GAMAK Electromotor Company was founded in 1961 to start the domestic production of electric motors in the Turkish industry. Over time, the company produced and manufactured the first electric motor (alternator). The existence of the GAMAK Electromotor Company in Turkey has led to self-sufficiency in this field, preventing additional costs such as the cost of producing spare parts and also avoiding the problems of imported electromotors from other countries. The global reputation of the GAMAK Electromotor Company is due to the high quality of its products, which has made it unsatisfactory to its present position and, over time, made every effort to achieve better success in the manufacture of electromotors.

Continuing its work, the GAMAK Electromotor Company has become a hub of electromotor production in just half a century, not only in Turkey but in all countries around the world. Given that the power produced by GAMAK electromotor is between 0.06 to 1000 kW, it can meet the needs of all industries. Gamak Electromotor Company GAMAK manufactures all the parts needed to build an electromotor in the factory itself, so all stages of producing an electric motor without the need for another source are carried out by GAMAK Turkey. GAMAK Electromotor Company GAMAK is one of the few electromotor companies in the world that makes its own coils. The company has also established one of the world's leading electromotor testing laboratories.


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Gamak three phase electric motor


Gamak three-phase flanged electromotor

Gamak Electromotor Factory

GAMAK Electromotor Company was able in the early 60s to power a 1.5 kW electric motor with a final size of 90 units at a factory in 38,000 square meters at Topkap? Turkey produced; it was recognized as the first local electric motor in Turkey. Mass production of electromotors at GAMAK started in 1965 with a limited capacity of 1000 units per year. It is necessary for the production of electromotor parts that GAMAK started in the mid-1980s at a new factory in Dudullu with an area of ​​50,000 square meters in an enclosed area of ​​330,000 square meters.When the GAMAK electromotor company did not have the capabilities to perform all of its operations in a machine-driven manner, the need for automation was felt. The machine tool is done. Today's GAMAK Electromotor Factory has parts such as pressure testing, machining, winding, assembly, and electromotive repair. In addition, GAMAK Electromotor Company has a large part in nature to meet the needs of its designs and activities. Aluminum injection is the production of all kinds of electro motor shells. As the company continued to expand its workforce by 900 people, production capacity increased and products were of a high quality standard, resulting in a 1000-fold increase in the capacity of GAMAK.


Turkey Gamak


Gamak electromotor production capacity

There are only a few factories in the world that account for one unit of production, one of which is the GAMAK electromotor, which has the capacity to build one million electric motors with a power of 0.6 to 1000 kW and a size of 56 To create 450 for itself. The company continues to maintain the high quality of its products by employing the right labor, suitable parts and machinery. Gamak Electromotor Company GAMAK has a well-equipped laboratory that ensures high quality and efficient electromotor performance by testing and testing their parts and products. GAMAK Electromotor is also represented in Iran and is one of the popular markets of GAMAK Electromotor in Iran.

 Gamak Electromotor Company has been working with R&D department to design and produce high performance ( IE2-IE3 ) motors as well as expanding the infrastructure of high efficiency motors ( IE4 ). Gamak's electromotor company goes very fast, flexible and dynamic.Another contributing factor to Gamak's worldwide reputation could be the design and manufacture of custom-made electromotors that other manufacturers fail to perform because of their inability or unwillingness. This has made GAMAK more widely known in various projects, especially in Turkey, as well as in other countries around the world.


Gamak representation


The first step is to manufacture a raw material cutting electromotor, which is done at a very high quality GAMAK Electromotor Company. The production of stator and rotor in GAMAK Electromotor is done by machining on high quality steel roll. These steel plates, each with a thickness of half a meter or 50 cm, are assembled and then shipped to the factory winding section.

Aluminum injection and casting

At the GAMAK Electromotor Company, the materials are melted in the furnace during the casting and injection process, where they are melted under high temperature. During the electromotor manufacturing process at GAMAK, GAMAK does not require high pressure rotor slots to inject pressure, but compression for the aluminum shell requires high pressure. The gradual increase of the aluminum in the cracks will prevent cavities, permeability and fracture in the shell. Aluminum molds are manufactured at GAMAK Electromotor Company by injecting aluminum horizontally and vertically at high pressure, which requires more attention and accuracy due to its sensitivity.


Gamac engine


Electromotor machining

In the machining part of the GAMAK Electromotor Company, shaft manufacturing is done through six stages of different processes, which at the end of the machining process, rotors and shaft are mounted together; cast iron shell machining is also performed at this stage. . As a result of these actions, it can be seen that there is no asymmetry between the pieces when they are joined together.


One of the few companies in the world that can build its own coil is the GAMAK electro motor company. GAMAK Electromotor Company produces and manufactures copper roll in Enameling Wire. The primary wire purchased for GAMAK Electromotor Company initially has a diameter of 6 mm, which is then stretched to the size of a wire? Decreases mm and less. At the GAMAK Electromotor Factory the existing copper wires are modified simultaneously by advanced devices to the required dimensions, which are analyzed and evaluated at the GAMAK Electromotor simultaneously. Cover these copper wires in two ways and in class C at a temperature of ??? Degrees Celsius, takes place.Electromotor made by GAMAK Electromotor Company Compared to other companies and companies, it is of high quality that one of the most important reasons could be the production and production of copper wire (known as the heart of an electromotor) by the company itself. Be it. During the electromotor production operation in Gamak, six types of wire are used, all manufactured and supplied by Gamak Electromotor Company.


Gamak cracking engine



The coil at GAMAK Electromotor Company consists of several steps that are cut in the first stage of the required insulation materials previously purchased by the company in accordance with the stator size. In the second step of the coil, the stator cores are prepared for the coil. The next step in this process is to set up the automatic winding machines as well as plan their operation based on the motors on which the winding is to be applied. At Gamak Electromotor Company, all motors are fitted with fuzzy insulation, regardless of the size. Winding Electromotors with larger dimensions as well as motors requiring special winding are manually and non-mechanically operated.

The specifications of Turkey's single-phase Gamak electromotor are as follows.

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Gamak Electromotor



Gamak Catalog


The specifications of Turkey's three-phase Gamak electromotor are as follows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gamak represent Iran?

A: Turkey's Gamak dealership in Iran, like many other countries in the world, exists and it should be noted that Gamak dealership in Iran is one of the best dealers in Turkey.

What sizes of gamma electromotors are available on the Industrial Goods site?

A: All sizes of Gamak Electromotors are available on the Industrial Goods site and you can view the Gamak Electromotors price page for each product.





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