Jumco Electromotor

JAMCO Electromotor Company, which works in manufacturing and manufacturing of electric machines was established in 1989 in Sabzevar.The purpose of the company was to no longer be dependent on foreign countries for domestic industries, such as electric motors, and to be able to manufacture all kinds of electric cars needed in the industry. As its goal is known, Dynamo Jemco is capable of designing, manufacturing and servicing various types of electric motors and generators in Iran, which are equipped with experienced and specialized forces as well as unique equipment and machinery. To the person, it's possible. Jumco's products are able to compete with foreign quality exported products because of their high quality.


Jumco Electromotor

Products manufactured by JAMCO include: Three-phase industrial electric motor with power of 15 kW up to 10 MW which is fully in accordance with international standards and all necessary tests on these products (electric motors and generators) in accordance with the internationally recognized standards and It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The capacity of Dinamo Jemco's production capacity is over 1,200 MW per year, equivalent to 12,680 units of electric motors and generators.

Joan Electric Machine Company has gained many results and honors despite its valuable experience in producing and supplying electric motors. The most important achievement of JAMKO Motor Company is the success in designing and manufacturing electric motors and large industrial generators for the first time in the country as well as winning the title of Top Entrepreneur in 2011 as well as Khorasan Razavi Standard Unit in 2012.

The most important honors of Jumco Motor Company in more than two decades of business are:

Designing and manufacturing IC511 cooling products for the first time in the country 
Designing and manufacturing
 IC511 cooling products for the first time in the country 
Designing and manufacturing 2.5 MW electromotor for the first time in the country Economic 
design and manufacturing of 4.5 MW electromotor first in the country in national production and supporting Iranian labor and capital 
to design and laboratories degree of protection of electric motors (
 IP ) for the first time in 
 CE for electric manufacturing Co. Jmkv (Jovin) 
business unit industrial region in Epic political, economic epic 
win the nation's top standard for the latter Consecutive years (91-92) 
preferred to reduce the cost of the first festival in 1390

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of the YJS Series Electromotor ?

A: These are asynchronous induction motors that have many similarities to the YU series , with one point of difference in their output that occurs at higher capacities and sizes. Important uses of these electro motors include the following: 
General purpose motors, such as compressors, air conditioners, large-scale water pumps, and the like.


What are the YJS Series Electric Motors ?

A: The YJS series electromotors are squirrel cage, asynchronous, three phase with 50 Hz frequency. These electromotors have IP55protection  rating and IC411 cooling method   . They have no restrictions on the type of installation and are customizable. They have a voltage level of 380 volts, have working conditions S1 , insulation class F and heat grade B. Additionally, various sensors can be installed on the motor based on customer's request and demand.

In which cities does the Jumco electric motor be sold?

A: The Jumco Electromotor in Towns Tehran Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Shiraz, Tabriz, Qom, Ahwaz, Kermanshah Orumieh, Rasht, Zahedan, Hamedan, Yazd Ardabil, Bandar Abbas, Arak Islam in the city of Sanandaj Qazvin Khorramabad, Gorgan, Sari, Iran's Quds Kashan Mallard Dezful Nishapur Babylon Khomeini Shahr Sbzvarglstan Amol PAKDASHT Najafabad Boroujerd Abadan Qarchak Bojnoord Varamin Bushehr Saveh Ghaemshahr Birjand Nasimshahr Sirjan temper Ilam Bukan Shahrekord Semnan Fardis Maragheh Shahin Shahr Mahabad Saqez Port Mahshahr Rafsanjan Gonbad Kavous Shahroud Marvdasht K Al-Shehri arranged Torbat

Are there any Jammu Pumps and Jammu Gearboxes in Industrial Goods?

A: Only Jumco Electromotors are sold on the Industrial Goods site.


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