What is a Shrink Disk?

Shrink disks, also called lockers, have many benefits, such as: a 
. Installing all kinds of industrial components on the shaft, without the use of a spur and a spur 
. shaft and thus, lower shaft diameter is chosen that this is an important factor in saving raw materials) 
b-linking axles power transmission and ...

Procedure : 
A. The axis (shaft) remains intact . 
B) The hole inside the mounting piece (HUB) is slightly shaved (HUB) and the gap created between the shaft and mounting piece is permitted to the shrink disk. By tightening the locking screws (disk shrink), the two inner and outer locking surfaces move in and out, locking the three shafts, disk shafts, and mounting blocks (HUBs) together . Instructional Video You can view how the disk shrink works in the Instructional Videos section .

Note: The catalog defines the shaft and HUB tolerances for each disk shrink .

HUB types :

1. Money Belt 
(2) Capstan 
3. gear 
4. Time gear 
5. gear chains 
6-gear transmission Will Vkravn 
7 pages brake and clutch 
8. The camshaft 
9 limiting the coupling shaft 
10. The arms transfer Donor and ...

In addition to being manufactured in Iran, Shrink Disk also has foreign specimens represented in Iran. Contact sales experts for more information .

Shrink Disk Training Video


For the price list shrink disc  with experts please get in touch.

To get the catalog shrink disk to Catalogs is available.

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