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Marelli Motor Company of Italy is based on a program that includes motivation and innovation, but it will remain just one program until conditions are met. The Marelli Company is not just a workplace for money and job creation Rather, Marley is a family; it has achieved a significant place through the comprehensive involvement of all its members, their social responsibility and innovative ideas, as well as the high quality of Marley's electromotor.

The Marley Electromotor Company's successes did not come as a surprise, but rather for many years when the Marelli Electromotor was involved in the manufacture of pumps and irrigation systems in the twentieth century until today as one of the poles. Electromotor production is well-known worldwide, this has happened and Marley has been recognized as one of the best electromotor industry in the world.

Marelli's electric motor is not only known for its modern activities but also for its rich industry background.

Companies and factories have been built around the northern cities of Italy in the past, making them distinct from other cities.

The history of the startup of Marelli's electric motor goes back to the time that Oracle Finance in 1891, together with a group of his friends, built a small factory in which he could build industrial engines. Marley had many skills in business that led to the development of his company's business and brought his small company to a breakthrough by developing new technologies that could be used in the industry.Arkvl Marelli Marelli is known as one of the entrepreneurs in the world could in their small factory in Sesto San Giovanni in Milan, Italy, compact electric motor, water pump and fan installations, transformer and produce. Arkvl Marelli Marelli He also did other important work; he set up a social institution alongside the creation of an industrial and entrepreneurial unit, followed by the creation of employment.

The Marelli Motori electromotor company has been set up in conjunction with two other companies and is named after the Italian business district of Milan. The company has international business relationships with clients around the world, has highly technical staff, and the Marley Electromotor Plant enjoys government support and cooperation. In the twentieth century, a targeted teamwork of Milan, Ercole Marley and Platzari's workshop merged to accomplish more work together, while different working groups in Italy at the time were separated. They were conducting their activities.

In 1891, Ercole Marelli founded a company and nicknamed it; he began manufacturing and manufacturing electric motors, pumps and related equipment. A decade after Ercole Marelli began operating, he was able to perform the first tests on an explosion-proof electric motor in Italy.

In 1896, Oracle Marley began producing air conditioners that had not been manufactured and were imported from the United States.

Established in 1905, Sesto San Giovanni was involved in the manufacture and production of alternating electric motors, all types of centrifugal pumps and transformers in its large plant.

Global presence

Marley Electric Company  Marelli Motori is one of the companies in the world that design and produce your electric does. Launched in 1891, today, after more than a century of hard work and dedication to the unique service it offers to its customers in the after-sales service, it has been able to operate in four continents. It has offices in Italy and Malaysia. Company electric   Marelli Motori has been able technologically advanced products such as electric motors in 120 countries to sell her.

Marelli Motori Electromotor Company  follows a business model that can provide useful and innovative solutions to improve the quality of products and improve their efficiency. This model follows three principles: Offering a wide range of new and innovative products, the presence of people who have announced their support around the world, continuous investment alongside the development of R&D units.

Quality Certifications

Marelli Motori Electromotor Company  uses a comprehensive quality management system ( MS   to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 andOHSAS 18001 to ensure product quality and safety at work .

Quality certifications are used to meet the highest possible standards in product manufacturing. Compliance with these standards will have the following results:

  • High quality Marley electric motor with the best possible performance
  • Customer satisfaction and trust considering all their needs and thus ensuring customer confidence in the continuity of the Marley electric motor
  • Creating a safe and secure place to work for Marley Electromotor
  • Creating the least impact on the environment and the least impact on its destruction by making a high-efficiency electromotor

Quality strategy

Marley Electromotor Company is committed to the quality of its products, with all personnel from board to workshop workers.

The Marelli Motori Electromotor Company  has created a culture in which all employees have sufficient knowledge and knowledge of quality issues and activities to enhance their productivity to the highest possible level and bring their skills to the forefront. To use this relationship.

Marelli Motori Electromotor  Before making any product, ensure that all personnel comply with IMS regulations and regulations to enhance the quality, health, safety and compliance with environmental standards. At Marelli Motori Electromotor  there are goals that ultimately lead to customer satisfaction, and all of the company's long-term and short-term plans are based on this. Marelli Motori Electromotor Companywelcomes effective staffing suggestions and, given their practicality, will use these ideas to improve working conditions and product quality as well as reduce potential personnel hazards and reduce the harmful effects on the environment. Was. 

At Marelli Motori Electromotor  , it has been cultivated that personnel should be avoided if individual activities lead to conditions that harm the safety and health of the workplace. What is most important nowadays is the safety of the workplace, and Marelli Motori is constantlyraising awareness and providing training to its staff.

For the Marelli Motori electromotor  company, workplace health, safety and the environment are important to ensure that all of these things are met, get into a mutually beneficial relationship, and thus gain more skills. Doing bigger things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marley Motorized Electromotor represent in Iran?

A: Marley Motorsports exists in most parts of the world. Contact sales experts to find out if there is a Marley Electromotor Dealer in Iran. 

Where to download the Marley Electromotor Catalog?

A: You can get a catalog of different electric motors from the Catalog Bank section. The Marley Motor Catalog is also available here.

Where can I download the Marley Electromotor Price List?

A: Contact the sales experts for a download of the Marley Electromotor Price List as well as for up-to-date pricing of the various Electromotors.

What are the names of Marley's electric motor?

Answer: Marley Electromotor, Marley Alternator, Marley Motor, Italian Electromotor, Italian Alternator, Marelli Electromotor ... are some of the names that are known by Marley Electromotor.




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