Cyclo gearbox

Cyclo gearbox is one of the types of industrial gearbox that is very skeptical and resistant to sudden doubts.

Introduction to Cyclo Gearbox:

The Cyclo Gear can be called the king of skeptical gearboxes. These gears have significant advantages due to the lack of gear in the internal system.

Cyclo gearbox



It is interesting to know that there is no gear in the interior of the Cyclo gearbox!

The internal structure of the Cyclo gearbox includes the following components:

1. Disk

2. Bearings

3. Off-center bearing ( Eccentric )

4. Output shaft

5. Pin and Bush

Cyclo gearbox

Inside view of Cyclo gearbox including off-center bearing , internal discs, pins, liners and outer shell

Off-center Eccentric Bearing Structure :

These bearings include a shelf, a roller bearing and an inner seat, each of which can be independently replaceable if damaged.

Cyclo gearbox


Bearings in cyclo gearbox

Comparison of gear involvement in helical gearbox and Cyclo gearbox  :

In helical gearboxes, unlike the cyclo gearbox, which does not have a gear, one or two pairs of teeth enter the stress and stresses of the two gears, and the other teeth do not contribute to the stress tolerance at the point of failure. As a result, there is tension in the tooth at the step circle of the teeth.

Comparison of helical and cyclo gearboxes

Cyclo gearbox  Cyclo gearbox

Comparison of helical and cyclo gearboxes  Comparison of helical and cyclo gearboxes   Comparison of helical and cyclo gearboxes


On the other hand, due to the tooth  shape in the helical gearbox, we see stress concentration at the foot of the gear. The above factors can lead to gear failure in the shocks of the gearbox. But in the  Cyclo  gearbox , the number of teeth involved is 3.2% of the total number of teeth, meaning that if there are 90 teeth on the disc, 60 of them are involved. On the other hand, in the Cyclo gearbox, there is no longer any focus on the stress of the gear, instead there is a curve. As you can see in the figure, in the cyclo gearbox, because of the stress distribution on the teeth, and on the other hand, the minimum stress concentration, the shape of the stress distribution is much better than the helical gearbox  .

Cyclo gearbox


Cyclo gearbox


The above factors have led to the fact that the Silco gearbox can withstand up to 500% of overload    capability.

Comparison of cyclo gearbox with other gearboxes




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