Double-speed electromotor or Dalander

In a Dalander or two-speed electromotor, the change in speed is based on the change in the number of poles. In most cases the DC motor is variable, DC motors are used, but in some cases only two or three AC modes are required, in which case a multi-stranded motor is generally used. . On the other hand, motors that control the speed using a separate coil are generally large in stator section.



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Of all the electric motors, the Dalander electric motor with 1: 2 conversion speed is the most used. In recent years, researchers have come up with a method that, while simple, can generate more ratios. It also uses a two-speed electric motor as a pottery wheel electric motor.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the dual-speed or Dalander electric motor used?

A: Electromotors used in overhead cranes, rail and gate cranes, ammunition equipment, textile industries, docks and loading and unloading docks, weaving electromotors, material conveyors and conveyors generally of the Dalander type . Is. Cooler is a typical example of a two-speed electromotor.

Why is Dalander Speed ​​Control a No-Loss Method?

Answer: In contrast to the current methods for controlling the number of coil poles, the Dalander coil method is a lossless method because of its total engine capacity, while in other methods it uses approximately half the engine capacity. .

How fast is the Dalander electric motor available on the market?

A: A two-speed electromotor is available at speeds of 500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 3000 rpm. In order to reach less rounds, it is necessary to have a coil or helical gearbox on the motor to reduce output and achieve the desired output ratio.

What is a Dalander Electric Motor ?

Answer: The Dalander motor is a two-speed motor with changes in speed as the number of motor poles changes. In Dalander motors, the number of poles is changed to ratios 1 and 2 by the motor connection to its coils.

What is the speed control method on a Dalander electromotor ?

A: The speed control method does not have a loss in the Dalander or two-speed electromotor and is more optimized than polarization modes such as using a single coil. In the aforementioned method, the use of separate coils usually does not fully utilize the full capacity of the motor, and in any case of electromotor operation only half of the stator coils are used.

How to change speed in Dalander electromotor ?

A: In the Dalander electromotor there is a coil of six screws. Speed ​​by means of this coil and changing engine terminal connections By changing screw connections, it is possible to double or double the engine speed.

Describe the methods for connecting a coil to a Dalander motor .

A: In the Dalander electromotor there are two ways to connect a coil; the first is a triangular mode, each phase having two parallel branches or two parallel triangles, which can be paired in series by star connection. The second method is the parallel star connection method, which can be transformed into a triangle connection by pairing the series of branches. By changing the connection in either of the two methods described, the direction of the electric current is reversed in half of the winding path and causes the poles to change.

What are Triangle and Parallel Star Fittings in the Dalander Engine?

A: The  Dalander electromotive application starts at a few kW and ends at a few tens of watts. In the design of the Dalander motor between the triangular and parallel star connection modes, it is usually preferable to work in a manner that utilizes all or more of the star joint power in normal electromotive operation.

What is a three-speed electric motor ?

Answer: This motor, the three-speed electromotor , will be lower than the two speeds by the Dalander coil at two speeds and by another coil that is positioned in the same grooves.

What is the use of a three-speed electric motor ?

A: Three-speed electromotors are generally used in cranes and the like.

What are other ways to change gear other than the Dalandermotor ?

A: Usually, the DC motor is used in cases where the speed variable is required. However, there are certain applications that only achieve a certain speed is discrete enough for them, in this case the  motor  has variable pole and several Sympychh more common. Despite all these interpretations, motors that perform pole shifting with the help of separate coils will occupy a large amount of power in the static.

What are the methods for forming single-stranded windingelectromotors that have variable poles and speeds?

A: There are various ways to create single-coil electric motors that have variable poles and speeds, for example: Among those with a ratio of far? To take? Provided, the Dalander engine is most used because of its relatively simple switching layouts. Nowadays, a newer layout, whose function is based on modulation of the polarity domain, is theoretically allowed in any relation other than? Let's get common. This new approach is one of the many choices due to its flexibility and simplicity.

What other ways to change the engine speed than to use aDalander motor ?

A: In general, using an inverter is the best option for this purpose. The inverter is capable of producing as many turns as possible at the alternator output.

Will the two-speed electric motor be sold in Mashhad?

Answer: The Dalander electric motor is also sold in Mashhad and is shipped to all parts of Iran. Two-speed Electromotor in Khorasan-e-Khorasan Provincial Towns, including   Bakhars - Beheshtan Brodskan Taybad Torbat-e-Torbat-e-Heydariyeh Jaghat Khalilabad Khaf Khabash Referee Darges Rashtkhovar - Zaveh Sabzevar Sarakhbeh Shandiz Fariman Firoozeh Gharang Najat Ghuchan Mehran Volochan Maneh and Soleghan Garmah Islamia Tabas Ferdows Ghaen Ghaenat Iranshahr Chabahar Khash Delegate Zabul Zahedan Mirjaveh Zahak Saravan Apple Soldier and Quran Ghand Qandqar Mehristan Nikshahr Nimruz Harmand also sold.

What are the names of a two-speed electric motor?

A: The two-speed electromotor is called the Dalander Electromotor, the two-speed alternator, the Dalander dynamo, the 2-speed electromotor, the three-phase two-speed motor, the single-phase two-speed motor, the multi-speed motor, and similar names. 

Is there a second-hand electric motor or a Chinese two-speedelectric motor too?

A: There are a variety of electric motors on the Industrial Commodity site, but for a two-speed electric motor you must go to the industrial wall section to see second-hand.




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