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Petroland Company's main activity is in manufacturing and manufacturing of water pumps and gear pumps and offers high quality products. Desired quality Petroland pumps are benchmarked and compared with other companies' products. This has made Petroland acompany that has changed the definition of quality. Company Ptrvlnd Petroland has 20 years of experience which is useful through a combination of experience and modern technology to produce their latest products.

Petroland company has sales and distribution of its products in most countries of the world, especially Iran and Iran is considered as one of its best-selling markets, which makes Petroland's name well known worldwide. And to provide the ever-increasing progress of Petroland .


Petrol Gear Pump

Petroland Company owns and manufactures various types of pumps such as internal gear pumps, external gear pumps and piston pumps.Petroland's activities are not only limited to pump manufacturing but also to large scale transmission projects such as industrial fluid transmission.

Company Ptrvlnd Petroland believes that to improve and further develop their activities in the system must all work to adapt the existing standard. The Petroland pump aims to deliver the best products, including: providing solutions to prevent or reduce error during product production, continuous improvement of production processes and process management.


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At Petroland Gear Pump Company , like most partner companies, customer satisfaction is a principle, and it strives to maintain that principle.At Petroland Company , customer feedback is used to produce products, technology plays an important role in the manufacturing process and minimizes unnecessary costs and costs.

All Petroland employees and staff are required to follow a predetermined schedule and not violate it in order to maintain optimum quality of products and thus to achieve customer satisfaction.

Like all other industrial units, the company must incorporate two principles of work safety and environmental protection into all of its services and activities.

Petroland Pump Company strives to manage its work environment so that production and post-production processes are consumed with the least amount of energy, avoiding energy wastage and extra costs.

Petrol Pumping, like all successful industrial complexes, has long-term goals and prospects for its future business, most notably a modern industrial unit that attracts customers, partners and competitors and addresses relevant issues. They always have solutions and solutions to offer. Petroland has the best software and technologies in the world to achieve this.

As mentioned above, Petrol Pump Company is known for its high quality of products, which owes its place to three important factors: the use of experienced and experienced personnel, the observance of health and safety of employees and environmental awareness.


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The staff at Petroland are not only responsible for themselves, but also need to be responsive to their colleagues and always strive for health, safety and environmental protection.

In order for employees and personnel to comply with the laws and standards required in the field of safety, health and environmental protection, they must have complete knowledge of how Petroleum Company usually conducts different courses at different levels and times. If these trainings are not given and the requirements are not met, both the environment and human health will be threatened.

Petroland always puts in all its lines of continuous scrutiny and control to minimize potential problems and even zero.

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