Iran Tolid Gear Pump

Kalasanati Group is proud to represent Iran and manufactures and distributes all products of this good Iranian brand such as gear pumps used in carpet, adhesive, fuel oil, etc.

Introduction to Iranian gear pumps manufactured

Gear pump for pumping and transporting liquids with high volumetric weight and low pressure (below 8 bar). Are designed. Pumped liquids must be self-lubricating and free of corrosive or impure friction.


Iran gear pump manufactured


A circular gear pump is recommended for pumping lubrication systems of engine, fuel, oil, gas, molasses, pulp and other lubricants that are widely used in the industry.

These pumps are also suitable for lubrication and cooling systems of various machines (machine tools, combustion engines, etc.) with low pressure and more.


Two gears (actuators and movers) rotate inside the shell. When rotating, the ribs hold the fluid from the suction section between the pump housing and the crown and move it to the pump discharge area. The ribs then push the fluid through the drain to the drain. The drive axle is located on top of the drive axle and there is a spindle coupling spot on the drive axle.

On either side of the axle, the retaining liners are lubricated by the pumped fluid, preventing the leakage of pumped liquids around the actuator by the packing of the filament (graphite yarn) and the graphite filament retaining liner. (High temperature pump must be used to pump liquids at temperatures of 180 to 300 ° C)

Safety equipment

In some models, a special safety valve (on the outside) is installed on the pump housing. If the pump operating pressure exceeds the allowable value. The valve opens and pumps the liquid through the inner channel to the suction part of the pump.

Pump handler

Gear pumps are basically designed for direct coupling with the electric motor on the chassis and are used for lower speeds (below 700 rpm) between the gearbox and the pump.

The drive shaft is fed directly from the torque of the electric motor. The initial torque value is specified below.

Pump rotation direction

Most gear pumps are straight-circuited (drive-side view). For special equipment, counter-current left-circuited pumps are intended.

Material and material used in the pump

Standard pumps have cast iron shell, plated steel gear and steel axle. The bushings of these pumps are made of cast iron with a sheathing layer as well as the steel bushing which is found by centrifugal casting of bronze coating.

  • Speed ​​section

General rules

Lower turnover rates are typically considered for higher density materials and liquids with less lubricating properties.

Pumps with low turnover speeds are also used for long hours. High turnover speed is used for dilute liquids with low viscosity (lightweight). Also used for good lubrication and maximum pump pressure is high turnover rate.

Maximum speed of 1000 rpm

This speed is used for the lubricant flow and the oil cooling system and viscous liquids with a viscosity of 10 40.

Maximum speed of 750 rpm

For their liquids, lubricants with a viscosity of 150 30 are used.

Maximum speed of 500 200 rpm

This rate is used for heavy liquids, oils, molasses, pastes and other liquids with high viscosity. The maximum speed for stainless steel and brass pumps is 200 500 rpm.

Guide to the optimal use of all types of gear pumps and the six month warranty conditions for Iranian products

  1. Use pumps for Iranian-made products to transport your lubricant materials.
  2. Use a special pump to move materials with hard and metallic objects (though smaller than 0.1 mm).
  3. When using chassis and coupling, use balanced and machined couplings so that there is no slight vibration during operation.
  4. It is recommended to use hydraulic couplings for heavy materials to start the engine with less amps and better power.
  5. It is recommended to use a single-sided valve or valve and fine grating at the beginning of the suction tube.
  6. It is advisable to use a 45 degree knee at least 1 m away to operate the pump with less noise and the electro motor with less amps.
  7. First make sure that the materials inside the pump are full and then start the engine.
  8. Visit the pump bushings every few times to avoid excessive costs and replace them even more than 0.5 mm if you have a slip.Switching time depends on the type of material and function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Iran gear pump also have a warranty? 
Iran gear pump Manufactured as one of the most famous gear pumps in Iran has a six month warranty which should be followed in order to be guaranteed. 
1. It is advisable 
to use an Iranian gear pump to displace the lubricants 
2. It is recommended to use a special pump to move materials with hard and metallic objects (though smaller than 0.1 mm)
3. Balanced and machined couplings should be used when chassis and coupling between electromotor and gear pump, so that they do not shake during operation . 
4. Recommended for hydraulic couplings to connect the motor to the gear pump ( Use for pumping thick materials) to get the engine started with less amps and better power . 
5. It is recommended to use a single-sided valve or valve and fine-grid valve at the start of the suction pump . 
6.   To make the gear pump less noise and the engine less efficient, it is advisable to use a 45 degree knee at least 1 meter instead of 90 degrees at the gear pump output. 
7. Before starting the engine, 
first the material inside the gear pump must be filled. 
8. They usually visit the gear pump brass bushings every few times to avoid additional costs and replace them if they are even more than 0.5 mm in thickness. It depends on the type of function and materials.


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