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Introduction to Guangzhou Erasmus Electromotor

Arsm electric company Gvanglv Guanglu has an area of 5000 square meters and advanced equipment and facilities is significant. Arsm Motor Company Gvanglv Guanglu one of the world's factories, which specialized in the manufacture of electrical machinery, such as motor and alternator works.

Arsm Motor Company Gvanglv Guanglu a member of the subset of engine power company in China with the inspection body ShangHaicooperation is wide. Arsm electric company Gvanglv Guanglu in decades? It was launched and is today recognized as the fifth largest factory in DaXi .


Guangzhou Erasmus Electromotor

Various factors in the success of Arsm factory Gvanglv Guanglu  involved that these factors include: personnel committed, motivated and responsible, high-level technical and scientific managers and employees, advanced production facilities and laboratory testing and quality assurance of products. All electric Arsm Gvanglv company that Guanglu to reach the production stage of the international standard IECcompliance and the highest quality level of their own.

Standard ISO 9001: 2000 certificate of international quality certificates CCC , Cecp  and CE and all products Guanglu by this standard are approved.

Chinese company Arsm Gvanglv Guanglu electric motors in class IE2 that have standard engines GOST , Yx3 that the high efficiency, and aluminum, the chassis or the engine block is removed completely electric engines made of various types They are like brake engine, speed motor, vibration motor, single phase motor and so on.


Guangzhou Erasmus Electromotor

Arsm Gvanglv electric company that Guanglu are made, around the world, such as Europe, the Middle East and neighboring Eastern Hkshvrhay offered and customer reviews received and used in subsequent experiments.

Designed and manufactured to produce high quality products at a level above current levels, Guanglu Erasmus Plant has established new production lines with higher production capacity and more advanced facilities such as coordinate measurement system, computer control system and automation. It uses automatic presses, precision material control equipment, new machining systems and more.

Throughout its years of activity, Erasmus Guanglu has gained a great reputation in the domestic and international markets through its never-ending efforts, which can be attributed to its strong presence in the production cycle as a partner in the use of technology and technologies. Know the world day and use of quality materials in the production of products.

Erasmus Guanglu welcomes innovative ideas in product manufacturing, using cutting-edge technologies to enhance product quality in order to grow rapidly and find its place among the leading factories in the field of electromotor production. It improves productivity and efficiency, enhances product delivery to customers in the shortest possible time and at the fastest pace, and ultimately makes customer satisfaction and customer loyalty an essential principle. There is also a representative office of Erasmus Guangmu Electromotors in Iran and the industrial commodity can supply all electric motors of this prestigious Chinese brand. Contact sales expertsfor the latest price list for Erasmus Electromotor .

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