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Introduction of German VEM Electromotor

The German VEM Electromotor Company is  known for timely and accurate management, innovative ideas and the benefit of highly skilled engineers. VEM electromotor company   develops drive or inverter technology by providing efficient solutions to the highest quality of its products and equipment, satisfying customer's needs and thus economically purchasing concessions for itself.


VEM electromotor

VEM Electromotor  reinforces the flexibility and flexibility to produce more quality products, using the latest technologies in the world,  by offering customer feedback on products such as VEM Electromotors. It uses VEM electromotors , is aware of the quality of the customer's desired product, and also has experienced personnel; all of which can be a reason for VEM's success  in producing motors.

The German VEM electromotor company  has extensive distribution services around the world, has active after-sales service, customer orders are delivered in a relatively short period of time, and nationwide deliver orders within 36 business hours.

The German VEM Electromotor Company has received many awards for its innovative work and production of high quality products, including the Bosch Robert Bosch GmbH Award, which was awarded to VEM Electromotor on July 12, 2017  . The Bush Award, named the Ideal Award for Innovation, was awarded to Electromotor VEM , among 44 companies from 11 countries that were acclaimed for their effective cooperation and efforts in this field This year, 2017, of the 30,000 companies that partnered with Bush, the award was for the first time to only one company ( VEM  Electromotor  ).

The Bush Award was given by Dr. Torsten Kuntze , CEO, and Roland Zenger, Head of Sales at VEM Electromotor on behalf of other members and with the slogan of success with colleagues. The slogan of success with colleagues has been the main motto of the German electromotor company VEM for 15 years 

Starting September 1, 2017, one of VEM's electromotor dealers  in Singapore started operating as an Asia-Pacific representative. The agency in Singapore has been responsible for coordinating units based in Singapore, Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam.

VEM Electromotor  Germany has 34 years of experience in electromotor manufacturing and has managed successful industrial projects in Italy, Germany and Continental Asia at its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. WEM VEM   has been able to expand its international and business relationships over the past two years due to its success, and the high quality of VEM  electromotors   attests to this claim.

The VEM electromotor company, which also operates in driver or inverter technology, uses the latest technology to provide users and customers with new opportunities.

The VEM Electromotor Company organized an exhibition in Wernigerode in 2016 to present the VEM Electromotor  and invited 223 electromotor companies in 15 countries.


VEM electromotor

The exhibition discussed how to simulate drive technology. There is still a vague part about drive or inverter technology; whether or not the technology will be controlled by its own technology in the near future is an issue to be discussed at the October 10 and 11 conference.

WEM Germany is an international licensed motor vehicle service company and can provide you with the opportunity to work with you and provide complete information and information on various drives and solutions using our services and personnel. Also provide you with. Exhibitions and factory direct contact Customers can call the factory and make the necessary adjustments.

VEM Electromotor Company is an internationally renowned electromotor company that has many factories, resellers and partners around the world, including Iran. The reason for having VEM electromotor resellers  around the world is that the company tends to be as close as possible to its customers and can communicate as closely as possible with one touch, no matter where the customer lives. Pay services. From the perspective of executives, the key partners of the VEM electromotor company  are customers who do not always stop working until they achieve their expected success and results and stay with the company.

The VEM electromotor  and its affiliates and affiliates have a vast network of communication that makes the customer feel welcome about this communication and the comprehensive service provided.

In 1903 VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH , an electromotor company, was founded in Dresden, Germany, with the aim of producing heavy electric machines using the expertise of specialists. For over 110 years, the company has been supplying power to 42MW high-voltage and medium-voltage devices at Dresden  Vem VEM .

Second company VEM Sachsenwerk their machines for customers who need them for heavy applications such as coupling of electric transmission large industrial pumps, produce. Wem Vach Sachsenwerk is installing its machinery for Dresden Wem VEM with low volume and high utilization through electromagnetic energy optimization.

Products manufactured by Wem Vach Sachsenwerk have flexibility in production process and high quality manufacturing, utilizing state-of-the-art technology during their manufacturing operations, and the company also works closely with universities and colleges. Laboratories can test products in a way that ensures that the technical quality of the product is readily available, facilitates customer imagination and can provide the tools needed for these machines.

Second company VEM transresch GmbH in the field of power converters and electrical systems like automatic cars. The company is also active in the field with at least 5 years successful experience. Company Wum VEM transresch design their products with experienced engineers and professionals working in the management of their projects, the production and launch construction of storage and servicing of its staff employed in collaboration with engineers and personnel, to build and Manufactures of electric motors (electromotors), power converters, transformers, drive rockets and controllers of these drives.

Much of VEM transresch GmbH 's business is in manufacturing drives for rolling stock, automation, motors, gear and centrifuges. Other activities, such as developing programs to control pumps and fans, are among the other services of the large industrial company. Wem VEM transresch GmbH also has the capability and skill to manufacture power converters, heat exchangers and frequency converters.


VEM electromotor

 VEM Electromotor Company , VEM Motors GmbH,  located in  Wernigerode , Germany, is one of the manufacturers of low voltage electromotors in the world.

Second electric company VEM Motors GmbH  to build electric  VEM factors such as the effects on the environment and energy consumption of electric work in nature are considered. VEM        Electromotor    also introduces solutions for optimal use of drives that are essential in all industrial applications of drives in all applications. Second company VEM Motors GmbH  electrical motors in class IE2 and IE3 produces the high efficiency and low power consumption are important for the development of the industry. Products manufactured by Wem VEM Motors GmbH such as WEM electromotors It has features that enhance the confidence of others in the high quality of these products; all products meet the quality standards, are meticulously crafted and delivered to customers in the shortest possible time.

Low voltage VEM electromotors are manufactured in relatively small sizes, are long lasting and are environmentally friendly, which indicates acceptable performance and high performance of VEM VEM motors. Electric motors (electric motors) And the drives manufactured by WemVEM Motors GmbH are fully removable and can be used anywhere in the world and also used in applications such as transportation and chemical metallurgy.

During the last hundred years the second company VEM Thurm GmbH of standard electric company to a company that is customized to the various organs of the second electric VEM designed and produced the second Knd.alktrvmvtvrhay VEM has be in the range of 6.0 to 5 / 7 kW and shaft height 56 ​​to 132 mm.

One of VEM Thurm GmbH's production sites is the ZwicKau site, where the staff at the site are confident in their capabilities and build electromotors that deliver high levels of flexibility and assembly.

vem factory

Personnel with innovative ideas in the field of VEM electromotors help improve working conditions and can create new solutions that help customers choose the product they want. VEM uses state-of-the-art technology and utilizes quality and efficient resources, so there is a need to ensure the performance and quality of VEM electromotors .

VEM Thurm WM electromotors can be a good solution for using drives and preparing them to participate in economic processes as well as for industrial use in factories and equipment.

Wem VEM was originally a classical manufacturer or manufacturer of electromotors which over time and since ???? AD has become one of the most advanced electromechanical power plants in the world. And low voltage electric motors with ?? /? until the ?? MWV takes significant steps. VEM has a highly skilled and experienced staff among its staff who are always on hand to carry out heavy and advanced projects.

Company Wum VEM with all managers and employees developing products that are sustainable Vszmayh for future generations are socially, economically and ecologically damaged are not the highest energy efficiency and lowest role In air pollution.

Company WEM people the best partner knows and tries to be a reliable partner to all its obligations to act; now the second VEM in line with the goal of high quality products manufactured and tries in the shortest time possible product for For example , deliver the VEMelectromotor to the customer.

Another important goal of VEM is to provide the environment with future generations and to work to preserve it through the use of a comprehensive environmental management system in the process of energy saving. Slow.

The main focus of the second company VEM for the second electric VEM increase in energy efficiency, reduce energy usage and conserve raw materials. To achieve these goals, the second company VEM based on the standard certification DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 150001 it works.

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