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Isfahan Sahand Gearbox received the IG 9002 certification from SGS Switzerland in 2008 and was one of the top companies in the country in 2013, renewing, updating and obtaining ISO 2008-9001 certification from BRS , and then taking necessary steps in updating it in 1396. ISO 9001-2015 version is available.


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MVF FC gearbox


Normal MVF gearbox


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Normal VF gearbox



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Gearbox behind Sahand tractor

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Industrial Goods Group as a representative of Sahand Gearbox offers all Sahand Gearbox products at very reasonable prices. Contact sales experts for more information.

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Sahand Gearbox has also received the ISO 29001 (Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Quality Management System), ISO 10004 (Customer Satisfaction Monitoring and Certification ) and CE Marck (European Product Standard) certifications in 2014 and is now certified It is important that consumer satisfaction is the goal and condition of sustainability, as well as the dynamics of quality and reasonable prices are the core of the Sahand Gearbox.


Sahand gearbox


Sahand Isfahan Gearbox Co. has established Sahand Melting Unit in casting of mechanical parts, especially industrial gearbox shell because it is a subsidiary of Isfahan Sahand Gearbox equipped with tension oven to improve mechanical properties, shot casting and bronze melting furnaces. And iron is earth. Isfahan Sahand Gearbox also produces Aluminum ingot for die casting parts. Aluminum casting of Sahand gearbox is done with induction furnaces.



Collection boxes Sahand away and Atlas Pump Sepahan in space over thirty thousand square meters has been constructed which includes sites individually and equipped with CNC Center and boring and Karasl, a variety of CNC machines and devices Milling ( Milling ), the transmission screw ( hobbing ) and helical gearboxes, all kinds of rock machines, spiral rock, gear rock and ... is a set of turning gear unit.

Sahand Gearbox quality control unit inspects all parts of production from start to assembly according to the designated control stations and provides quality control passport and work report along with the piece. Isfahan Sahand Gearbox Isfahan is currently equipped with an industrial gearbox performance testing laboratory based on the API standard , in accordance with the laboratory requirements of IOS 17025 .

Sahand Gearbox Lab Unit performs chemical analysis of the piece according to the selected material. Investigating the percentages of alloys and the percentages of constituents and adhering to its standards undermines the mechanical properties of the fragment, and the chemical analysis form is issued after testing. At Sahand Gearbox Company, the lab has a static hardness tester and a Rockwell and Brinell digital hardness tester. This test is performed by a specialist.



Sahand Gearbox Welding Unit is responsible for the welding of ferrous gearbox shells, which is performed by an expert. Products are welded, tested and tensioned after the welding operation, and then WPS is exported. The design cycle of an industrial gearbox in the design unit is based on the following set of steps and decisions:

_ Performance: Power and speed, Ka mg

Design coefficient: nd

System ribs

_ Materials and Processes

Axial step and step diameter: px and d

Design of the shell and its stresses and mechanical properties

- Computational equations are done according to AGMA .

Use DIN for tolerances and material selection

It is worth noting that all heat treatment is carried out by reputable and trusted contractor companies of Sahand Gearbox.

Organization Chart of Sahand Gearbox Company into 7 units 1- Production, 2- Maintenance, 3- Research & Development, 4- Contract Affairs, 5- Trading, 6- Quality Assurance & Control and 7- Lab & Finance Classification Has been. In addition, Isfahan Sahand Gearbox has 36 domestic and foreign dealers that sell and introduce Sahand Gearbox products.

Also Sahand Gearbox Company with more than 500 staff, about 150 of whom are university educated youth (masters, masters, masters) has taken a step towards employment and self-sufficiency in our beloved country.

Quality policy in Sahand:

Sahand Darr Gearbox Manufacturing Company in line with its mission and mission is to manufacture and produce all kinds of industrial gearbox, aiming to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers, in a way that will surprise them and loyalty, promote the quality of their products using the latest Technology in the country is on the agenda. Sahand Gearbox Company aims to increase the share of domestic and foreign markets, while establishing a quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2008 standard and monitoring customer satisfaction according to ISO 10004: 2012 standard , as well as industrial, oil, gas and petrochemical management system. standard ISO 29001: 2010  for reaching your goals, policies are seriously baht following:

Development of the organization through diversification of Sahand gearbox products

Attempts to increase the share of domestic and international markets with a market-based approach 

3. Increase the amount of industrial gearbox production capacity

Reduce waste, referrals and reworks in order to improve the quality of Sahand gearbox products

Identify market and industry competitors

Continuous training of human resources in order to enhance their knowledge, expertise and skills and to pay attention to their motivational needs in order to maintain loyalty as the most valuable assets of the organization. 

7- Increase of Sahand Gear Customer Satisfaction

8- Developing suppliers and improving their quality level

The senior management of Sahand Gearbox Company is committed to this policy and to ensuring that all employees are properly understood and implemented on a quality basis.

This policy will be reviewed and reviewed at one-year intervals during management meetings.



To get the catalog of gearboxes Sahand to see the catalog Bank.


Internal customers of Isfahan Sahand Gearbox


1 _ Isfahan Steel Company:

The list of industrial gearboxes purchased by Isfahan Steel Company is as follows:

1-1- Sahand Gear Swing Gear with spiral bevel gear

1-2 Sahand  BKY gearbox with CAVEX special blade

1-3- Archimedes type gearbox with 4 spiral conical gears engaged simultaneously 

1-4- Transmission of Sahand Transmission Work

1-5- BKY telescopic  gearbox   3 station steel section

(It is worth noting that the only Sahand Dorab transmission company is capable of producing a special type of Russian CAVEX gear in Iran that has been approved by Isfahan Steel Company.)

1-6- Gearbox Self Center Sahand

1-7- Sahand Reducer Gearbox

1-8- Sahand Gearbox Diss Charge

1-9- Sahand helical gearbox

10-1- Sahand gearbox and industrial elevators

11-11 Rolling Shell Rolling Scissor Made of four main pieces weighing approximately 16 tons

12-1- 1880kg long thrust furnace gearbox

13-1-1- Italian Bonifiglioli Italian gearbox repair  and supply of more than 1500 highly sensitive and remarkable mechanical parts for Isfahan Iron smelter complex


2- National Steel Industry Group Industries of Iran

2-1 Sahand 200kW Part 1 with twin-gear output gearbox to replace the original 100kW rolling line (the original was the Flanders design)

2-2 Sahand crane longitudinal gearbox

2-3 Sahand gearbox relay motors

2-4 Sahand KEWN transmission 

2-5 Sahand Carrying Gearbox

2-6 Gearbox Set Sahand Cartridge Chat

2-7 Gearbox Transmission Chain 

2-8 Input Line Box 

2-9 Conical gear, wing gear, helical gear ...

2-10 Shaft tooth shaft with length of 6 kettles and 26 modules for furnace injection (2 sets)

2-11 Sahand KZN460 Series  Gearbox  (Two Gear Flanders Medium Press Gearbox)

2-12 Sahand gearbox for transverse crane movement

2-13 A Pendular Scissor Shaft Number

2-14 Eight Stacker Gearboxes 

2-15 Maintenance and Manufacture of Industrial Gearboxes Standard Rolling Mill Part One National Group


3- Mobarak Steel Complex Company:

3-1 Provider gearboxes Screw Jack ( Jack screw ) with special sensitivity

3-2 Sahand gearbox for galvanized line furnace

3-3 Furnace gearboxes for the color galvanized line

3-4 Manufacturing of the original Sturgeon resuscitation unit with installation and commissioning under special conditions

3-5 Conveyor Gearbox


4- Khuzestan Steel Company

4-1 Tandy Spray Gearbox

4-2 Screwdriver gearbox (6 sets)

4-3 Cooling Tower Gearbox (4 sets)

4-4 Gearbox KZN200 (3 sets)

4-5 Backups with 180 kW power

4-6 25-ton Swarm Jack Box

4-7 Spiral conical gearbox with 1/1 ratio (6 sets)

4-8 Gearbox Type Coax (3 sets)

4-9 Helical Gear Emergency Gearbox

4-10 Manufacture of two KZN 160 machines


5- Alumina company

-1 construction of Flanders represent but a complete gearbox and replace the line ( B4Sv 15 )

5-2 Manufacture of two rings 4 m in diameter for the furnace

5-3 Manufacture of kiln gear 5mm in diameter and 33 modulus of kiln

4-4Construction of rollers with a diameter of 1200 mm

5-5 Repair and replacement of all B4SV 15   Flanders gearboxes (two sets)


6- Tile industries

6-1 Coral Tile: Replace Russian gearbox with Sahand gearbox

6-2 Isfahan Ka : Complete Conveyor Carriage System

6-3 Meybod tiles: Sahand gearbox construction

6-4 Tile Aras: Construction of Sahand Gearbox

6-5 Agate Tile: Equipping all production lines with Sahand gearbox

6-6 tiles: Four Sahand gearboxes for mixing production line

It is noteworthy that Sahand Darr Gearbox has succeeded in meeting the needs of the packaging and conveyor industry domestically by designing and manufacturing aluminum gearboxes in a diesel unit weighing one-third the weight of a similar cast iron at half the Italian price. Official registration has been invented.


Country Cement Industry:

7-1 Tehran Cement

_ Sahand gearbox construction for gypsum band unit 1 is the prototype of Flanders.

_ Repair and reconstruction of two industrial side gearboxes and boom stocker bands (the main gearbox was Flanders)

_ Construction of industrial gearbox KZN 320  with a stopper  for Tehran cement lift

_ Industrial gearbox of slow-moving round mill of cement unit of Tehran

_ Shell construction and repair of two vibration gearboxes of Tehran cement

_Construction of two series of industrial gearboxes of the Elator and Separator and its complete service is KZO 400 .

_ Construction of industrial clinker gearbox of Tehran Fender Cement Design

Sahand gearbox is Flanders for B2SV (9) mill separator .

_ Construction of industrial gearbox KZN 180  material mill (7th cement unit of Tehran)

7-2 Hail cement

_ Sahand auxiliary gearbox construction for elevator, clinker, gypsum and sandstone strip

_Convolt two pinion construction and spiral cone pinion for KZA 280 gearbox

Manufacture of KB3 Flanders design lift gearbox

7-3 Isfahan Cement

KZN Flanders gearbox

Replacement Gear 2 Flanders Gearbox

7-4 Sepahan cement

_ Construction of Sahand gearbox for  KZN 360 and construction of 3 sets of crankwheel and its pinion pinion

_ Manufacture of four complete gear wheels for Flanders gearboxes

7-5 Kerman cement

_Construction of four series of gears related to the stacker of the saloon soil (the main gearbox of Qalandar).

_ Repair of Cronewill & Pinion KZN 360 Flanders Gearbox and Backstop Replacement

_ Replacing two sets of KZA 250 Flanders gearboxes

_ Construction of Sahand Gearbox KZN 360 Fender

Manufacture of gearbox KZN 180  Material Grinders

6-6 Lushan cement

7-7 Ardestan cement

Listen to the cement 7-8

7-9 cement of Qeshm

_ Gearbox for KZA 250  Flanders Design Bar

GHP 300 gearbox replaces SZN 250 conveyor

_Production of gearbox pinion material lifting gear and resolving its defect (gearbox)

Was Lovator Flanders)

7-10 Caspian cement

_KZN 320 gearbox repair - all gear replacement

7-11 Larestan cement

_ Construction of 4 GHP 300 gearboxes to replace Flanders gearboxes

SZN 200 180  gearbox construction to replace Flanders design gearboxes

7-12 watery cement

_ Manufacture of two Sahand KZN 250 design gearboxes for scaffolding  conveyor

_ Manufacture of two Sahand Gearbox SZN 240 design  for raw material blower compressor

_Construction of a Sahand Gearbox Fender Design KB3

13-17 New Fars cement

7-14 Cement Trading Gostar Behrook

Listen to the 15-15 cms

_ Clinker breaker construction of Flanders design

Anarak Civil Cement 7-16

_Manufacture of material grinding pinion

7-17 North Cement

_ Construction of Sahand gearbox under construction KZN 320 Flanders design

7-18 Fars cement

_ Build a complete gear range for the 45-ton Flanders gearbox

7-19 Tasouche Sulaimaniyah Iraq Cement

- Manufacture of two complete gear series for material gearbox assembly and assembly in Flanders gearbox

7-20 Iraqi cement in Sulaimaniyah Iraq

_ Manufacture of two Sahand 1100 kw gearboxes  for grinding ( Fen  gear) replacement Flanders gearbox

_ Construction of 6 Sahand GHP 400 and GHP 500 gearboxes  for Iraqi cement conveyor.

_ Replacement and fabrication of Iraqi cement mill cement mill inlet and installation of Flanders gearbox.

7-21 Yazd Borhook Cement

_Construct a complete set of gearbox KZN 360  lifts

7-22 c. Sufis

23-23 Cement Behbahan

7-24 White Orumiyeh Cement

7-25 cs

26-27 Anarak Civil Cement

7-27 Yasuj Cement

7-28 cement west

7-29 Shahrekord Cement

7-30 cement Nahavand

7-31 Golden Rafsanjan Cement

7-32 Kurdistan cement

7-33 cement of Mazandaran

7-34 Green Guilan cement

Sahand Gearbox currently offers its products to more than 90% of cement companies and now continuously supplies specific gearboxes and their spare parts.

Marine Industries: Manufacture of two 7.5 MW Sahand gearboxes

Iran Copper Industries: Manufacturing of Sahand 55 kW Solar Driver

Natanz Steel: Three-Outlet Standby Gear Repair (Middle Shell Replacement and Shaft Replacement)

Middle Steel: Manufacture of 7 Cooling Tower ( K20 200 gearboxes from Tavan Fars Co.

Anarak powder: gearbox K20 250 (Flanders design)

Shiraz Pars (Construction Industries): Gearbox K20 250 (Flanders Design)

Desert Steel:

_ Six type gearboxes for production line

_ Sahand Scissors Gearboxes

Hadid Yazd Steel: A gearbox for rolling line

Yazd Alloy Steel: 40 different gearboxes and screw jacks for production line

Bandar Abbas Basin Project: Gearbox for Bandar Abbas Basin Project with valves screws 6 to 9 meters long with 40 units

Sahand gearbox for different valves for different lines in types:


Sahand gearbox for different valves for water lines etc.:

GS50-GS63-GS80-GS 100-GS 125-GS 160-GS 200-GS 250-GS 400

Nehrab Gostar Eshtehard: Scrooge Gearboxes

Safa Steel System:

_ Repair of SZN 360  Flanders Steel Turkey Gearbox Design

_ Repair and manufacture of two complete series of SZN 360 Flanders gearbox designs made by Turkey

_ Complete construction of 3 SDN 320 gearboxes for production line

Zagros White Plain Steel Safa:

_ Construction of pinion gear and repair of SDN 500 gearbox with external round Flanders design

Sahand Gearbox Export:

Sahand Gearbox Company has also taken export steps in exporting industrial gearboxes to Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Greece and the republics separated from Russia. The 1,200 kW input power for the Iraqi cement industry and the installation of the first company to achieve this in the Middle East, as well as the second industrial gearbox in June 2003, once again leveraging its capability to work with large factories. Has proved.

At the end of Sahand Gearbox Company, while announcing its readiness to manufacture all kinds of mechanical products of light and heavy power transmission and with the prospect of continuous rightful customer satisfaction, we hope to take a small step in the growth and prosperity of dear Iran. Please submit your order through the special order registration section.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Sahand Isfahan Gearbox Catalog?

A: To download the PDF file of Sahand Isfahan Gearbox Catalog, please visit the Catalog Bank page. Isfahan Sahand Gearbox Catalog is different for each Sahand gearbox product.

What are the Sahand Gearbox Products?

A: Sahand Isfahan Gearbox manufactures a variety of coil gearboxes. Normal Sahand VF gearbox, Sahand VF FC gearbox, Normal Sahand MVF gearbox, Sahand MVF gearbox, SN Sahand gearbox (Sahand W series), Sahand tractor gearbox, Sahand valve gearbox are examples of types of cochlear gearboxes. By Sahand Gearbox.

Where is the official Sahand gearbox?

A: Commodity Industrial Site is the official representative of Sahand Gearbox in Iran. On this site you can compare and buy industrial gearboxes. Free advice on purchasing industrial gearboxes and offering up-to-date financial offers is one of the benefits of the Industrial Goods site. 

Where can I get the Sahand Gearbox Price List?

A: Get the Sahand Gearbox Price List from our sales experts as a PDF file. Updated price of Sahand gearbox on industrial site is one of the benefits of industrial site. On the site of industrial goods you can get the prices of all kinds of industrial goods.

Sahand gearbox produces only coil gear?

A: Sahand Gearbox Co. has been using the latest devices in the world to manufacture all kinds of gearbox, helical gearbox and solar gearbox.Also in Isfahan Sahand Gearbox factory manufactures of special industrial gearboxes.

How much warranty does the Sahand Gearbox have?

Answer: Isfahan Sahand Gearbox generally has one year warranty. Of course, this warranty is subject to conditions. For example, the industrial gearbox will be sent to the relevant expert in the event of a crash and, according to the union inspector, if the gearbox is defective, the defect will be rectified or replaced.

Does the Sahand also produce NMRV gearboxes?

Answer: The Sahand NMRV gearbox, produced in the W Series, is also known as the Sahand Bookshelf. The Sahand Gearbox is widely used and is the best alternative to the Chinese NMRV gearbox. Due to the increasing popularity of Iranians to buy Iranian gearboxes, today Iranian companies tend to replace the Chinese NMRV with the Sahand Isfahan gearbox.






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