters. This will cause the pressure in the water to flow into the pipe when it is open is less than 0.5 bar. The control set has the task of supplying the desired pressure at that altitude and will start the pump if the pressure drops.

Why do they use a set of controls? 
A: Using the automatic switch for the pump is recommended when it is always behind the water pump, but with less pressure. If the water pressure is likely to zero at times, it is advisable to consider other options such as mechanical key installation and expansion.

What is the reason the pump does not turn off? 
A: There are generally three reasons for not stopping the pump. 
1- Openness of the faucet and high leakage in the piping system 
The valves and the piping system should be inspected and monitored to address this issue. 
2- The pump pressure is not large enough to cause automatic shut-off. 
In this case, we open the adjustment screw until the pump stops. 
3. The valve has a malfunction and does not operate. 
In this case, repair or replacement is recommended.

The control set and the pump are installed correctly but the water stops, what is the reason? 
A: There may be three reasons for the water 
outage ; these are: 1- Disconnecting the power switch from the automatic switch (control set) by making sure the power is connected to the automatic. 
2- Disconnection of the inlet water to the pump can also be one of the reasons for the water outage which can be solved by checking the source or pump inlet. 
3. The water inlet pipe may be blocked, which will be eliminated if the water inlet is cleaned.

What are the reasons for not turning on or off the pump when opening the faucet? 
A: If the power supply is switched off automatically, no water will go out of the pump. In this case, we need to make sure the power switch is checked by checking the connection. Another reason for not turning on the pump is to cut off the inlet water to the pump, which by checking the inlet water can solve the problem.

At what time does the red light come on? 
A: If the source water is depleted or the pump inlet is running out or the pump is running out, the red indicator light will illuminate. In this case, first to check the source water or pump input to eliminate the alert, then press the
 reset key to ensure that there is water at the source or pump input Also, if the pressure regulator screw is closed and reaches the end of the cylinder, the red light on the control alarm warns here to remove the warning that the controller can automate the pump.

Where is the valve located and what does it do? 
A: The water pump has a pressure controller which is located inside the valve. The valve comes in to protect this controller.

What are the problems with the lack of valves in the pump? 
If the water is pushed into the riser by pressure, when the water pump is stopped, the elevated water in the riser is pumped back onto the pump itself, which is likely to be triggered by the ram, if no valve is present, Damage to the internal parts of the water pump.

One important function is control. 
Other features of water pump protection control are when water flows into the inlet pump of the pump or the water does not reach the pump. In this situation, the control cleverly removes the water pump from the circuit of the activity to prevent the water from operating in the pump and to resist damage to the internal parts of the water pump and to the amperage pulling and burning of the motor.

What is the best control set? 
A: The best type of digital pumps have different brands of water pumps. High accuracy in turning the pump on and off is the most important thing to get the best automatic key or set. Different controls are used in Iran. Generally speaking, yellow controls are very useful but of medium quality. One of the best Chinese brands in production is the
 LEO LEO Brand Control Set , which has produced and supplied a number of mechanical and digital control sets. In this set the pressure gauge control, or manometer, has a high service life and is very accurate.



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