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Leo Pump China is a quality brand recently acquired a special place in Iran. You can find all types of Leo pumps on the Kalasanati site and ask for up-to-date prices on Leo pumps from sales experts. Contact our experts for advice on buying a Leo pump and choosing Leo products. 

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Introduction to the Liu Leo Pump:
The Liu Leo Industrial Complex is based on the determination of the best service to achieve a healthy life in China. The complex has been introduced to the industry by manufacturing a variety of household water pumps and industrial water pumps, shoe pumps and sludge pumps, and today has become one of the world's top brands using modern industrial equipment. Today, the Leo Pump manufactures a variety of agricultural pumps, heat transfer pumps, power plant equipment, oil and gas pumps and many other by-products of the pump, including the control set and the expansion source and many other products. 
The Leo pump is available in more than 130 countries including Europe, America, Australia and Oceania, Africa and of course the Middle East.Below is the ratio of the supply of the Leo pump to different regions of the world.

Introduction to Liu China brand

Leo pump sales in different countries of the world

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Zhejiang LEO , one of the largest small pump manufacturers in China, was founded in 2001. At Zhejiang, these pumps are manufactured and supplied by the latest technologies and technologies in the industry, as well as the domestic and international market.

Zhejiang company has been working for many years on the production of small pumps as well as the high quality of the products offered, the fact that these pumps are environmentally friendly and fully adaptable to nature, and are one of the most reliable and reliable energy consumers. Most of the companies involved in supplying industrial water pumps have become.

Zhejiang is located in Taizhou, China, which has various ports, airports and highways. Choosing this location for Zhejiang factory has various benefits such as close proximity to the airport contributes to the air transportation of the raw materials in question. The proximity of maritime transport ports facilitates raw materials, and the availability of highways also facilitates land access to these materials. This has led to both faster material requirements and reduced costs.

Zhejiang China has 9 years of experience and continuous efforts in the field of various types of water pumps such as centrifugal pumps, environmental pumps, jet pumps and submersible pumps. Pumps manufactured by Zhejiang China have significant quality and are in competition with the pumps of other partner companies. Products.

Zhejiang products have high efficiency, long service life and reliability as well as high quality reliability certified by GS , CE , UL , ETL , CB , EMCand EMF standards.

Zhejiang pumps are used in many fields such as chemicals, petroleum industry, garden washing machines, electric cars, centrifugal pumps, etc. Stabilize the situation.

The Zhejiang factory also has numerous offices in various countries such as USA, UK, India, Russia, France, Canada, Iraq and Iran.

Zhejiang China has been active in pre-sale and after-sales service to its customers, and the agents have no problems and are fully responsive due to the assurance of high quality of pumps made to serve customers.

Zhejiang quality control unit and compliance with all aspects of quality control has made Zhejiang one of the few companies that has received VDE certificate of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system .

At Zhejiang LEO , water pumps are manufactured by advanced equipment and facilities, equipped laboratories, and are trained by experienced personnel and industry experts. The quality control system in all stages and processes of production of products in Zhejiang company such as raw materials, The analysis and processing of materials is done and finally begins with the assurance of product supply. All of these factors work together to produce high quality water pumps.

Customer satisfaction is very important from the point of view of Zhejiang factory staff and they use their feedback as a partner. Services that have made Zhejiang water pumps welcome customers include: reasonable prices, timely delivery of orders, range Wide range of products and openness for high quality and long life products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does the Leo pump produce? 
A: Leo Leo Pump Company is one of the largest home and industrial water pump manufacturers in the world. The company has supplied all kinds of peripheral pumps, centrifugal pumps, mud pumps and sludge pumps, control sets and expansion supplies with the best quality worldwide. 

Does the Leo pump have a warranty? 
A: Leo Water Pump is one of the companies that provides the best after-sales service and warranty. Generally, the Leo pump comes with a 24 month gold warranty. However, some products, such as the Leo Leo circulator pump, come with a 12-month warranty.



What confirmations do the Leo pump have? 
A: The Leo Pump has been honored to receive many international certifications, which are part of it.

Leo pump approvals

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