Electrogen pump

Electrogen water pump in recent years can be one of the best trademarks in the Middle East for producing Iranian water pump. The use of expert and efficient equipment and forces as well as experienced and hard-working executives can be seen as a major factor in the success of this large company. With a large volume of Iranian specialized forces and necessary production facilities, the plant has sufficient capacity to produce a variety of water pumps, such as a one-and-a-half-hour plate pump, a jet-pump, and a solar-electric pump. Electrogen gloves and cooler water pumps are also other consumable products produced by electrogen.

Advantages of using an electric pump

The biggest advantage of using an electric water pump can be its warranty and after-sales service. The 18 months genuine warranty on the pumps shows the quality and durability of this quality Iranian product. Each of the ECGs has a valid warranty stamp that will be stamped by the seller and will be valid on the warranty card from the date of purchase. Kalasanati Group, as the agent for the sale of the electrogenic water pump, is proud to guarantee the company's products and support our customers in the event of a problem.


Types of Electric Pumps

In addition to the warranty, the use of high quality raw materials in the production of the ECG can also be a major advantage of this brand. Copper coils, the use of stainless steel impellers in the electric water pump as well as high-quality, durable body are only a part of the quality of raw materials in home electric pumps. However, due to the competitive price of the cooler water pump, the pump produces both copper and aluminum coils.

Electrode water pump representation

Electrogenic water pump is active in all cities of Iran such as air conditioner and electric motor. It should be noted, however, that for the simple job of selling home water pumps, Electrogen has two main agents throughout Iran that deliver the brand's products to different cities and deliver them to representatives.

In recent years, the Kalasanati Group has been trying to take over the representation of this large company by adding an electrogenic pump to its commodity basket and has been somewhat successful. For the first step, Kalasanati have been introduced as agents for the sale of a variety of electrogenic products, which, if they reach a significant sales ceiling, will be promoted to represent.

Price of electrogenic water pump

The competitive price of water pumps in Iran plays a significant role in the sale of the pump and its related products. Despite the growth of importing companies from East Asian countries such as China, the cost of selling domestic and industrial water pumps plays an important role in corporate turnover. The power plant is also competitively controlling the price of the ECG with a consumer protection incentive, and the ECG is now sold at a much more reasonable price than the Chinese domestic water pump.

You can get the latest price list of EG pumps through the Kalasanati site. Obviously, due to price fluctuations by the manufacturer, these prices can be changed without notice, but the advantage of the industrial product is that it offers a special discount on the purchase of pallets or the number of E-pumps. Investing in Iranian pumps such as electricity and promising motors can be one of the safest investments in Iran, which in addition to profitability, will increase employment and benefit many dear workers and the country.

Types of Household Electric Water Pumps

But you may be wondering what kind of pumps the ECG produces and for what apartments or buildings. Most home electric pumps can be classified into five general categories.

Peripheral Electrogen 
Water Pump Electrogenic centrifugal 
pump Self-priming water pump and jet electrolytic 
pump Water cooler Electrostatic 
pump Electrostatic 
pump Electrogenic peripheral water pump Electrogenic peripheral water pump is produced in two models KPM50 and KPM100. The KPM50 is the Half Horse Solar Pump, and the KPM100 is the Horse Solar Pump. The maximum half-horse is an electrode of 35 meters and an electrode of 50 meters. These pumps are suitable for small household applications up to the first or even the second floor.

Centrifugal pump or electrode plate

The dishwasher pump is produced in three models known as CM100, CM210 and CB210. The CM100 can be considered the most widely used ECG pump. This pump, which has a plate of a maximum electrode horse, has a maximum suction power of 5 meters and a head of up to 35 meters. The important thing about Dubai Plate Pump is that it is remarkable and is very suitable for apartments and high-rise buildings that have multiple sanitary facilities and so on. The plate pump of a horse up to the third floor can also be used.

Jet Electrogen Pump

The jet water pump produces electricity in only one model. CAM100 is the brand of this pump. The maximum head of the jet pump is 45 meters and has a discharge of 2.5 cubic meters per hour. The body of the jet pump is cast iron and has a suction depth of up to 8 meters and is therefore also known as a self-propelled electric pump.

Electrogen Cooler Pump

Electrogenic water pumps are produced in different models, but the most popular and popular are Sabalan and Alborz. Sabalan's water pump is cheaper because it uses aluminum instead of copper coil. Due to the low price difference between these two brands, Alborz cooler water pump is more recommended. For advice on buying an electric water cooler pump, be sure to contact industry experts.

Electro shoe pump

Electrogen gloves have two main models called TS and TF. Each model has three different designs. Only one inch of gloves is TSN300 / S electrode and the rest of the gloves have one and a quarter inches of output. The maximum is 10.5 meters of electrogenic gloves, which is low compared to other market gloves and needs to be refined. Both of the main models of the electric shoe have an electric float which turns off the pump by preventing water from burning and preventing it from burning.




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