Introducing Turkey Volt Electromotor

Volt Electromotor Company, which works in the field of electromotor production, was started in 1987. The company is one of the best brands of industrial electromotor in Turkey and is one of the partners of Saya in 2011.

Volt Electromotor is one of the leading electromotor companies in Turkey due to its research and development, innovation, high quality products, innovation and modernization processes in electromotor production. One of the features of Volt Electromotor Company is the use of state-of-the-art technologies in electromotor industry and production, which has made high quality products manufactured in high circulation. The Volt Dynamo area has increased by 45,000 square meters since joining Saya Business Group.


Turkish Volt Factory

In Turkey, 70% of the electricity used in the industry is spent on the production of alternators. Volt Electromotor Company has produced IE3class electric motors with the highest level of energy and nationwide measures have been taken to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. These measures also apply to IE4 class It has been done to bring the power level of this electric motor to an acceptable level.

The long-term plan executives have for Volt Electric Company is projected to become a global brand of international electric motor production by 2020.


Volt factory

Electric motors V Volt

Volt's electric motors or electromotors were built in 1897 and are one of Turkey's best electromotor brands. They are owned by Saya Trading Group and assist the group in the field of energy. Company electric Volt Volt after three decades of consecutive job growth between 2011 and 2014 among the top companies in this field was the position.

Volt electric motors, manufactured at a factory of 45,000 square meters in the Turkish city of Izmir, have been welcomed by the use of advanced technology, the idea of ​​innovating and gaining a foothold in the global markets after receiving the required standards.

Saya Group

One of the key goals of Saya Group is to increase the Group's turnover to 20,000,000 trillion tonnes and to acquire 15% of the world's export rights, which will require at least 3,000 people to be employed by 2020. The group's revenue has grown by 27% over the past year and has grown from 590 to 1,500 in two years.

Saya Group believes in the basic principles of business and cares about them. Adhering to these principles makes Sia successful in her business and achieves the best results. Much of Saya's success has been achieved through hard work, work supervision, saving and humility.

The agents at Saya Business Group believe that peace, stability and peace can only be achieved in the country once these three principles are accepted in the world. Saya is confident that if there is peace, stability and peace in the country, this will also happen in the industrial sectors.


Folkat is the name of a project that is in the hands of Sia Group; the project's completion could help modernize the country in the field of industry and economic enrichment. The Folkat project is a prestigious project implemented by Saya Business Group, aiming to bring quality and peace to the human community and has received awards nationally and internationally. The Saya Business Group has been able todocument high- profile projects such as the Fifth Twin Towers in Europe and the largest drug production plant in Turkey under the Folkatproject.


In every society, different organizations and individuals are given different responsibilities. Justice, inequality, poverty and ignorance will all emerge, all of which cause the turmoil in society.

In order to prevent such problems that will cause many problems in society, they define the concept of social responsibility in society. Social responsibility means that every person feels responsible for his or her community without the slightest need to thank him / her for behaving in accordance with the values, norms, customs, laws and regulations of his or her own country, which is the ultimate grace of a human being.

People who foster a sense of social responsibility are a good example, for example, of good people who please other people. Also benefit.

This applies to different companies as well, meaning that companies are responsible for what they do in the community if they use the resources available to them to advance their goals.

Using a skilled workforce, Saya Business Group introduced the concept of social responsibility under the name Sankarlar in August 2014 and in collaboration with Sancak Group and affiliated companies introduced concepts such as solidarity and community solidarity in the workplace and the family as a whole. This goal will always remain a value for the SIA group, and there are ongoing studies in the field that have identified benefits as a result of these values.

These benefits include: 
Education is fruitful in providing human resources, culture and art are effective in enriching life and fostering change and resilience, combating drugs as the most important crisis of today's societies. Importantly, the fight against obesity known as Century Disease, as well as the financial and economic support to needy families who have struggled to provide for their basic needs, are now at an acceptable level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a single-volt alternator?

A: On the industrial goods site, only the three-phase alternator is sold. Contact sales experts to order single-phase voltmeter.

What are the names of the Volt electric motor in the Iranian market?

A: A voltmeter is known as alternator volt, single-phase volt, three-phase volt, crank dynamo, volt motor, crank motor, and so on.

Where to get the Volt Electromotor Catalog?

A: To download the Volt Catalog, go to the Catalog Bank section. In Iran, you can download the catalog of electric motor

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