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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the bearing in the pump? 
In small pumps, ball bearings play an important role in thrust thrust bearing and in larger pumps thrust bearing is used.

Where is the cylindrical or multi-ball bearing used? 
Answer: Cylindrical or multi-ball bearings are used where cross-sections are required to withstand force. For example, this type of bearing is used in pump suction pumps because of the high thrust thrust force.

What bearings are used 
in VKL pumps ? A: These types of pumps use NU bearings on the coupling side and Kent can be ejected inside the bearing.

How are ball bearings lubricated? 
Bearings are generally cooled and lubricated in two ways. The first method is delivered by the manufacturer as grease. Experimentally, for example, if the rotary piece works in light and local work without moisture and dust for 8 hours a day, this bearing will work for two years. The second method is to place the bearing in the oil bath. This method is more effective. The amount of oil that spills into this system has a certain amount that is defined by the manufacturer.

What is the duty of a bearing? 
Answer: The task of the bearings is to maintain the correct shaft alignment against radial and axial loads. The bearings are actually shaft supports. The bearings that hold the shaft radial position radial bearings or Redial Bearing called and a bearing that maintains the position of the shaft thrust bearing or Thrust Bearing called. Axial radial bearings are bearings that bear the load in both radial and axial directions. Bearings can also be classified into two types of rolling and sliding bearings. In rolling contact friction is very low and there is almost no friction but in frictional slip contact it is noticeable.

Is Roller Bearing Better or Ball Bearing? 
A: The contact surface of the roller is greater than the contact surface of the ball. Therefore, roller bearings can withstand greater load due to the larger contact surface.

Does the bearing need cooling? 
A: Bearings generally require cooling to keep the lubricant and bearing temperature at a proper level. Waterjet is used for this purpose. The jacket is placed around the Bearing and the water passes through it for cooling.


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