Isfahan Shakerin Gearbox

Shakarin Gearbox is a manufacturer of industrial gearboxes in Iran. You can contact industrial goods to buy Iranian gearboxes.Manufacturing of industrial gearboxes at Shakirin Gearbox includes:

Shaker VF gearbox 

Shaker's MVF gearbox

Shakrin VF FC gearbox

Shakrin MVF FC gearbox

And the types of shaker helical gearboxes that vary depending on the input of the industrial gearbox and the type of consumption and size ratio. 

Refer to the Catalog Bank Catalog for a Shakirin Gearbox Catalog.

Shakirin Gearbox Price List In addition to the products listed below, you can contact sales experts for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

In which province is the Shaker gearbox manufactured?

A: Shakarin Gearbox is manufactured in Isfahan and most of Iran's cities are Shakarin Gearbox dealers. For example Shakarin Gearbox dealership in Mashhad, Shakarin Gearbox dealership in Tehran and other cities in Iran.

What sizes does the Shaker gearbox produce?

A: The Shakrin coil gearbox is available in sizes 49, 63, 86, 110, 130, 150, 185, 210 and 250. Contact sales experts to find out about the Shaker gearbox conversion ratios in different sizes. Shakrin gearbox is used in different industries and contact sales experts to select the best Shakirin gearbox.

What is the advantage of Shaker gearbox over Chinese gearbox?

A: Gearboxes are readily available in Shaker and Iranian gearboxes in general and are much more reliable in after-sales service. The Chinese gearbox has no warranty and in general the Iranian gearbox is more recommended.




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