Three phase electric motors are generally used for high power applications in most factories and are considered to be induction motors which are widely used in industry. Most three-phase electromotors are squirrel-type, producing power from 3.1 horsepower to several hundred horsepower. Convenient price, easy to use, cost effective and robust and compact design are the special advantages of a three phase electric motor.



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The three-phase alternator components are shown in the following image:



Different parts of electromotor


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stator components in a three-phase electromotor?

A: In induction motors (and three-phase electromotors), the stator, which is a set of steel plates, consists of four parts: head and bottom bearings, coils, magnetic core and stator housing.

In what industries is a three-phase electromotor used?

A: The three-phase alternator has covered a wide range of industries. These include the electromotor of food industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive, steel, agriculture, mining, electromotor offshore and oil, gas and petrochemical.

Do you import a specific type of electric motor?

A: The Industrial Commodity Group is prepared to order a specific alternator based on existing communications. Click here to request custom electromotor specific order registration.

How does a three-phase electric motor work?

A: Three-phase electromotor is more commonly known as induction dynamo. Generally, in this type of electromotor, the alternator shaft rotation is less than the frequency of the power supply applied to the electromotor because these conditions cause the shaft of this electromotor to move as a result. If the above chain is not followed, there will be no balancing fields generated in the rotor. There are differences in the power supply phases that the three-phase induction motors use to produce a rotating electromagnetic field within themselves. .

In what areas are induction motors used?

A: The use of this alternator (three-phase electromotor) in the use of traction such as locomotives (known as asynchronous traction motors) is increasing day by day.

What Factors Affect Three-Phase Electromotor Speed?

A: The frequency of the feed is the factor on which the speed of an AC alternator depends. The difference in rotational speed between the rotor and the magnetic field of the stator and of course the amount of alternating slip determines the amount of torque produced by the AC motor. The speed can be varied in AC motors, but this can only happen if different coils with different number of poles in the stator section are used to vary the speed of the magnetic rotating field. In a three-phase induction motor, the speed can be controlled more uniformly, but this is possible by changing the frequency of the power supply.

How is the organization of a three-phase squirrel shunt electromotor?

Answer: 90% of all available alternators are squirrel cages, which is why they are referred to as having squirrel cages. The power of the squirrel's electromotor is in the range of one-third to several hundred horsepower. This type of three-phase electric motor, which usually has a higher horsepower range, costs less than a single-phase electric motor and is capable of performing heavy loads at startup time.

What are the three-phase electromagnetic shunt rotor with a coil rotor?

A: The stator of these alternators is similar to the stator of a squirrel cage electromotor and has a series of screws that are in a high circuit state with a series of sliding rings that reach the end.

What are the best conditions for using squirrel cage alternators?

Answer: The most appropriate and ideal time to use a syringe electromotor is when static pressures with a final torque of approximately zero speed are produced and the dynamo is accelerated to the rated speed with the lowest current consumption.

What are the uses of a syringe electromotor?

A: The most commonly used applications of the squirrel electromotor are for applications with industrial gearboxes  and various speeds such as printing presses, compressors, conveyor belts, lifts and elevators.

What is a servo motor or a stepped alternator?

A: Today, with the development of electrical engineering knowledge, certain electric motors are produced. A step electric motor or servomotor has a permanent magnet that can be controlled by an external controller and switched on or off, and is very popular today.Generally used in industries that require precise movement and reciprocating motion, this alternator is used. For example, in industries where the conveyor must move precisely to produce a timely product, such as shampoo filler or cans paste fillers, servo motors are used.Some companies have developed electromotors that can be controlled and programmed using the mobile app.

What is a Linear Electromotor?

Answer: Linear electromotors are used if industries require rotational torque rather than rotational torque. Linear alternators are generally inductive or stepped.

Which cities do you have a three-phase electric motor in Khorasan?

BAKHRS - Bajestan Barsaken Taybad Torbat-e-Torbat-e-Torbat-e-Heydariyeh Jaghat Khalilabad Khawaf Khabash Referee Drogh Rashtkhovar - Zaveh Sabzevar Sarakhs Tarqaba Shandiz Farimaneh Firoozeh Quchan Maharam Nishabur Chanaram Qajar Ghajelam Ganjad Asfar Mujad Iranshahr Chabahar Khash Delegate Zabol Zahedan Mirjaveh Zahak Saravan Soldier Apple and Soran Qasr Qandak Mehristan Nikshahr Nimroz Hamoon Hirmand Tehran Mashhad Isfahan Karaj Shiraz Tabriz Qom Ahvaz Kermanshah Urmia Rasht Zahedan Hamedan Kar Man Yazd Ardabil Bandar Abbas Arak Islam Zanjan City Sanandaj Qazvin Khorramabad Gorgan Sari Shahriar Ghods Kashan Malard Dezful   

What brands of electromotors are sold in industrial goods?

A: The three-phase electromotors are sold on the Iranian Industrial Site. This set includes Chinese Electromotor, Electromotor and Motogen Electromotor and other types of Iranian Electromotor, External Electromotor, Three Phase Electromotor, Linear Alternator, Three Phase Stator, ABB Electromotor, MotoVariable Electromotor, Electromotor Kajili Electromotor, Electromotor Electromotor, Electromotor Brands are for sale.

How to get a price list of three phase electric motors with different brands?

A: The Industrial Goods site is trying to update the three-phase electromotor, or alternatively the three-phase alternator price, online. But be sure to contact sales experts before ordering each time.


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