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Introducing Inter Pump Italy:  Inter Pump Kalasanati of Italy in 1977 with the initiative of Mr. Fulvio Montip? He started making piston pumps. Mr. Fulvio Montip? In fact, it made significant changes to the design and construction of the piston pump, making the pump compact and very noisy. Today, the Inter Pump Piston Electropump exports 75% of its piston pumps to foreign countries.


Interpump Logo

Inter Pump is one of the first manufacturers of piston or cylinder pumps in the world. The Interpump piston pumps are very low and low noise and spare parts are available. But the biggest breakthrough came when it used a ceramic piston instead of a steel piston in the planter pump. Using a ceramic piston in addition to extending the life of the pump also improves the pump's reliability. Nowadays, Interpump produces simple piston pumps up to 500 bar pressure and also produces special pumps that produce extremely high pressure and produce up to 1500 bar pressure. The high-pressure pump is produced by the Pratissoli Pompe section.

The largest manufacturer of professional piston pumps in the world and internationally known as Interpump group SPA , which has a very important position in the world market and is one of the leading companies in the field of hydraulics.

The company Interpump group in 1977 in Italy and began the process of manufacturing high pressure piston pumps.

Uptrend Interpump group was very fast so that within a short time has a reputation worldwide, but the important position simply was not achieved; the factors Interpump group led work in the field of production and piston pumps high-pressure design Develop and operate innovative and innovative pumps that can produce pumps that are smaller in appearance and reduce noise pollution when operating.


Italian Interpump Factory

As the Interpump group continued to grow in the early 1990s, the company expanded its business to include electric and hydraulic motors, and for a short period of time attracted the attention of related companies to products. The  Interpump group  also acquired shares in the Italian official exchange in 1996.

The years 1997 and 1999 were a crucial year for the Interpump group , as it was two years that the Interpump group expanded its operations in the hydraulics field to a more professional level than ever before and was able to partner with major companies. Enter the domain.

Interpump group pursues very important goals, including: Unique position in the world in the production of high pressure piston pumps, advances in the hydraulic sector and all sectors active in them.

All components used in high-quality inter-piston pumps are systematically manufactured and tested so that the end-pump end product is resistant to abrasion and heavy industrial work.

Series 2 Evolved Inter Pump

This piston pump is the latest generation of Interpump piston pumps manufactured by the Interpump Research Center in Italy. This product uses significant standards that are more reliable. In this piston pump, the flow rate varies from 8 liters per minute to 16 liters per minute and produces pressure up to 275 bar. The motor coupled to it can power up to 10 steam. This piston pump can be coupled with a variety of European electric motors, Iranian tractor gearboxes and gasoline engines.


New Interpump

47 Series Inter Pump

This pump is the main pump from the Italian Inter-pump piston pump series. It produces a maximum discharge of 30 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 250 bar and a 15-horsepower electric motor can be coupled to it.


200 times Inter

Inter Pump Series 66

The 66 series pump is designed with high pressure inter-pump products and supplies up to 500 bar pressure.


500 times Inter

HT Series Inter Pump

In addition to being used in industrial car washes, this pump can withstand water temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius. The HT Inter Pump series has a wide range of pumps ranging from 5 to 170 liters per minute and generates pressure up to 250 bar.


New Interpump

SS Series Inter Pump

This piston pump is used for applications such as reverse osmosis pumps, piston pumps for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is suitable for aggressive and corrosive fluids. This piston pump has 5 different types from 5 to 150 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 250 bar.


Italy's best Inter pump

Interpump hydraulic piston pump

In addition to simple piston pumps that work with electric motors and gasoline engines, this pump works with hydraulic motors. These pumps are of high quality for this application.


Inter Pump Italy

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