Pump motor

Pump motor is one of the most used industrial equipment especially in the north of the country. Gasoline engine and gasoline engine are among the most commonly used pumps. Rubin Pump Engine Rubin Japan is one of the best pump motor in the world and is well known in Iran. The Rubin Pump motor has similar Chinese specimens and you should note that you buy the original.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a 3-inch diesel pump motor (diesel pump motor) for 50 meters height for a 3-inch tube?

A: Contact sales experts for advice and guidance on buying a diesel pump. 

Does the gasoline or oil pump suction for 30 meters above the well?

A: In general, there is no self-propelled pump engine, but for shorter distances (calculated for different regions), the pump motor can be used as a self-propelled pump motor. Prior to use, there must be a one-way valve at the end of the pipe and be filled with water.

What is the best brand of water pump engine in Iran?

A: Currently one of the most high quality brands in Iran which is also widely used in Iran is Rubin Pump Japan . Japan Rubin Pump Engine manufactures all types of gasoline engine, diesel pump and gasoline-oil pump engine and has official representation in Iran.

What is the most suitable pump motor for 5 meters height and 25 meters length?

A: There are many things to consider when choosing a water pump. So for choosing the best pump motor you can contact sales experts and get free consultation.

What brands of motor pumps do you have?

A: The product of industrial pump Jiang Dong of China , pump Rubin Kyokusin China ,  pump Rubin Japan   and pump Leo LEO can buy here.

In which country is the Rubin plant located?

A: Rubin Japan is one of Rubin Subaru's companies in Japan which has official Japanese Rubin representation in many countries including Iran. Rubin Japan is one of the world's leading brands of gasoline, diesel and diesel pumps in the world with many counterfeit examples.

What are Rubin Factory Products?

A: Japan's Rubin Company manufactures a variety of water pump motors, electric or generator motors, gasoline pumps, and oil pump motors.Of course, the Subaru factories in Japan have many products, which are the most popular products in Iran.

How is the quality of Rubin products in Iran?

A: The Japanese Rubin Motor Pump is very popular in Iran. In particular, the yellow Rubin pump motor, which is known as the diesel gasoline engine, is very popular in northern Iran.

Does your company have spare parts for gasoline engine or gasoline pump?

A: In the Kalasanati group, in addition to the Rubin pump motor and the Rubin electric motor, parts and spare parts are also provided and distributed. Contact sales experts for more information.

Is there a 2 inch high (60/80 m) gasoline engine in the Rubin pump set?

A: For free advice on choosing a Japanese Rubin motor pump, contact sales experts.

Want a 1inch Rubin Pump Engine? how much is it?

A: There is not one inch on the Rubin Pump Kalasanati site. But get in touch with sales experts to get similar samples and get a list of the new Subaru Rubin Pump Japan price list.

Do you have a 2inch gasoline-powered Rubin x50 pump ?

A: This pump motor is available. Contact sales experts to get the Rubin Pump price.

Is Cushin's gasoline engine also owned by Rubin? Do you have 2 inches Cushin in your company?

Answer: Rubin Cushin Pump Engine is a Chinese brand that can replace the Japanese Subaru Rubin Pump Engine. But it should be noted that the quality of these two brands is very different.

Do I need a pump motor that can raise the slope from 100 meters up to about 150 meters? Which Ruby Engine Pump Do You Know?

Answer: Contact sales experts for advice on technical questions regarding pumps.

How much is the price of 3-inch Rubin Pump Engine for se-80x models Do you already have one?

A: Get in touch with sales experts for free advice on buying a variety of pump motors.

I have a 2 inch ruby ​​gasoline engine, I want a 2 inch tube, do you have any parts for sale?

A: Currently, only Rubin's original accessories are sold on the Kalasanati site. Contact sales experts for accessories.

Would you send me the Rubin Pump Engine alone? I have spare parts - will it be different?

A: The prices listed on the Kalasanati site are for Rubin Pump motors only. You can get in touch with sales experts for more help.

Can you introduce the most used Rubin pump motor model please?

Answer: Rubin oil pump can be one of the most used types of this company in Iran. Now, depending on the amount of water you need, 2 inches and 3 inches of ruby ​​is very much used.

I need a pump motor model that can drain 3 to 4 inches of water out of the well to irrigate the garden while still being lightweight, what model do you suggest?

Answer: The main ruby ​​gasoline engine can be the best option for you.

Is there a gasoline pump in the Rubin pump engine as well? That can raise a height of 60 to 70 meters, about 3 inches of water?

A: The diesel pump engine is available in different brands. Contact sales experts for more details.

Ptg110 1-inch Rubin Pump Engine How much was it worth ?

A: Get in touch with sales experts for the latest price list for the Rubin Pump Engine.

I heard a 1-inch Rubin pump engine is not available in Iran, right? Instead of this pump model introduces another pump engine that works the same way?

A: Please contact sales experts for technical information on the pump motor.

In the garden, there is still no electricity for the garden water What pump do you recommend to buy?

A: The best option for areas where there is no electricity is to use a motor pump. Depending on your water requirement, any pump motor can be offered. Contact sales experts for pump selection and free tips. Also one of the benefits of Kalasanati group is sending different kinds of Kalasanati cities.





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