Kaijili Electromotor

About Kajili Electromotor Brand: Kajili Electromotor  Company, one of the leading quality electromotor companies in the world, was founded in 1995 in Fujian Province, China. Kajili Electromotor Company is one of the public companies. Employees and executives of Kajili Electromotor Company have worked hard for over a decade to come to grips with the development and development of Kajili Electromotor and have become an organized team in the manufacture, distribution and import and export of electromotor worldwide. Kajili Electromotor Company currently has 20 branches in the world and also shares in more than 200 companies worldwide.


Kajili Electromotor

There is also a Kajili Electromotor Dealer in Iran and Iran is one of the best selling Kajili Electromotor markets.

At Kajili Electromotor there are values ​​that have become a goal; respect for human ethics and personality as well as supporting talents in the field of Kajili Motor Company values. Kajili Electromotor Company has achieved its corporate goals of delivering high quality Chinese electromotor, reducing costs and also satisfying its customers by delivering high quality Chinese electromotor on the market and fulfilling them through factors such as technology developed in the world. .

Kajeli electromotor

There are five important business segments in the world that Kajili Electromotor has sought to build upon: marketing, competition, technological innovation, rapid reaction, and distribution.

Kajili Electromotor holds ISO9001 International Quality Management Degree. It helps companies keep people and customers truly engaged, supports active talent and industry innovations in electromotor production, educates people, has sustainable development plans and gains international standing. . These factors make companies such as Kajili Electromotor Company more recognized in the international market for producing Chinese quality electric motors, utilizing scientific and technological innovations as well as accelerating customer service innovation. Introduce members active in domestic and global markets.


Kajeli electromotor


All products of Kajili Electromotor, Kajili single phase electric motor, Kajili three phase electric motor, Kajili aluminum shell motor and Kajili clutch motor are available in Industrial Goods group and contact sales experts to know how to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kajili electric motor compared to other types of Chinese electric motor?

A: Kajili Alternator is known as a quality Chinese electric motor in the industry today and is used in many industries. Contact sales experts for advice on  buying the best Chinese electric motor.

Does the Kajili electromotor also produce single phase two-capacitor Kajili electric motors?

A: The Kajili electromotor produces a variety of three-phase and single-phase electromotors. At Kajili Electromotor Dealer in Iran, all sizes of Kajili electromotor are available, both single phase and three phase Kajili electromotors. Contact sales experts for advice on buying the best Kajili electric motor .

Kajili electromotor is an aluminum shell electromotor or cast iron shell motor?

A: Single phase coil motor is generally cast iron and has no aluminum shell. But the three-phase Kajili electromotor is also manufactured in some capacities and at a range of aluminum shells and is available in Kajili electromotor dealership in Iran. The remarkable thing is that the size of the Kajili electromotor shell differs from standard sizes in some capacities and rounds. Contact the sales experts for the full specifications of the Kajili Electromotor and to download the Kajili Electromotor Catalog in PDF format.

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