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In the Industrial Commodity Group, there are a variety of industrial electromotors, both domestic and foreign, available on request. Examples include internationally recognized brands such as MOTOGEN, ELECTROGEN and Jemco, which are among the most prominent Iranian brands.


DC Electromotor


Single Phase Electromotor


Three Phase Electromotor


Two-speed electromotor


Compact Electromotor


Explosion-proof electromotor


Brake Electromotor


Cooler electromotor



Also offering external brand electric motors such as Siemens electric motors (SIEMENS), ABB electric motors, WEG electric motors such as KAIJILI electric motors (KAIJILI), ERSEM electric motors (ERSEM) and consulting to choose the best option, including services to this range. .Navigate to the appropriate section by clicking on each photo.

Types of single-phase and three-phase electromotors with different speeds of 750 rpm, 1000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 3000 rpm, brake electromotor, clutch alternator with varying degree of protection, with electromotor installation training and after-sales services such as maintenance and maintenance available Is.

You can also contact sales experts by phone or online to find out the day price of Iranian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, German, and foreign day electric and explosion-proof electric motors.



Industrial question

Frequently Asked Questions

1- When is the Triangle Star Connector used in the Electromotor?

A: The induction electromotor receives four to seven times its rated current from the grid at initial start-up. So there are solutions to prevent system damage and slow down the startup flow. One of these solutions is to use star-triangle lead. Switching from star to triangle can be done manually or automatically.

2- How to control primary engine speed without inverter?

A: When installing the alternator, if the so-called inside starboard cables are connected to the star as a triangle star, the low-speed electromotor will start moving to the final round in a matter of seconds and this will replace the remote control or inverter. It is special for this purpose.

What is a Triangle Star?

A: In a three-phase electromotor, if you look carefully at the cab (the chamber where the wires are guided from inside the electro-motor shell), there can be two ways to do it. At the star connection, connect the three wires L1, L2 and L3 to the beginning of the alternator coil and connect the end of the coil, the star connection (Y). The following image shows how the star is connected.



Star connection on electromotor


In the triangle connection (denoted D), the beginning and end of the coil are connected. The following figure shows the triangle connection. All three-phase electromotor power is used to connect the triangle. High-power electromotors are used to slow down the start-up current and lower the path of the star connection.



Electromotor wiring


4- How to control Alignment of Electro motor and pump?

Answer: Coaxiality is one of the most important issues in installing an electric motor, because if the couplings are not axial, the pump and the alternator will soon be damaged. Using the tool, we can calculate the longitudinal and angular axial coupling. It should be noted that before starting the electromagnetic pump, we must make sure that the electric motor is disconnected and the system is completely shut off. As a simple method, you can use a tool similar to a saw blade or something similar to it, and control the electromagnetic coupling by positioning it on the coupling. If there is a gap between the saw blade and the couplings, the light will pass underneath it and will show the coupling unnecessary. In the training videos section you can see the correct shaft control methods in the alternator.

5- Do the couplings need to be mounted spaced apart?

A: One of the most important parts in installing an electric motor is to control the distance between the couplings. In other words, the couplings should be horizontal between the couplings to prevent the couplings from adhering to each other when the shaft and pump are heated and increasing their length. This distance can be calculated based on the heat generated and the amount of increase in the length of the electric motor and pump shaft, but is generally empirically between 2 and 5 mm depending on the size of the alternator.

6. Is shipping of industrial goods in Mashhad free?

A: For goods worth more than 10 million rials, shipping of electric motors, industrial gearboxes, pumps, vibrators and other industrial goods is free in Mashhad.

7. What brands of electric motors are being sold on your site?

A: External Electromotors, Motogen, Electrogen, Jemco, Siemens, ABB, Vogue, Kajeli, Ormans Guangloo, Clutch Electromotor, Brake Dynamics, Three Phase Electromotor, Single Phase Electromotor, Cast Iron Shell Electromotor, Electromotor Shell Electromotor, Chinese electric motor is sold.




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