Introduction to Electric Winch

An electric winch has many uses, one of which is mounting it on a mountain vehicle, such that if the mountain car gets stuck on a rough road or if there is a problem moving on, the electric winch can help prevent the car from getting out of position. He came out. The use of winch is not just for mountain vehicles but can be used in various fields such as industry and construction. Industrial winch is a device that has a simple mechanism and has wide applications in various factories and industries.

Winches have different types that differ in the power of the winch. Available types of winches include: Manual, Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic winches and Garden Gardens.

In a handheld winch there is a steering wheel that is used to supply power. This force is transmitted to the winch gearbox, eventually spinning the pulley attached to it. Hand winches are capable of carrying weights of one to two tonnes and are best suited for small industrial and construction applications.




In electric winches or electric winches, the power of the winch is supplied by an electric motor connected to the electric winch gearbox.Among the types of winches available, electric winches are the most widely used as well as the most widely used winches in industrial and factory applications.



In hydraulic and pneumatic winches, the drive force is supplied by a hydraulic pump (+) and a pneumatic winch, which is called a hydraulic winch and a pneumatic or windmill winch. Hydraulic and pneumatic winches have great power to be used in heavy industries such as the oil and gas industry.



Another type of winch in the industry is the winch, which is powered by a garden that is attached to the auxiliary gearbox.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a type of winch is the maximum weight that can be sustained by the winch or the amount of stretch and the length of the winch cable. Choose the right winch to work with depending on the weight of the vehicle or the load to be pulled or lifted.

Winch is one of the equipment that has a long history in the industry. In the newer generations, industrial winches have an optimized design that reduces device volume, improves performance, and improves safety. The winches have two important features of the brake and the explosion-proof motor, which are activated depending on the location and the conditions of use of the winch.

Winches are industrial tools used in industries such as the oil, gas, marine, mining and drilling industries, cabling and construction and civil engineering.

Winches are widely used in the oil and gas industry. Winches are used in power plants, petrochemicals, drilling rigs and piping.



They use winches in docks, ships, boats and boats to transport and lift existing cargo or equipment, as well as to anchor and lift water. The winches are assisted by fishermen during fishing and fishing and make the task less difficult. The winches used on boats and fishing boats have different power and cable lengths, making it easier for fishermen to catch up. Marine winches have corrosion-resistant bodies due to the humidity of the environment and the high probability of contact with water. On the offshore winches, there is a clutch remover to make it easier to open the cable for plunging and locking brakes.



We know that in mining, as well as in the transportation and transportation of materials, they are carried out by related equipment and machinery; , Is a winch.



One of the major applications listed for winches is their use in various cabling and wiring projects in various aerial and ground modes. For ease of cabling they use diesel or electric winches, which have the advantage of being equipped with a tensometer, meter and speed controller.



Winches are used in civil engineering for the transportation of building materials and also for people on structures or rails in construction projects and workshops. In this case, also called building hoists or materials hoists, they usually use winches weighing 300 kg up to 3 tons depending on the conditions of use. The weight capacity of the winches is also considered for the selection of single phase or three phase electromotors and gearboxes.



Winches are very widely used equipment that is used in almost all industries. In addition to the oil and gas industry, the marine, cabling, civil, construction and mining industries are also used in other industries such as military, steel, automotive, ceramic tile, research and more.



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