Worm gearbox

In the cochlear gearbox (Mardon), which is usually steel, rotates the brass ribs in the center of the coaxial gearbox. Due to the specific gear configuration and the angle between them, the cochlear gearbox (usually higher than 1.40) has very little reversibility. This is one of the advantages of the coil gearbox and is used as a lift, lift and more.


Spiral gear box

The use of the coil gearbox is mostly in the following cases:

Food Industry Gearbox, Conveyor Gearbox, Gearbox, Small Conveyor Gear, Tile Industry, Ceramic Industry, Compressor Gearbox, Small Mill, Brick Gearbox, Mixer Tractor, Crusher Gearbox, Industrial Furnace Gearbox, Elevator Gearbox, Elevator, Gearbox Packaging machines, bakery gearboxes, sugar industries, plastics industries, marine industries, etc. are among the most widely used industries in cochlear gearboxes.

Thermal Capacity Considerations of the Coil

In certain cases (especially the MVF and VF series gearboxes ) you should check that the absorbed power does not exceed the lower heat capacity. In cases where the coil shaft speed exceeds 1,400 rpm or there is heavy force or the coil gear operates continuously, the coilgearbox shall have less applied power or POT equivalent capacity.

If the cochlear electrode operation is continuous for two hours and then equilibrated with ambient temperature over a suitable interval, thePOT should not be included in the calculations.

  • For your intended use, if the coil is operated continuously and continuously, it is advisable to contact sales experts before placing an order .

Sahand helical gearbox repair

The product range includes industrial repair Sahand coil, Chinese coil gear,  VF coil gear , MVF coil gear repair, W series cubic gearbox and other brands of coil gear and if the industrial gearbox is large and requires expert presence, this set It can guide customers by dispatching experts and estimating the cost of gearbox repair. Refer to the Repair section for more information.

For optimal operation of the coil gear, please pay attention to the following:

1 - The coil gear installation must be strong enough to prevent the coil from vibrating.

2- Use hydraulic couplings, output torque limiters, clutches, etc. if the coil gear is likely to be overloaded or overheated.

Note: Clutches are very versatile and have different applications, so choosing and applying the clutch correctly in the movement of the motor to the coil gear and from the coil to the car has a great impact on the coil gear life.

3- Before starting, make sure that the coaxial output shaft and car inlet are coaxial. This represents the highest percentage of failure in the gearbox.

Note 1: It is not possible to expect the cochlear gear to function correctly in the correct structure of the machine.

Note 2: To fit the output axis or inlet axes of the car into the hull gear coil machined with the H7 tolerance , the h6 tolerance for the coil gear must be considered. Because of their non-compliance and improper placement of all components of the coil gearbox irreparable damage.

Note 3: Precision in thorn tolerance will cause a significant psychological impact on the operation of the coil and machine and will result in inaccurate noise and noise.

4- Do not fasten the motor to a separate chassis on the coil drive motor. Submitting the engine to the chassis causes the coaxial shaft and gearbox to be deflected and problems such as: damage to the bearing, heated bearing, break in the axle, noise of the gearbox and oiling from the seatbelt. This is just the case with the coil being tightly and firmly fastened to the chassis.

Note: When coupling an electric motor to the coupling, the coaxiality of the motor shaft and the coil shaft is important.

5. When moving from an electromotor to a coil through a belt drive, the belt adjustment must be carefully monitored at the specified timing, because after some time the belt will stretch and loose, causing it to slip over. Limit.

Note: If the straps are loose, the slip is too high and the transfer is not done properly and if too tight it will cause excessive radial pressure to the bearing and cause them to become hot.

6. When painting the coil gear after installation on the machine, to prevent the bowl from being damaged, protect the bowl from being stained with paint.

7. To prevent rust on the coaxial mount and chassis, first clean the contact surfaces of the coaxial mount and chassis then lubricate.

8. Make sure the gearbox oil level is sufficient before starting the coil gearbox.

Note: In some cochlear gearboxes with the "no oil" label, it is necessary to fill the specified amount of oil when mounting the gearbox.

9. It is recommended to apply a maximum load of 50% to 70% of the load during the opening hours of the cochlear gear after 300 hours of work. In addition, the coil gear should be discharged into the gearbox after 48 hours of initial work. Clean coils and new oils to normal levels. Because of the early hours of operation, the coils of the fine-grained bronze gears due to the adjustment (sealing) of the rotation of the snake shaft and the bronze gears, will be placed in the chamber if left unloaded. Browsing can damage the bearing.

10. In gearboxes that need to be filled with industrial oils, it is recommended to drain the cochlear gear oil first after 500 to 1000 hours of discharge and after cleaning the chamber, refill it with clean oil at a normal level. Replace the coil gearbox oil function for 4,000 hours.

11. If you suspect that the machine will remain in the environment for a relatively long period of time until using the coil gear, it is important to refill the container and inspect it again during startup.

12. In cochlear gearboxes filled with synthetic grease, no lubrication is required at startup, after every 8000 cochlear oil operations, it must be replaced again.

13. Make sure the machine is running smoothly before launching the coil gear, as any obstruction in the running of the machine will cause the coil gear to break down quickly (even during start-up).

Note: Some machines, such as a water-engraving machine, need to make sure that the machine runs smoothly before winter due to the freezing of water and excessive resistance to the coil gear.

14. Self-propelled gearboxes should be used with a reactive arm when mounting on the machine and should not be restrained by self-propelled gearboxes on a separate chassis.

Note: The self-propelled gearbox is a gearbox mounted directly on the car's inlet shaft and can include all types of hull gearboxes mounted this way.

15. Any loosening, alteration of the coil gear structure, body piercing, change of mounting brackets will cause the coil gear to fail, if any of these coils are removed from warranty.

It has also sometimes been observed that some consumers operate a gearbox without dismantling the coaxial gearbox, causing the gear to be dumped into the gearbox and corrosion of the gear.

Note: If you find any bugs, please contact the plant engineering department before taking any corrective action.

In the gearbox accessories section you can search for the Screw Gear, Screw Gear, Sahand Isfahan Gearbox and other accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there spare parts for the coil gearbox?

A: In the industrial commodity group there are coil gear accessories including gear coil, gear coil gear and ... with valid brands. Contact sales experts for the type of gearbox and parts you are looking for. 

Where is the Coach Dealer Dealer?

A: The Industrial Commodity Group is a co-branded dealer with reputable brands. Get in touch with sales experts to buy the helical gear you want.

Where can I get the Coach Price List?

A: Get in touch with the sales experts to download the price list for the coil gearbox as a PDF file.

Is the 90 degree gearbox the same as the coil gearbox?

The coil gearbox is generally 90 degrees and is one of the best types of industrial gearboxes for vertical use. 

What is the efficiency of the coil gearbox?

A: The helical gearbox is relatively less efficient than the helical gearbox and the solar gearbox. But due to the irreversibility of the coil gear in some ratios, despite its low efficiency, it is widely used. Especially in the gearbox of lifts, the gearbox is used extensively. 

Is the cochlear gearbox quieter or the helical gearbox and solar gearbox?

A: In general and in most cases, in a single use, the coil gearbox will have more noise than the helical gearbox and the helical gearbox will have more noise than the sun gearbox. 

Where can I download the coil gear catalog?

A: To download the Helix Gearbox catalog as a PDF file, you can go to the Catalog Bank section and download the Helix Gearbox brand, download the relevant catalog.

Is a coil in Mashhad or a coil in Tehran a price?

Answer: Coal Industrial site is able to deliver coil gear in all cities of Iran including Mashhad and Tehran. The price of the coil gearbox is the same in all Iranian cities and only the cost of shipping and shipping the industrial gearbox in different cities is different. 

Which is the best coil in Iran?

A: Sahand Gearbox is considered as one of the best brands of helical gearbox production and also Rahnama gearbox and Shakarin gearbox are two brands in Iran. Contact a sales expert for advice on purchasing a coil.

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