Kalasanati Sellers Panel



These days, buying and selling goods is not the same as before, and the lifestyle has changed. In the new world you don't need to go to traditional stores to save money and time. The taste of buying through one of the most popular online selling sites for industrial goods in Iran is sweet and hearty and receiving the goods upon request, unparalleled support and the ability to return the goods has doubled.

Now you have just a few clicks to open your online business branch. Industrial Goods is the site that now provides a great platform for everyone, from distributors and producers to sellers and merchants, to be able to sell their industrial goods on one of the most visited Iranian industrial websites.

This is industrial goods. A showcase of the best, with a large network for distributing industrial goods in Iran, as well as producing quality textual and visual content, exposing your product to thousands daily to create a thriving business. It's time to get into the big digital marketing family and take advantage of it.

Having a large showcase to present the goods you have can be awesome. You cannot make your store available 24/7 to visit or you may have customers in other parts of Iran or even around the world who are willing to collaborate and buy from your collection.

 This product site provides you with the platform to sell your products easily and for free with just a few clicks. This position can be the best option for selling your industrial product.

The industrial commodity provides you with a panel through the infrastructure it creates that allows you to manage your inventory, price, delivery time and many other features. There are prerequisites for starting this partnership, some of which are as follows:

1- Contact Industrial Support Website and Preparation Announcement

2- Receiving a cooperation contract and determining the percentage of cooperation

3. Receive the necessary training to work with the Seller Panel

4- Product Management

5. Introduce a person full time to contact industrial goods

6- Managing the delivery of goods in different cities

It is recommended that you read the article (Why is Industrial Goods the Best Site for Selling Industrial Goods?) To learn about the benefits of selling on this site.