Electromotor bracket

Electromotors have different parts, which are part of the bracket. The electromotor bracket varies depending on whether your motor is aluminum or cast iron. The electromotor bracket is in fact the alternator front or rear door that is attached to the motor by at least three screws or more. 

Electro motor stock bracket

Due to its market knowledge, the Kalasanati Group can supply you the electromotor bracket you want on the market and get it to you at the earliest opportunity. Some types of engines in Iran either have no representation or parts are not available. But there are companies that make parts or have stock as brackets. Electromotor brackets have a wide range and range, but Motogen, Electrogen and Siemens brackets are among the most consumed goods in the Iranian Electromotor market. Chinese electromotor brackets are also in great demand. But all of this, given the various anonymity they have, should be checked every time to have an inventory.


Rear bracket of the mutagen

Manufacture of electromotor brackets

Some Kalasanati customers are looking for a specific brand electric motor bracket, while their on-demand bracket is not available in the market. There are two ways to do this. The first solution is to send the requested bracket sample to the Kalasanati group and cast the Kalasanati exactly the same as the sent sample. Obviously the process will be time consuming and take at least 15 to 20 business days. The second option is to send the bracket sent by the customer to the repair manufacturer for repair and then return the repaired bracket within 5 working days. Obviously, repairing the electromotor bracket will cost less and speed up the operation.

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