Floyd roto gear pump ROTOFLUID 

FTSS is actually the abbreviation for Fluid Tech Systems  , a positive-displacement rotary self-suction gear pump. Gear Pump Model FTSSroto Floyd ROTOFLUID  steel and 316 stainless. This steel gear pump is made up of three important parts that are easily washable and this is the main reason for the widespread use of the Rotto Fluid steel gear pump in the food industry.

The gear and shaft in this pump is made of steel 316 and this has a very high corrosion resistance. Using a GFO mechanical seal, the leakage in this gear pump is reduced to zero. Having the right angle bracket also helps to install the pump easily on the screen. The Rotto Fluid Gear Pump is designed for continuous work. The diameter of the suction and intake manifolds in this Gearpump is from 1 " to 2" .

The ROTOFLUID steel gear pump can withstand pressure up to 10 kg / cm2 and pumps from 8.33 to 300 liters per minute. The Roto Fluid Gear Pump Head is 1 to 5 meters and operates at 1440 rpm. The maximum viscosity of the pumpable fluid with this gear pump is about10,000 SSU and can withstand temperatures up to 200 ° C.


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Gear Pump in Mashhad Roto Fluid Gear Pump in Mashhad roto fluid in Mashhad Bojnourd Birjand

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