Industrial blower

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To transfer or to increase gas pressure from fans (fans) or blower (blowers) or compressor  (comperssors) is used. Ventilators are used for low pressure rise; medium blower and compressor are used for high pressure rise.

The building blower is similar to the centrifugal pump but passes through the gas blower. The blower does not have a cooling system but in most compressors the cooling system is anticipated. , The density of the gas is almost constant in the fan and the theory of incompressible fluid (pump) can be applied to the fan.

Types of Industrial Blowers:

Generally the industrial blower can be divided into two types of centrifugal blower and centrifugal blower. Of course there are certain fans that do not fall into the category that will be referred to.

Centrifugal blower is used for high pressure and low flow and axial blower for high flow and low pressure.

Centrifugal fans are made according to the shape of the impeller.

Industrial blower (fan):

1- Centrifuge fan

Pre-Airfoil   (AF)

Curved backward (BC)

_ Back Rear (BI)

Direct at the tip (RT)

Forward curvature (FC)

Radial (RB)

2- Axial blower

_ Simple Path (PF)

Tubular axis (TA)

Blade axis (VA)

Fan with airfoil blade (AF) , with rearward curve blade (BC) , with flat but reverse blade (BI) , with straight blade tip (RT) , with forward blade blade (FC) , and blade Radial Direct (RB) , including fan or centrifugal blower.

Centrifugal Ventilator with Pre-Air Ventilator has the best working efficiency and lowest sound output among different types of centrifugal ventilators.



Centrifuge fan

The propeller is simple in construction and has lower efficiency and poorer mechanical strength than the curved blade.

Rear-blade centrifugal blower (BC) is similar to the airfoil blower, but the efficiency of the blower-bladed centrifugal blower is slightly lower and can transport particulate gas.

Radial or straight blades at the tip are recommended if the in-gas concentration is high. In the radial impeller the deposition is less likely and subsequent cleaning of the industrial blower is easier.

Forward impeller centrifugal blower (FC) produces less pressure and more pressure than the rear blade fan and at the same size and has a lower efficiency. The blade type is forward and smaller in size.

It should be noted that if the water cooler had been used instead of the front blade the rear blade  (BC) had better efficiency but the fan size would be larger.

The industrial blower with radial blade has low efficiency but is simpler in construction and also cleaned during operation.

In three simple axial fan axial or propeller (Propeller) , finned tube axis and the axis of Dard.vntlatvr (fan) simple axial thrust Vntlatvr the most common type used in various industries that can be used to transfer hot gas and polluted Often used on the wall of a building to discharge gas from inside the building or even in a cooling tower. Often the fan propeller is fitted with an electric motor and installed in place. Transmits.

If the impeller strap is used, the position of the electromotor will be easier to adjust , and the motor  will be in the mainstream of the air, and the cooling operation will occur sooner, but the cooling operation itself will reduce the efficiency of the fan.

The axial blade section of the blade may be in the form of an airfoil, in which case the blower will work better.

The axial tube ventilator is similar to the simple axial ventilator but is located at the outlet of a gas passage channel, thus producing more pressure to overcome the friction of the path.



Axial blower impeller

Of course, since the outflow from the fan has a rotation, if sent to the outlet, it will have a high friction loss. In the case of frictional failure, the installation of a downstream blade blade obstructs the flow of the vortex.

The blade axial ventilator is similar to a simple axial ventilator and is installed at the inlet of the gas passage channel. Since the outlet gas has a rotation, this rotation causes the head to fall in the direction. The blades on the track are used to reduce casualties.

In addition to the generic cited above, there is another fan in the industry that can be exemplified by the mixing current and cross flow fan.The crossover fan is similar to the forward-facing centrifugal fan (FC) but the gas passes through the blade in two stages. The crossover fan leads to an increase in fan passage rate compared to other modes. However, fan efficiency decreases.


Characteristic curve in axial fan:

The fan-centric characteristic curve, such as pressure, power and efficiency, is presented in terms of discharge. The output of the industrial blower is given as static or total pressure, which is the sum of the static and dynamic pressure. The pressure curve has a maximum in the middle that divides this curve point into two stable regions (right) and an unstable region (left). Normally, an industrial blower is required on the right side of the maximum point where the operation area is. Slow.



Fan axis characteristic curve


The characteristic curve of a centrifugal fan is that of a fan with a pre-airfoil, whose efficiency is up to 88%. The front centrifugal fan (FC) also has a fan-like characteristic curve.

Obviously, the forward impeller generates relatively high discharge and pressure. When using the fan with the forward blade, care must be taken to prevent the fan from operating in an unstable area and not undergoing rapid flow changes.

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