Motahed vacuum pump

Material of Tabriz Unified Vacuum Pump Parts: These pumps are of high quality and their machining and assembly operations are carried out with high precision, which minimizes internal saturation and increases pump efficiency. All rotating parts of the pumps are fitted with a dynamic electronic balance device that eliminates dynamic vibrations. All devices are fully tested for capacity, vacuum, pressure, power consumption and efficiency .

Vacuum Pump Working Basis and Mechanism: These pumps consist essentially of two main parts: the rotor (shaft and impeller) and the body (cylinder and cylinder head) rotating and out of center of the impeller on the pump shaft within the water content cylinder. , Causes the water ring to form. The rotation of the impeller is driven by the constant motion of the blades into the water, the volume restricted between the cylinder heads, the impeller and the inner wall, the water ring on one side (the suction area) and the suction or vacuum action, and the limited volume on the other. Reduced (intake area) and compresses the air and water vapor .

Cooling system: Inlet water to the pump In addition to forming a water ring, it is also used as a cooling pump. By adjusting the amount of inlet water, the pump will operate at maximum efficiency continuously, without additional vibration and noise .

Technical Specifications Pumps: Pumps under standard conditions (gas or intake air temperature ?? ° C, the ambient pressure ??? Mmhg and water temperature at the pump ° C or less) is. If the above conditions change, especially the inlet water temperature as well as the steam or hot air (suction fluid), the pump capacity will be completely affected and reduced, in which case the inlet water conditions will have to be corrected to discharge the steam or hot air from the Vacuum pump with higher capacity should be used .


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download the United Vacuum Pump Catalog?

A: Contact the sales experts to get the PDF file of United Vacuum Pump Catalog.




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