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High quality European and Chinese gearboxes are among the most popular types of industrial gearboxes. The Industrial Goods Site is one of the leading consulting sites for selecting the right industrial gearbox for various uses.


SEW gearbox


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Chinese gearbox


SEW gearboxes, Regiana Italy gearboxes, Ilmaz gearboxes and Imac gearboxes are among the most used industrial gearboxes. In the meantime, the Chinese gearbox has gained a prominent position due to its wide market in Iran. Recent productions The Sahand gearbox, as an Iranian gearbox, is the best alternative to the Chinese gearbox. For an introduction to the Sahand Gearbox, see the Sahand Bookshelf Gearbox. 




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to the European gearbox in Iran?

A: In recent years, Iranian gearboxes have succeeded in replacing European and Chinese gearboxes with successful production of industrial gearboxes. For example, Sharif Gearbox is one of the best helical gear factory in Iran which can best replace Ilmaz gearbox and IMAK gearbox. Among the different types of solar gearboxes, the Isfahan variable gearbox can be a good alternative to the Regiana Italy gearbox.

Isfahan Sahand Gearbox has also succeeded in replacing the Chinese Gearbox and the Chinese Book Gearbox, also known as the NMRV Chinese Gearbox, with the production of the Sahand Book Gearbox. 

Where can I download the European gearbox catalog?

A: To download the European gearbox catalog, see the Catalog Bank section. Contact sales experts for detailed specifications and advice on buying a European gearbox. 

What is the best feature of European gearboxes?

A: The European gearbox has a lot of fans due to the high quality of the industrial gearbox and the high quality of alloy used in the gear making. The disadvantages of the European gearbox, however, are the disadvantages of the European gearbox, as well as the cost and difficulty of the European gearbox repairs.

Can European gearboxes be used as add-ons?

A: Of course there may also be a European additive in the gearbox market. However, in some cases the European solar gearbox is used as a gearbox, and if the torque and output characteristics are correctly predicted, the European gearbox in the form of a solar gearbox can be replaced.

Where to download European gearbox price list?

A: Get in touch with sales experts to download the European gearbox price list.

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