Brake Electromotor

Nowadays, due to the widespread use of electromotors in various industries, large companies are trying to produce products with specific characteristics to capture the market. In the meantime, the brake electromotor with stop and start properties has been the subject of much interest. This product, also known as the steppe motor, lift and lift motor and Brake Electro Motor, has different uses. These include freight and passenger lifts, escalators, airports, building lifts, and even movie curtains. Be.

The electromotor brake can also be mounted separately. Magnetic brakes are highly versatile and are generally manufactured in single and double forms and can be mounted on a variety of electromotors. The function of these brakes on the electromotor is that when magnetically connected, the magnet is released by the magnet from the plate and causes the rotor of the electromotor to rotate. With the power cut off the motor, the plate and finally the motor are fixed and the brake operates.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MGM Brake Electromotor have a display to determine if the engine is off or on?

A: There are MGM motors in the MGM microcontroller detector that display the power of the motor on or off.

In which industries is the brake mounted on the motor used?

A: Brake electromotors are widely used for all types of winch cranes, elevators, lifts, lifters, shrinkers, angular conveyors, packing machines and many other industries.

What are the benefits of SEW brakes?


A) High safety

B) Range of brakes range for the selected electromotor

Compact and compact design that reduces brake length and weight.


Is there a brake electromotor in Mashhad too?

A: There is also a sale of brake electromotors in Mashhad and you can also send us your simple electromotor and deliver it as a brake motor by closing the brake on the electromotor.

What is the use of a brake electromotor?

A: The brake alternator is used as the electromotor coupled to the gearbox. As a simple example, an electric locomotive motor can stand up instantly if it is closed with a brake motor, but it will be delayed if it is not.

Is Iranian Brake Alternator Better or Foreign Brake Alternator?

A: Iranian brake electromotors are generally manufactured without brakes and must be mounted on the brake electromagnet to brake the alternator. External brake alternator but available. The site sells industrial brake electromotors with factory brake. Get the price of a brake engine from sales experts. 

What is the difference between a clutch alternator and a brake alternator?

A: The clutch electromotor is the same as the brake electromotor and is known as Brake Engine, Clutch Engine, Clutch Gear, Brake Gear, etc. 

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