Sahand Tabriz Pump

Introduction to Sahand Tabriz Pump: Sahand Pump Tabriz  Company has been operating since 2006 as a manufacturer of all spare parts ofGerman KSB pumps, Pumps made of steel, bronze, cast iron ... and supplier of all industrial and agricultural pump parts and Specializing in steel factories, refineries, petrochemicals, food and sanitation industries.

Due to lack of access to electricity in impassable areas and remote villages, Sahand Pump Tabriz Company has introduced itself as a knowledge based company designing various types of add-ons and tractor pumps since 2008 and using Experts and experienced engineers have launched and launched the production line of various centrifugal pumps and high pressure pumps since 2009. Due to the problem of scarcity of water and lowering the level of groundwater by using the latest technologies, the production line of high efficiency and high power steel vessels has started in 2011. Also, according to the needs of the customers of the production line of all types of all-steel pumps for use in food industry and hot oil pump for heavy industry use since 2012, other products of this production unit.

Some products manufactured by Sahand Pump Company in Tabriz

ETA pumps

At ETA pump with Sahand brand Tabriz pump, horizontal centrifugal pumps, with coil, one floor, one hanger impeller, detachable motor, single central suction and dimensional and performance according to DIN 24255. The pump impeller is dynamically balanced and the axle is sealed by a mechanical seal or graphite strip.

The Sahand Ota Pump of Tabriz Pump is designed so that the rotor and its bearing base can be easily opened by the electromotor without removing the enclosure from the plumbing system.

ETA Centrifugal Pump Applications

  • Water transfer pump for agricultural use
  • Water transfer pump for urban and industrial use
  • Heat transfer pump for heating and cooling installations



ETA Sahand Pump Tabriz Pump

Mud pump 

Sahand Tabriz Mud Pump is a horizontal centrifugal pump with a coil, a floor, a propeller, a single central suction motor.

Applications of mud pump

  • Pumping liquids such as drilling mud
  • Muddy water (with sand)
  • Slurry wax soluble building materials
  • Heavy oil mixture
  • Used in the paper, sugar and detergent industries
  • Disabled applications of centrifugal pumps such as irrigation and irrigation and light chemical pumping



Sahand Flower Tabriz Pump

Tractor pump

Tractor Pump Pump ( KSB )

Pump behind Sahand tractor Tabriz pump is used for water and wastewater conveyance. These pumps were first manufactured in Iran by KSB Germany and tested and used in various parts of Iran by different sea level approved by consumers and served by farmers, industry and organizations.

The tractor-back chassis is fitted with a chassis designed to the rear of the tractor, with a block-mounted gearbox for easy portability, high-altitude pumping and high discharge without the need for electricity. Be it. The tractor-back pump is centrifugal, with 1450 and 2950 laps, allowing maximum tractor height and discharge with minimal time and prevents injury to users. The tractor-driven gearbox ( KSB ) can be ordered online at


Pump behind Sahand tractor of Tabriz pump


Pump behind Sahand tractor


Pump image of Sahand tractor pump in Tabriz

High pressure pump

Horizontal centrifugal pump is a high pressure centrifugal pump with bearings between the bearings, a separate motor, multi-storey, and a radial-cut chamber. Each floor is sealed by Oring. The floors are fastened together by screwing the floors together.

The pump holders are molded seamlessly with a suction and thrust chamber.

Uses of Sahand Tabriz Pump High Pressure Pump

  • Water Supply Cities
  • Industrial water pump
  • Water supply projects
  • Used in booster pumps
  • Rainwater use
  • As boiler pumps
  • Condensed water pump
  • Hot and cold water pumps for industrial installations
  • Pumps for centralized fire alarm systems


VKL pump Sahand Tabriz pump

Sahand Tabriz Float Electro Pump

Single or multi-storey floating pump, single suction, radial cut chamber, for vertical installation. In some cases it can also be mounted horizontally or oblique depending on the number of floors and the size of the engine.

At Sahand Tabriz Pump Floating Pump, the impellers are either radial or mixed flow and can be cut. Radial pumps floor chamber by floor clamp and chamber of mixed flow pumps by two screws. The suction chamber between the motor and the pump by the suction strainer protects the pump against particles in the water.

Pumps usually have one-way valves.

  • Discharge capacity: 5 to 650 cubic meters per hour
  • Height: up to 300 meters
  • Pumped water temperature: up to 30 ° C

Applications of Floating Pump (Floating Electropump)

  • Transfer of clean or slightly soluble water for irrigation purposes
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Pressure boost stations
  • Emergency water supply
  • Groundwater drainage
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • The uses of industrial washing and fire systems
  • In addition, these pumps are used in mines and fountains and so on
  • The permissible amount of sand in pumped water is 25 grams per cubic meter.


Submersible well pump Sahand Tabriz pump

Hot oil pump 

Sahand Hot Tabriz Oil Pump is designed to pump fluids that do not have large particles but at very high temperatures.

Cooling in these types of pumps is done by air. The pump and motor are directly coupled to each other, making it easy to install and operate.

To ensure proper sealing and to ensure leakage due to operating fluid hazards, two mechanical seals up to 300 ° C were used.

Dubai: 5 to 350 cubic meters per hour

Height: 150 meters

Test pressure: 16 times


Sahand Hot Oil Pump Tabriz Pump

Industrial Parts

In Sahand Industrial Group of Tabriz Pumps manufactures all kinds of parts used in German KSB pumps and pumps and custom pumps with special use of steel, cast iron, bronze ... and all parts of industrial machinery, agricultural, petroleum, petrochemical and The food and health industries also do.


Sahand Pump Supplies Tabriz Pump

Electro-sludge pump

At Sahand Tabriz sludge sump electro-pump, the electromotor is of 380V three-phase type. Due to the necessity of electromotor cooling and vibration avoidance, the electropump does not start in dry conditions and it is necessary to note that for installation of this type of electropumps no specific requirements of the installation site are required and can be easily installed by installing the electropump into the desired fluid. Electrical connections and drainage pipes can be used for fluid pumping.


The sludge electro pump is suitable for pumping liquids with long particles and fibers, sewage, polluted water, muddy water and so on. In these electro-pumps, one type of impeller or one open impeller can be used depending on the type of fluid being pumped.


Sahand sludge pump in Tabriz

Tractor gearbox

Tractor gearboxes, gearboxes with a conversion ratio of 1.3 ( 65 hp ) and 1.4 ( 55 hp ) or 1.6 ( 45 hp ) to convert the output of the Gardon tractor output to the speed required for operating centrifugal pumps. Drip irrigation or effluent transfer or WKL high pressure pumps are used for high altitude and high pressure sprinkler irrigation as well as generator connection to generate electricity .

The gearbox behind the tractor is mounted to the end of the tractor and connected to the pump by coupling. Below is a sample of a Sahand Tabriz branded tractor gearbox behind the tractor  .


Gearbox behind Sahand Tabriz pump tractor

Contents from Sahand Pump Catalog of Tabriz


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