Navid Motor Tabriz Pump

About Navid Pump Tabriz Company (Semnan Energy): Navid Motor Industries Company  was established in 1996. The mission of the company, whose factory site is located 35 kilometers from Tabriz, in Salimi Industrial City, was to manufacture and manufacture industrial and domestic electric motors specially designed according to customer's order. 
 In 2006, Navid Motor started cooperation with Pumpiran Industries to produce high pressure pumps. Revising the promising engine mission and outlook in 2007 The promising engine to take advantage of the competitive advantage of electromotor production for electropump production has led to a strategic partnership with Semnan Energy Pump Company to produce linear circulator pumps.


Navid Motor Factory in Tabriz

 This cooperation continued until the merger of the two companies in 2010 and since then it has been Navid Motor Industries Company which continued to produce and market semiconductor products with Semnan Energy brand. 
 Established in 2012 with the aim of integrating market research and marketing activities, Navid Motor Market Development Unit was established to lead the company towards its goal of becoming the largest manufacturer and supplier of construction electropumps in the Iranian market and region. This set of activities has led to the optimization of spa products as well as the promotion of the generation of hydrocarbon circulator electropumps.
 It is currently in production line to complete the construction products of the Circulator and Atablok Water Supply Ground Electropumps, and market research will continue to uncover customer needs for years to come, with the first series of home pressure boost pumps in the near future. Industry promises to provide the engine with products and solutions to industrial customers to provide services to other companies and manufacturers also pays; 
 services wire cut machine thirty. Ann. Thirty. For cutting steel, aluminum, copper, tungsten and carbide, making progressive shear molds, fully automatic machining of parts with advanced machines, designing and manufacturing of die casting and plastic injection molds and producing laminate sheets for other electromotor makers of this kind. Is.

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