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Humans have long been thinking of making devices that would enable them to move heavier objects with less force. In this regard, he has developed tools such as gears, cranes, pulleys and levers. Industrial gearbox is a mechanical element and one of the most important components of power transmission. The industrial gearbox is a simple machine and is generally positioned after the motor to provide  the required torque by varying the rotation ratio of the motor .


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To choose the right gearbox, we need the following information:

  • Type of machine doing the job
  • The ambient temperature at which the industrial gearbox operates.
  • Ambient conditions (dust, humidity, frost, equatorial ...)
  • Drive motor (type and specification)
  • Type of connection between electric motor and industrial gearbox (direct, via coupling, clutch or variable speed)
  • Axes arrangement
  • The amount of radial and tangential load and its cause

Electro gearbox selection:

The most important factors to consider when choosing an electric gearbox are:

  • Industrial Gearbox Input Power (kWh or horsepower)
  • Industrial Gear Input Rounds (Number of Rotations of Electromotor Shaft Per Minute)
  • Industrial Gearbox Output Period (Number of Gear Shaft Rotations Per Minute)
  • Industrial gearbox output torque (usually measured in Newton meters)
  • Industrial gearbox conversion ratio (obtained by dividing the output round number by the input round number)

It is usually advisable to avoid installing a high-power electromotor because it creates shocks and stresses that reduce the life of the industrial gearbox and other components, because the design is based on the power the machine is able to absorb. And not based on the power of the electromotor installed. In addition, more energy is consumed and the cost goes up and electricity consumables become more expensive.

You can use a larger electric motor as long as you are certain that it will not be used in special situations (eg when the number of connections is high). An industrial gearbox can withstand additional forces up to 100% of its nominal torque provided that the number of connections is limited. If the number of fittings is high, you should choose an industrial gearbox whose torque is 50% higher than usual, which is achieved by a suitable work factor.

Important Tips on Installing an Industrial Gearbox:

  1. The industrial gearbox must be tightly screwed to a rigid base so that it does not vibrate.
  2. If you want to paint an industrial gearbox, cover the bowl to prevent it from being damaged.
  3. To prevent oxidation and grease of the upper parts, clean and lubricate the contact surfaces before installing them.
  4. Before operating the gearbox, make sure that the oil level is correct and that the viscosity of the oil is correct for the type of load used.
  5. If you are likely to hit, overload or grip, use hydraulic couplings, torque limiters, clutches and more.
  6. The machining tolerances of any gear, chain wheel or coil mounted on the input or output axles shall be ISOH7 .
  7. When you lubricate the industrial gearbox with grease, you do not need any further lubrication. If mineral oil is used, it is advisable to: Change the oil after 500 to 1000 hours of initial work and it is best to wash it in an industrial gearbox. At regular intervals, inspect the oil level and change the oil after 4000 hours of operation.

Gear or industrial gearbox  are divided into two general categories:

  1. Lowering gearbox : The lowering gearbox sits between the motor and the drive and provides the required torque and output torque by reducing the electromotor speed.
  2. Incremental gearbox : The incremental gearbox is positioned between the engine and the drive and provides increased torque and output torque as the engine speed increases. In some industries, especially power plants, refineries and petrochemical industries, high-speed industrial gearboxes are called incremental gearboxes.

Also, according to how the gear is fitted, the industrial gearbox is divided into 4 types as follows:

  1. Helical gearbox
  2. Spiral gear box
  3. Solar gearbox
  4. Special industrial gearbox

Helical gearboxes and helical gearboxes generally have certain conversion ratios, and to achieve higher conversion ratios (lower rpm) two industrial gearboxes can be coupled together, which can be done in the solar gearbox by switching between floors or adding floors for Reach the desired round ratio.

Technical Proposal

The Industrial Commodity Company is proud to provide technical expertise for the required industrial gearbox at your request with the presence of technical experts with experience in selecting the appropriate industrial gearbox . The proposal includes a booklet industrial gearboxes , dimensions and technical  and  economic considerations transmission is proposed. You can also  download the catalog of industrial gearbox in PDF file by visiting the Catalog Bank .

Financial Offer (Pre-invoice)

One of the benefits of industrial goods is having a price for customary products on the market. For a specific industrial gearbox As the price of a specific industrial gearbox is  constantly changing, so the new specific gearbox price list will be sent online  upon customer request .European gearboxes and Chinese gearboxes that need to be quoted for import from other countries, depending on the response time of the foreign party, may take up to a week. 

Selling second hand industrial gearbox or stock  

One of the features and benefits of the Industrial Goods Website is the creation of a new mechanism for the sale and sale of  industrial gearboxes , electric motors and second-hand pumps . If you would like to sell or buy a stock or industrial gearbox ,  submit your requestonline to get your product on the industrial wall section for sale.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also have advice on industrial gearboxes on the Industrial Goods site?

A: There are many types of industrial gearboxes including cochlear gearboxes, helical gearboxes, solar gearboxes, cubic gearboxes and many other types of specialized industrial gearboxes. Industrial goods always try to offer you the best option. Contact sales experts for more details on gearbox consulting.

Where can I Download Articles on Industrial Gearboxes?

A: In the gearbox articles section you can get the latest news and articles in this field. This section discusses gearbox issues in industrial gearboxes and maintenance strategies for industrial gearboxes.

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