Regiana gearbox

Regiana Italy Gearbox is one of the best manufacturers of solar gear in the world. In the Regiana gearbox the gears are made of the best alloy possible. The Regiana Solar Gearbox, also known as the Regiana Planetary Gearbox, has been very prominent in recent years. In different Iranian factories, Regiana gearbox is used as an Italian quality gearbox. 


Regiana gearbox

For example, the Behlol Men's Pump Factory, a manufacturer of Mono Pumps in Mashhad, uses the Regiana Italy gearbox. Regiana gearbox is also widely used in petrochemical, cement and steel plants. 

Regiana Gearbox Italy has been present at most industrial gearboxes in Iran and the official Regiana Gearbox dealership is available in Iran and you can easily order and receive real after sales service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features do you need to buy Regiana Italy gearbox?

A: The first specifications needed to select the best Regiana Italy gearbox are the conversion ratio and output torque required for the solar gearbox. Contact sales experts for precise selection of solar gearbox.

What sizes of Regiana gearbox is available?

A: The Regiana solar gearbox is available in different sizes and capacities. Contact sales experts for the sizes of Regiana Solar Gearbox.

Is there an official representative of Regiana Italy Gearbox in Iran?

A: Regiana Italian Gearbox has sole and official representation in many parts of the world, and Iran is no exception. In Iran, many types of Regiana Italy gearbox can be obtained at factory approved prices and through Regiana official dealer in Iran.

Where to download Regiana gearbox price list?

A: Due to Regiana gearbox price fluctuations, contact sales experts for the latest Regiana gearbox price list.

With what proportions is the Regiana 2 Stage gearbox available?

A: Output in a solar gearbox can be minimized by adding stairs or floors. Contact sales experts to find out how to choose Regiana Solar Gearbox and check the specifications of your Solar Gearbox.

Does Regiana Italy Gearbox also produce incremental gearboxes?

A: Basically, using solar gearboxes as a gearbox is one of the solutions. The Regiana Italia gearbox can replace the incremental gearbox by specifying the input torque and its conversion ratio. 

Which model is the best Regiana gearbox for heavy use?

A: For heavy use, Regiana is one of the best options for solar gearboxes. Contact sales experts for precise selection of Regiana gearbox.

Do you also import Regiana gearboxes?

A: For the Regiana Italy gearbox import, the Industrial Commodity Group is ready to apply with the exclusive Regiana Gearbox dealer in Iran and import all kinds of Regiana gearbox types.

What is the difference between a Linear Solar Gear or a Linear Gearbox? Does Regiana gearbox produce these two?

A: As the name suggests, the Regiana linear gearbox is a straight shaft (as shown below).


Regiana Solar GearboxRegiana gearbox

But the Regiana Angular 90 degree solar gearbox is mounted vertically. The following figure shows the 90 degree Regiana solar gearbox.


90 degree gearbox RegianaRegiana gearbox

Sell ​​Regiana Shrink Disk / Hollow Shaft Solar Gearbox on Industrial Goods Site?

Answer: Regiana Halo Shaft Gearbox is one of the most used industrial gearboxes in Iran. Regiana Halvash gearbox can be purchased from various solar gear companies. But Regiana is one of the most experienced manufacturers of solar-powered gearboxes.

How much does a Regina solar gearbox work?

A: Regiana gearboxes and generally all solar gearboxes have efficiency above 80%, and even in a single-stage Regiana or single-stage solar gearbox, efficiency reaches up to 98%. It is natural that with the increase of classes in Regiana gearbox the efficiency or efficiency of gearbox is reduced and in general we will see the most efficiency in linear solar gearbox or linear gearbox.

What is the operating temperature of the Regiana gearbox?

Response? The best temperature range for Regiana gearbox operation is -20 to 90 degrees Celsius, which can vary depending on installation conditions. For the Regiana to operate at temperatures other than this temperature, it is necessary to consider the type of solar gearbox, the type of bowl and the different insulation.

Can the Axiana gearbox also be applied to the axle?

A: In general, applying axial load to the solar gearbox will significantly reduce the efficiency and increase the depreciation and shorten the life of the Regiana gearbox. 

What is the heat capacity of the Regiana gearbox?

Answer: The thermal power of a solar gearbox is the amount of power that can be applied to the output of an industrial gearbox  without raising the Regiana gearbox temperature to 90 degrees Celsius. Regarding the thermal power of the Regiana gearbox, it is important tochoose the best solar gearbox 

How big should the Regiana gearbox inlet be?

A: Regiana input gearbox varies depending on the gearbox, and generally up to 3000 injections for Regiana solar gearbox. The 3000 rpm input to the Regiana gearbox will shorten the life of the Regiana gearbox and increase gearbox depreciation. The Regiana gearbox, which closes at an input speed above 1500 rpm, generally has a higher volume.

The high speed in the Regiana gearbox will increase the temperature and make the oil inside the gearbox thinner. Thin oil will increase the tension in the gearbox and ultimately reduce the efficiency and service life of the gearbox. 

What is the maximum torque of the Regiana gearbox output?

A: The maximum torque that can be applied to a Regiana solar gearbox is proportional to the size of the gearbox. These values ​​for the Regiana gearbox are those that do not damage the gearbox output shaft at random stresses. The following table shows the amount of output torque allowed for the Regiana solar gearbox .

Type RR












2MAX (Nm)

















Type RR












2MAX (Nm)














How does the conversion ratio in the multi-stage Regiana gearbox calculate?

A: The conversion ratio is actually the result of dividing the input gear of the solar gearbox into its output gear. In Regiana gearbox, the product of conversion ratio between classes is equal to the total gearbox conversion ratio. For example, if the Regiana gearbox has 3 floors and each floor has a conversion ratio of 1 to 7, the total conversion ratio of the industrial gearbox is 7 * 7 * 7 which is 1 to 343. That is, if the Regiana gearbox is powered by a 1450 electromotor. Coupling round you will get about 4.23 rpm.

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