Siemens Electromotor

Electric Siemens Siemens has over 165 years experience and a high place in the world's trade.

Company Electric Siemens Siemens is a global powerhouse known as an electric chain hoist operates; different parts of the chain are: power generation, transmission and distribution solutions, intelligent network and the application of efficient electric energy and also in Medical fields and laboratory diagnosis.


Siemens Electromotor


Siemens electric company Siemens on thirty October 2016, at its 200 branches across the country in the world, 351,000 employees were recruited. Siemens electric company Siemens also has a large number of factories to the 289 number, all of which are active, mainly engaged in manufacturing and production have not been any trouble. Besides all these virtues electric company Siemens Siemens almost all countries of the world and it certainly has sales offices and agencies Siemens electro, R & D offices, warehouse and administrative buildings.

Siemens Electromotor is also represented in Iran and all Siemens Electromotors including Siemens Explosion Proof, Siemens Three Phase Electromotor (flanged and grounded) are available. Contact sales experts to buy Siemens Electromotors.


Luko Siemens

Rapid expansion and development


Siemens Siemens Electromotor used Digital Realty for its development by combining two databases,   JDC Power Systems , Inc. And Siemens has been working with these sites to provide faster and more cost-effective solutions to transform a hypothesis into a viable program in the industry.

According to the plans that use the databases have been told they were extracted ( (JDC , the company Electro Siemens Siemens all power distribution equipment as foreseen in rooms electrical installation so that the dangers of fitting the equipment, such as As a result, Digital Realty has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of fire prevention and , of course, Steve Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Global Design, successfully links this method to databases. Knows.


Siemens Factory

Siemens Electromotor  Germany, which has been successful with Digital Realty over the years, has experts in the field who support active talent because of its tried-and-true approach and perhaps their ideas. Also in improving the performance of the company. This speed is very efficient and decisive and is a record in the industry.

Link   Digital Realty , JDC and electric Siemens Siemens in the not too distant future, creating multiple possibilities and various more in our lives will be because of the designs and methods to speed unimaginable in the developing world and spread Be it. These can be advanced leaders who help us grow in the industry we work in and add strength and power so we can always keep our customers happy and secure. do.


Siemens Factory

Contact sales experts for a list of the Siemens Electromotor Price List  .

To get the catalog Siemens electric motor  to see the catalog Bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Siemens a German or Chinese-made electric motor?

Answer: The original Siemens electric motor is produced in Czech Republic up to 250 kW. Of course, the Chinese Siemens electric motor may also be available in the Iranian market. 

Also available Siemens three-phase electromotor and Siemens single-phase alternator?

In the industrial goods group, only Siemens three-phase electromotors are sold. Contact sales experts to buy single-phase electromotors.

Where to download Siemens Electromotor Price List?

A: Get in touch with sales experts to download the Siemens Electromotor Price List.

Where is the Siemens Electromotor Catalog Downloadable?

A: To download the Siemens Electromotor Catalog, go to the Catalog Bank page.

Is Siemens Electromotor Guaranteed?

A: Electromotors generally do not have a warranty, and if a company or individual warrants for an electric motor it is merely a seller's obligation to the buyer. Therefore Siemens Electromotor does not have a warranty but due to the obligation of the Industrial Commodity Group, with regard to delivery of the original Electromotor, it may ultimately cooperate with the Consumer, if specified.




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