Parallel shaft helical gearbox f series

The F-Series helical Parallel Gearbox is one of the high quality Iranian gearboxes that is of high quality among Iranian competitors.The Parallel Gearbox can be easily replaced by the yllmaz D Series Gearbox with high efficiency and much more affordable price.Sharif Parallel Helical Gearbox Given the glorious history of Sharif's brand in Iran, it has recently received much attention.Refer to the Catalog Bank page or product related files section for download of the F Series Gearbox Catalog.


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  • Helical gearbox refers to a set of industrial gearboxes whose gear structure is geared and oblique to the profile along the diagonal angular shaft. Helical means so-called spiral. Helical gearboxes are manufactured in several different categories, the general categories of which are:

    • Direct shaft helical gearbox
    • Bevel helical gearbox
    • parallel gearbox

    In general, the diagonal structure of the helical gears increases the number of gears engaged between the two gears relative to 90 ° and the simple gears.This increases the efficiency of the helical gear compared to the simple gearbox and has an efficiency of about 80%.

    In parallel helical gearbox, the multi-axial structure produces high torque. This causes the various industries such as steel, textile, minerals, packaging, lifting, cement, food, food and beverage, chop, rubber, plastic and other similar industries, or in mixer, linear actuators , Overhead cranes and etc  Very useful. 

    In helical gearbox type parallel shaft due to the high amount of oil inside the gearbox increases the thermal capacity of the gearbox, which increases the gearbox life and causes less damage during long working hours.

    In the structure of the gearbox, the inlet and outlet shaft pendants are in the same direction and are only vertically spaced together, which makes it possible to create high conversion ratios.

    Sharif Gearbox manufactures this type of gearbox in the ratio of 2 to 250 which is proportional to the ratio of the conversion of the number of classes between 2 and 3. In the parallel shaft gearbox, if the number of classes and the number of stages is even, the output and input periods will be the same, but if the number of classes is not even, the output and input periods will be the same, as well as with the motor.

     گیربکس آویز شریف - جهت شریف

    This type of gearbox can be mounted in six different directions, as shown in the illustration below. The parallel gearbox can be connected to the electromotor using various methods such as inlet flange, base and interface. The output shaft of this gearbox variant is also available in two types of hull shaft and solid shaft, in some applications it is required to have a brake gearbox that the Noble factory produces directly on the gearbox itself.

    گیربکس آویز شریف - موقعیت نصب

    Other accessories of this gearbox include:

    • Inlet and outlet flange
    • Thermal sensors, vibration, pressure and oil level
    • Shrink Disk
    • Extruder
    • Arm Torque

    Sharif often delivers its products to customers, including gearboxes and parallel shafts. The F87 Noble parallel shaft gearbox with all electric motors with a power of between 0.55 kW (0.75 hp) and 22 kW can be coupled directly, depending on the direction and rotation and power requirements of the number of gearboxes. . Usually, two-stage reduction gearbox pendants are more flexible in the power of interconnecting motors, for example the maximum power allowed in a F87 type three-stage reduction gearbox is 11 kW, while the maximum standard power is the same gearbox. (F87 Type Gearbox) with two stages of reduction of 22 kW. Another difference caused by the variation of the number of laps in the hanger (parallel helical gearbox) is the reduction of the gearbox speed, which is typically higher in gearbox with three stages of reduction in this conversion ratio as An example is the F87 Series Helical Gearbox with two stages of reduction of 31 rpm, while in the F87 series with three stages of reduction it reaches 233 and provides the ability to create very low rounds. . However, a 2-storey gearbox can be used if a very low conversion ratio like 2 or 3 is required. However, as stated above, the main advantage of the helical gearbox is its high efficiency and efficiency in transmitting power and torque due to the structure of the gears. Another advantage of this type of gearbox is that the output shaft diameter is constant at different ratios of conversion to a given type of gearbox.

    Other technical information related to this type of gearbox is available in the Bank Catalog section of the site.
    Technical information specific to this product is also available in the parallel gearbox Datasheet contained in related product files.

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