Motogen Electromotor

It is less artisanal to have never heard of the name Motogen. Tabriz's Motogen plant is one of the most prestigious Iranian companies that has grown twice in recent years due to import restrictions and special attention to domestic production. Paying more attention to such high-yielding and valuable industries in the country can help them grow multiplier. Mutogen export is one of the ways to expand and thrive in the industrial market in neighboring countries, especially Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Industrial Commodity site aims to help dear artisans produce quality datasheets and original technical images of the motogen product and is the first site to offer quality consulting services. Since Motogen is one of the major brands of electromotor in Iran, this service will help buyers to evaluate the main parameters of electromotor. Some industrial product customers require in addition to technical information the dimensions and sizes of the mutagen, which is evident in all industrial product datasets. To download the Motogen Datasheet go to any product and easily download the relevant Datasheet in the related files section.



Aluminum shell three-phase electromotor


Three-phase electromotor of cast iron shell


Two-phase single-phase electromotor


Permanent single-phase capacitor electromotor


Motogen Cooler Electromotor


Gas and gas oil burner electromotor


Introduction to Mutogen Alternator

Tabriz's well-known and reputable Motogen brand is one of the most well-known brands of Iranian electric motors. With over 35 years of experience in producing all types of electric motors, the company now produces a wide range of single-phase and three-phase electromotors. In general, the mutagenic alternator is known as the gene engine, the electromotor, the Tabriz gene motif, and the gene.

History of Motogen Electromotor

The company entered the industry in 1972 under the name Gold Electric and in 1354 it was renamed Motogen. Over the years, it has produced more than two million types of electromotors and sent them to markets in Iran, Europe, Asia and Africa. Most of the Motogen shares are owned by Ghadir Investment Company, Bank of Commerce, Rolling Aryan Company and Parsian Financial Group.

Tabriz Motogen Company products are: Aluminum three-phase electromotor, Cast iron three-phase electromotor, Two-phase single-phase electromotor, Permanent capacitor single-phase electromotor, Gas and gasoil burner electromotor, Industrial water cooler and electromotor electromotor. It should be noted that due to the high power of Tabriz Motogen Company for producing electric motors, a variety of special orders are also produced by this company. Click to insert specific order.

Mutogen is one of the most popular types of Iranian electric motors with the production of warranty and warranty electromotors.


Motogen quality image

New Price List of Aluminum Shell Motogen  

At the industrial product site, the goal is always to include the day's price of the mutagen. So in the product section by editing advanced search options, you can easily get the price of Motogen products. In addition, industry-leading sales experts can always provide you with pricing services online. He notes that due  to price fluctuations and pricing by the manufacturer, all prices can be changed without prior notice.

Price list of mutagen price of cast iron shell

New single-phase single-phase single-capacitor mutogen price list

Price List of Single Phase Two Motogen Capacitors

In addition,  see the Catalog Bank section for the Motogen Electric Motors Catalog.


Industrial question

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the mode of cooling of induction electromotors with the motogen shaft rotor?

Answer: The motogen electromotor is closed type and cooled by plastic blades (of high mechanical strength polyamide) at the two ends of the syringe rotor.

How is the terminal box mounted on an electromagnet?

A: The motogen terminal box with the form is molded seamlessly and can be attached to either side of the cable.

Does Motogen work with a few Hz frequency?

A: The electromotor works for a frequency of 50 Hz, although motors designed for a frequency of 50 Hz can also be used with a power supply of 60 Hz.

Do you also sell a large number of Motogen Electromotors in Mashhad?

Answer: Considering that Mashhad is considered as one of the most important poles of the industry, the consumption of all kinds of electric motors is high in this city. So it's easy to search for a large number of motogenic motors in this city.

By what other names is the Motogen Electromotor on the market?

A: Mutagen Alternator, Gene Electromotor, Motogen, Motogen Alternator, Tabriz Gene Alternator, Gold Gold, and similar names are used in place of the motogen electromotor. 

Does the Electromotor Company also produce Electropump Motogen?

A: At Motogen Co., the Motogen Industrial Electropump is manufactured with the P56 type. 

In which cities does the Motogen Electromotor Dealer exist?

A: Mutogen alternator is present in many Iranian cities. For example, there are motogenic representation in East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Alborz, Isfahan, South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Khuzestan, Zanjan, Shiraz, Qazvin, Markazi, Kerman, Kermanshah, Hamadan, Yazd provinces.




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