Introduction to Pumpiran Brand:  Pumpiran is an Iranian company established in 1974 and works in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing of pumps under license of KBS German company.

Pompiran Company is located in Tabriz's great poetry, industrial and historical, about 600 kilometers northwest of Tehran. Pompiran Tabriz Company employs 400 people and employs them as company employees.

Pumpiran Company is well aware of the effective and efficient role of customers and their satisfaction in the pumping industry so it strives to increase the efficiency of pumps as well as to provide high quality product performance and efficiency, such as warranty. Or to provide our customers with warranty, repair and service of products and support as after-sales service.

Tabriz Pump Pump Company has at least 40 dealers in all parts of the country. These agencies are created to make product sales services easier and then available to customers. Due to the presence of agencies in different provinces of Iran, customers can be anywhere in Iran without having to Contact the headquarters to get in touch with your nearest dealer and state your issue.

As the word “dealership” indicates, Pompieran's agents as representatives of this large company have a duty to defend their title and company with the best service. They must be able to provide complete and complete information on any product that the customer wants. They will accompany and guide them if they wish to visit the pumps produced by their customers.


Pumpiran Factory


As stated above, Pumpiran Pump Company is the largest and most prominent pumping company in Iran and the Middle East region and operates under the license of German KBS company Pumpiran as a large company has companies as subsidiaries and subgroups, one of which is Sahand Company. Navid Sahand is one of the successful subsidiaries of Pumpiran Pump Company with 17 years of useful experience Types of pumps are high pressure centrifugal pumps and process pumps. Navid Sahand is one of the first companies to manufacture pumps for the first time.

As Navid Sahand is one of the pioneers in the field of pump manufacturing in Iran, it has set itself long-term and short-term goals, one of which is to achieve the latest standards and technologies available in the field of pumping. To this end, it has always welcomed innovative and innovative designs, as well as academic and professional research and research in this field. Taken together, these items form a set that explains why the Sahand Company is a success of the great Pompiran Group.

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