Manual transmission

Rahnama Gearbox is one of the successful companies in the manufacture of industrial gearboxes , helical gearboxes and helical gearboxes 

Introducing the manual gearbox

In the industrial gearbox manufacturing industry in Iran, Rahnama's trademark is one of the high quality Iranian gearboxes. The manual transmission is of good quality and the manual transmission has about 31 years of experience in manufacturing industrial gearboxes.Rahnama Gearbox has introduced new standards for the manufacture of industrial gearboxes in Iran. The manual gearbox can produce gear with a specific module and there is a high degree of precision in the manual gearbox.


Manual transmission



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the manual gearbox catalog?

A: To download the manual gearbox catalog, see the Catalog Bank section.

Where do I download the manual gearbox price list?

Answer: Due to price fluctuations by Rahnama gear manufacturer, contact sales experts for up-to-date price list.

Do you also have a manual VF gearbox?

A: There are different types of VF Normal and MVF Normal, VF FC and MVF FC geared with the brand name manual gearbox. Contact sales experts for more details and tips on choosing the best industrial gearbox .

Where is the nearest manual transmission in Mashhad?

A: The Gearbox is active in various cities across the country. Contact sales experts for a guide to your city's gearbox dealership.

How many days does it take to get to my gear after ordering a gearbox?

A: Since the manual gearbox has many sizes and ratios, first contact sales experts to select the gearbox. If the item is in stock, it will be shipped promptly, otherwise the manual will be sent to you in the shortest operating time.

Where is the gearbox produced?

A: Rahnama Gearbox is located in Tehran. Gearbox in most cities of Iran also has official representative and you can get relevant services from Gearbox in your city.

Does the factory produce gearboxes only?

Rahnama Gearbox manufactures all kinds of industrial gearboxes including coil gear, helical gearbox, cone gearbox and hybrid gearbox. Also available are VF Normal, VFVF gearbox, RAN gearbox, HG gearbox and BF gearbox. 

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