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About Brand Pentax PENTAX Italy:  Company Pump Pentax Pentax Italy, which has a history of 20 years of business activity in the manufacturing of industrial and domestic water pumps are now earns a special place in the pump industry. All activities at Pentax are aimed at creating value in the production and distribution processes and further enhancing product performance and quality.

One of the significant benefits of Pentax is that it can quickly and easily change the prevailing market conditions by rationally allocating available resources and developing a decentralized program for product development. Specific has been made possible.


Pentax Pump Company

Pentax operates entirely on the basis of customer satisfaction policy, meaning that with the technological advances available, it launches its products with the aim of satisfying customers and has been very successful in the field of home water pumps.Company Name Pentax Pentax Italy because of the word that means the safest choice at every stage of the operation is selected.

Pentax Corporation Pentax has a 25 year reputation in the global market in manufacturing water pumps. Pentax Pentax due to their slogan chosen (customer satisfaction) always and in all circumstances is ready to create and embrace new innovations in this field, your customers are satisfied.

Company performance Pentax Pentax this year in a way that not only satisfy customers but also colleagues who are competing to attract attention and trust them to be attracted. Among the reasons behind this great success are the production of products through dynamic processes as well as flexible distribution systems; these together have led Pentax  to gain a large share of the market and respond enormously. To meet the needs of the pump industry.

At Pentax, the spirit of entrepreneurship among executives is also one of the company's success factors, responding to the different needs of the water pump manufacturing industry and providing solutions to them as well as internationally. Achievable.

The main reason for the high quality of products Pentax, Pentax , permanent control pumps after production, which alone could make sure the products Pentax Pentax is. Quality control and product performance at Pentax are performed through the most professional methods; standard certification, product line control, and laboratory controls are examples of these. All these things together and formed them into a system of pumps, the company guarantees the best Pentax Pentax is.

Control of production lines

 Control of production lines at Pentax Italy is carried out by conducting tests that artificially measure the electrical and hydraulic performance of the pumps.


Pentax official representative


Pentax Italy's main policy is to keep pace with product development as well as the company's management of the environment. This policy is  endorsed by the  UNI ISO 9001 certification issued by the quality management system and the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard issued by the environmental management system. In addition, Pentax, Italy, is in the process of planning a workplace health and safety management system approved by OHSAS 18001 .

No delay in delivery of custom products

The major policy Pentax Pentax that same customer satisfaction, all pumps which are purchased by customers order and without any delay and excuses will be delivered.

Pentax Italy's many years of experience in the business as well as manufacturing and manufacturing of water pumps have been useful to the company and have enabled Pentax to adapt to market conditions in the shortest possible time, Provide quality pumps to our customers in a timely manner.

Pentax operates entirely on the basis of customer satisfaction policy, meaning that with the technological advances available, it launches its products with the aim of satisfying customers and has been very successful in the field of home water pumps....The company, with the help of experienced economic advisors, is forecasting a bullish and declining market, and accordingly, will make changes to its demand segment.

Because of the presence of technology in the company Pentax Pentax is very bold, products Pentax Pentax large part of significant global market in the industrial sector into account, but should be noted that human resources are still Pentax Pentax They play an important role because human resources are an important feature of a large corporation.

 Pentax Pentax considering all the feedback from clients and colleagues, analyzed them and all of them give effect to supply the best product to our customers.

Usually, in order to produce a good product that the water pump is definitely not exempt from, there are important factors that will help the manufacturer to produce the best product; the most important of these variables can be geographical area, climate factors, customer needs and ... cited. Pentax Corporation Pentax with full attention to all these factors and comprehensive investigation in relation to each of them to provide the best possible solution and to continue his work deals with confidence.


Italian Pentax Pump Representative

At Pentax Italy, water pump manufacturing and manufacturing involves opposing processes including assembly, completion and testing of production lines. To practice the slogan Pentax Pentax 's customer satisfaction is the company's managers and employees flexibility in features that boost this important experience with Pentax Pentax is possible. This feature has impressed Pentax in addition to its customers and competitors. The Pentax Pentax per line, to manage the production process of the product at high speed there.

An important feature of Pentax Italy pumps is that the product is designed to meet different needs and to be one-dimensional.

In today's market is one of the companies that have a large part of the market to obtain and provide, through its products, strategies and solutions to basic and widely used for industrial and domestic offer, the company Pentax Pentax Italy.

Pentax Italy is one of the most active business segments of the company, always striving to provide new solutions to their customers' future and unforeseen needs and to satisfy them even more.Pentax Pump is represented in Iran and its products are easily accessible.

Pentax Corporation Pentax in the production of water pumps according to the terms of use and type of activity are very varied acts. Some ofPentax Italy's products include Pentax submersible pumps, submersible pumps, home water pumps, Pentax shoe pumps, sludge pumps, centrifugal pumps or centrifugal pumps, etc. in various industry sectors such as agriculture, Civil, domestic, etc. are usable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pentax Control Set? 
A: The Pentax Control Set is a very small device that can be mounted on a water pump. The device has a key with a sensitivity of 0.5 bar of passage water pressure which, if the water passes with such pressure, will act on itself and transmit electricity to the pump, thereby pumping the pump. . In the Pentax control set, the water pump does not turn on only when the inlet pressure is set to go up and down.ID automatic cuffI Not soIIt is possible that if notIFrom water to altitudeIEd Broad use the wholeIAutomaticIcountINo part. Before using the wholeIAutomaticIMeasure the water pressureI CIRIThen if there is any differenceIYeahI I need to use itI OnIBut it's generally Pentax controlI TimeI FaceI Water pump fI The building floors should be less than 4 floors.


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