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Frequently Asked Questions

In what cases are inverters used? 
A: Inverters usually do not have moving parts and are therefore used in a wide range of applications. A wide range of inverters can be used to power large computers and bulk transport tools. Another use of inverters is to supply
 AC current from DC sources such as solar panels or batteries.

Write a definition for inverters. 
Answer: The inverter can be described as a high-power electronic oscillator. The reason this device is called an inverter is the action it
performs in order to convert a conventional AC to DC inverter. An inverter or AC drive to a device It can be used to control the speed of athree-phase AC motor without reducing the power and torque of the motor. The design of the inverters is made in a variety of capacities, for example for an engine that has the same power. 20 horsepower, HP20 inverter is more suitable than other inverters.

In terms of input, how many inverters are divided? 
A: The inverters are made in two parts in terms of input, the first being single phase inverters and the second being three phase inverters. Of course, it should be noted that all existing inverters have three phase outputs, as well as inverters that can power They have more than 3 horsepower, and their input is three-phase.

When do we get a warning not to use inverters to light ordinary fluorescent lamps? 
A: Some inverters may be warned to tell us not to use the existing inverter to turn on the traditional fluorescent lamps; this is because the power correction capacitor is connected to the traditional fluorescent lamp in parallel. Disconnect the two and remove the capacitor by removing the problem.

Name the inverter features. 
A: Inverters have the features we can know how to use them: 
Reduce power consumption and thus reduce power costs, reduce start-up current and thus prolong engine life, change engine speed, change gear Motion of the motor, protection against overload, possibility of the motor working in conditions of variable input voltage, possibility of remote control, generating speed greater than the rated speed of the motor, and planning of the motion.

What is an inverter job? 
A: The inverter can intelligently and programmatically detect the amount of load coming into the engine and flow proportionally to the same load applied to the engine. In most cases it is even lower than the rated current of the engine.

Define the motor nominal flow. 
Answer: The rated motor current is a device that can change speed in three-phase motors.

How is a soft engine startup? 
A: In the soft start of the engine, no impact on mechanical parts such as couplings, gearboxes, belts, chains, etc. will result in an increase in the useful life of the engine as well as the useful life of the mechanical parts mentioned. Will also increase.

How is the motor protected against overload? 
A: There is usually a standard for loads that, if the load exceeds the permitted state, the inverter switches off the motor and warns the user of overload.

How to operate a three-phase motor with regular power supply? 
A: It is possible to use 220V single-phase power instead of 380V three-phase power to start a three-phase motor with a maximum output of 3
 HP 2.2 kw ), meaning you can power a three-phase motor without creating any Problems and quite normal start up.

An engine can have different rounds of memory, what does that mean? 
A: It is possible for a motor to have different speeds in memory, convert one motor to multiple speeds at different speeds and create constant pressure in the use of pumps. Power can be kept constant by changing the engine speed, for example, the pressure of a tank can be kept constant and unchanged as a result of which the engine speed will automatically increase when water is consumed, and when the water is not used, the engine speed will be increased. The result of this process is that it changes with the consumption of water around the engine and then with a pressure of Idol is all over.

What is the reason for encoder connection to inverter? 
Answer: The location of the inverter to the encoder causes the motor to be identical with no other motor. This connection causes the motor to control when necessary depending on the amount of product produced.

Here are some of the benefits of using inverters to control the motor. 
A: Nowadays inverters are more widely used and they are used on pumps, fans and compressors. On the other hand, inverters are also used for remote control of the motor, which has advantages, such as: no need Mechanical discharge control devices, energy saving up to 50
 % , no startup shock, extended mechanical shelf life .

What Are The Uses Of Inverter? 
A: Inverters are used in three areas
constant torque activities such as mixers, extruders, conveyors and so on . , Fixed power activities such as traction and machine devices, variable torque activities such as fan and pump.

What is the relationship between engine speed and power consumption in inverters? 
In pumps and fans, the flow rate is proportional to the engine speed, but the power consumption is proportional to the cube speed. For example, we can say that if the engine speed is reduced by 50% then the required power consumption is 12.5% ​​which is 87.5% energy saving.


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