Cooler electromotor

The cooler electromotor, which is part of the permanent single-phase dual-speed electromotor, is used to drive the water cooler fans .Cooler motors are generally manufactured with 52 frames, have a steel body, their resin coating helps the motor prevent moisture from corroding inside the air conditioner. The cooler electromotor is part of the squirrel cage handle and their rotors are dielastised with pure aluminum and have blades for cooling. Cooler electromotors generally have an IP 22 protection rating.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a single-phase industrial electric motor be used instead of a cooler electromotor?

A: There is a possibility that the engine will burn in water coolers for reasons such as water splashing and low IP. This is why single phase industrial electromotors can be used. The thing to note is that with the Industrial Electromotor (1400 rpm) you will only have a spin and the price is relatively higher.

Do you also have a cooler with two outlets?

A: The motor shaft of the motor is an output end and is produced with precision tolerances. These outputs have a very moisture-resistant black layer.

What is the History of Mutagenic Cooler Alternator Production?

Answer: The production of cooler electromotors started in 1974 under the license of Westinghouse Company in Motogen. 
Cooler electromotors have high starting torque for dual-strap water coolers whose single-cycle model can be manufactured and delivered to customers only by order.

What is the cooler electromotor frame?

Asch: The cooler dynamo frame is made of steel and is 56 in. Since the indoor air conditioner may be corroded due to moisture in the air conditioner, they are covered with a colorless layer of polyester resin.

What are the characteristics of a shaft in a motogenic cooler electromotor?

A: In the alternator cooler shaft is produced with an output end. The final dimensions of the shafts are produced by highly accurate tolerances with fully automatic devices and their coating is a black layer resistant to moisture.

What is the structure of the rotor part of the motogenic cooler electromotor?

A: The rotor in the Motogen Cooler Electromotor is a cage-type, aluminum-dipped pure cage; the rotors are machined by automated machines with high precision. In this type of electromotor, the centrifugal switch is located on the shaft and inside the electromotor.

What are the features of the cap of the Motogen Cooler Electromotors?

Answer: The cap on the cooler electromotors is made by casting aluminum alloy and its special switch, also called the terminal, is mounted on the back of the electromotor. In these electromotors, the earth is positioned on the back cover and marked with a special earth mark.

What is the cooling mode of the cooler electromotor?

A: The cooling action in the cooler alternator is with rotor blades and fully complies with the NEMA-MG 1 Part 6 standard. When cooled on an electromotor, the air is drawn through the electromotor cap channel by rotating the rotor and is driven out of the cooler electromotor frame holes.

What is the design of the cooler electromotor for lubrication?

A: Usually the type of design of the cooler electromotors is that they do not need to be re-lubricated so that the lubricant in the special storage inside the lids automatically flows between the shafts and the bearings.

What is the degree of protection in a motogenic cooler electromotor?

standard NEMA-MG1 Part 5 and the equivalent  IEC 5-34  degree of protection   IP22 is. This standard and degree of protection means that cooler electromotors are protected against scalar objects more than 12 mm in diameter and water droplets from the top of the maximum electromotor with a 15 degree angle are vertically protected.

How many motogenic cholera alternators are offered?

A: Mitogenic cooler electromotors are usually offered in the following four types: 
dual-speed permanent 
single-phase circulator pump capacitor ,
 1.8 -horsepower 
split-phase phase-starter capacitor

What is the market place for electrogen cooler alternator?

Answer: One of the positive points of the Electrogen Cooler Electromotors is their good price considering the efficiency of the Electromotor which has made it a good market place. Electrogen Cooler Electromotors are usually available in three rounds of 1/3, 1/2 and 3.3 horses in two rounds.

What are the most striking features of an Electromotive Electromotor?

A: We mentioned the advantages of EGCs at a good price and a good position in the industrial market. It is also noted when working and low noise when in use. The most important use of electric cooler electromotors is in a variety of water coolers.

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