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Wemat Electromotor Company Vemat Motori is one of the world's leading electromotor manufacturing companies. The company has been recognized as one of the leaders in the international and national market for its efforts in this field. One of the important reasons for the success of Vemat Italy's electromotor is that it develops and foresees different applications and uses various solutions such as technology to respond to these applications; experience, continuous research and study have also helped Vemat Motori greatly. Is.


VEMAT electromotor

Features of Watt Electromotor Company

Vemat Motori has invested enormous amounts of money to improve the quality of its products and satisfy customers. The importance of Vemat Motori to the company's research and development activities has made it a professional and flexible company or organization (staff and equipment). At the time of electromotor production at Wemat Vemat, the production control and quality of the engine is performed concurrently with the certification given by the relevant organization to Vemat Motori that this quality dynamo is assured.

Electromotors manufactured and marketed by Wemat Vemat are in the range of 56 to 355 for three-phase electromotors and 56 to 100 for single-phase electromotors.


Watt Electromotor

At Vemat Electromotor Company there is a major objective that is to manufacture and produce high quality products according to all existing standards. Vemat Vemat's investment activities are based on meeting customer needs by delivering a useful product, high quality as well as customer satisfaction. All Vemat Motori electromotor companies, including highly motivated managers and staff, work to deliver the best possible products to their customers. The Vemat electromotor has achieved many successes during its years of production, which it attributes to its experts and skilled workers.

Vemat low voltage three phase electric motor

One of the important features of a low-voltage three-phase motor is the efficient use of energy that the Vemat electromotor has used to improve the efficiency of the self-propelled motors using essential parameters. The International Electrotechnical Commission (NEMA), by designing and publishing a specific standard for electromotors, measures all alternators in the world to a single standard. In the same vein, the Vemat engine also achieved the new IEC standard. The task of this new standard, IEC 60034-30, is to coordinate IE1, IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes in a low-voltage three-phase electromotor. The IE1, IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes for general engines define speeds of 300 to 1500 rpm and rated power of 1.1 kW to 90 kW (400V - 50Hz).


Italian Watt Electromotor

The new IEC 60034-30 standard lowers the efficiency rating of a low-voltage three-phase electromotor and defines their power internationally in the range of 0.75kW to 375kW.

The classes IE1, IE2 and IE3 each have specific concepts that are briefly mentioned:

IE1 = Standard Performance (comparable to EFF2)

IE2 = High Performance (Compared to EFF1)

IE3 = very high productivity

According to the new guidelines, the engines are supplied in the IE1, IE2 and IE3 classifications, in which case their performance and performance will be determined by the new IEC 60034-2-1 standard. Efficiency is one of the important factors in low voltage Vemat three phase alternator. Vemat low voltage three phase electric motors have been sold in the EU for many years in three efficiency classes, EFF3, EFF2 and EFF1. And nowadays it is possible to buy Vemat electromotor in Iran. In other words, Vemat has a dealership in Iran and all of its engines are available.


Watt Electromotor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a listing price?

A: Contact our sales experts for a price list of the Italian Watt Electromotor.

Is there a three phase watt alternator and a single phase watt alternator in the industrial product?

A: There is a variety of three phase alternators with the Italian brand Wamat on the industrial merchandise site. Contact sales experts to request an electric motor purchase.




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