Mono Pump

Mono Pump (PC)   In most of its common designs, a single-threaded  coil or rotor rotates inside a double-threaded stator The stator is made of an elastomeric material and the rotor has a Fit- type adaptive inside the stator, the holes are formed at the suction side of the stator, so that one closure is followed by another opening. As the rotor rotates from side to side, the holes move axially and move the liquid through the pump. The benefits of these pumps include their ability to pump high viscosity liquids (as well as low viscosity liquids), cutting sensitive liquids, and solid liquids with crisp and abrasive solids.



Also, this type of pump produces little oscillations and is self-propelled even when dry. The maximum pressure limit is limited to about 75psi , but the PC can also be adjusted with the same actuator in multi-step mode (in series mode) to achieve higher compressive limits above1000 psi Another advantage of a PC pump is that the packing or mechanical seal faces suction pressure rather than the outlet pressure. The disadvantages of a PC pump can be the relatively high cost of spare parts, the need for large space, the pump's inability to operate in the long run. Calculate the dry face and the maximum temperature limit of about F 300 (stator elastomeric materials usually determine the temperature limit).


New monopump

In mono-pumps, the starting torque is high, and in general, the mono-pump may be larger than other types of positive displacement pumps. By rotating the rotor, its center line also rotates around the center line of the stator. There are several ways to connect the PC pump actuator shaft to the rotor and consider the elliptical motion of the rotor shaft. Of these two methods, Pin Drive configuration is the most common and the least costly, but Croened Gear Drive configuration is less common and more expensive than Pin Drive , however significantly in Heavy Duty applications . Heavy Duty) has a better performance.


Real image of monopump

The gear crown makes it possible to accept this elliptical rotor coupling. The gear crowns also provide a large surface area for transferring the load required to rotate the rotor. In a variety of designs, this type of penny ranges from working more on the rotor and stator to using stator-specific materials.

There are many companies in Iran that produce monopumps. One of the best manufacturers of mono pump in Iran is Behlol mono pump .Behlul Monopump CompanyIK.I Better thanINo TolIThe gear is a monopumpIL and in the groundINot a more experienced componentIIt's not them. forI the doorISpecifications bICamel in association with the donkeyIDe Monopump and ConsultingIGun ForI DonkeyIStay in touch with sales expertsID.





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