About Vogel WEG Brazilian Electromotor 

In 1961, a group of three mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and management experts in Jaruga de Sol (Santa Catarina) combined their knowledge and skills with Eletromotores Jaragu? They formed. Over time and as the company progressed, executives changed their company name to VG WEG Electromotors,  which was a secret from the beginning of their names. Today, with the years since Vogue WEG'sfirst electromotor activity  in the field of electric motors and especially explosion-proof motors, the company has gained a worldwide reputation.

Vogue's first WEG electromotor activities were  in the 1980s, with the manufacture and sale of electric motors, industrial automation products, electrical and electronic components, as well as power transformers and distribution. With the ever-increasing efforts of EMG employees and executives,  WEG not only recognizes itself as the world's leading manufacturer of electric motors, but also has the skills and ability to produce complete industrial systems.


Vog Electromotor


Vog Electromotor is one of the companies that has a vision for the future and with its continuous efforts is on the path of rapid growth and of course sustainable development. The main purpose of the WEG electromotor is to  find a simple business structure that is flexible and flexible in its operations. WEG WEG Electromotor  has set two policies for itself: 
Becoming the world's first electromotor capacity 
Complete customer access to
 WEG WEG products  at any time and location

To build an electric motor in unlimited circulation without causing side problems, it is necessary to provide complete and efficient solutions to possible problems. Vog WEG Engine is  one of the world's leading companies active in the production of electric cars and electric motors with unlimited capacity.


Vogue Brazil Company


Today, WEG Electromotor Company is  recognized as a benchmark in the field of alternator production for other companies, delivering comprehensive and efficient solutions to its predicted performance as well as effective two-way communication with customers. Achieve the following:

  • Revenue of $ 3.9 billion
  • Extensive production of electric motors or electric machines by the existence of more than 460 production lines
  • Offer and supply of WEG electromotor products  across five continents
  • Allocating more than one million square meters of commercial and industrial buildings to WEG electromotor products 
  • Entrepreneurship for some engineers as much as 2700 people as well as 30,000 other employees
  • WEG VG has 21 customer training centers that have trained over 36,000 customers since 1998.
  • Capacity of 89,000 MW in generators
  • Manufacture and manufacture of automation goods
  • Annual production of more than 13.9 million electric motors

·Production of over 12500 square meters of arable forest, 50% of renewable resources as well as 50% of intact indigenous forests

In order to achieve the predetermined goals, it is necessary to identify two key areas in Vogue  WEG's achievement: Evolution and Innovation.


Standard Certificate of Electromotor


Company electric Vogue  WEG goals and do their work unique way to introduce the concept of the word WEGnology implicit; electric Vogue WEG in terms of people, technology and process to combine and a unique One makes it possible for him to pursue all his goals. Using the results that this method yields, quality products are manufactured and solutions are identified.

One of the major activities of Electromotor Vogue  WEG is technological innovation that can be used to develop new technologies, new products, materials and experiments. Technological innovations aim to reduce current costs, improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce the use of raw materials in products. With the technological innovations of the WEG electromotor technology  , it has been able to compete with other companies, introduce itself to more markets and customers, and continue to grow as the trend continues.


Standard Certificate of Electromotor


Vog WEG Electromotor Company  in the year ???? AD, the amount ??? Spent millions of dollars on research and development and development of its workflow. The company has a team of ???? The employee formed that ??? So many of them work in Brazil; this team so far ?? He has patents in the field of electromotor or alternator making and also has many ideas being processed.

TDP (Technological Development Program)

At WEG Electromotor Company,  all ideas and ideas that are influenced during the process of electromotor construction  are organized and managed through WPQP, which is also the quality and productivity program of WEG Electromotor Company  The Quality and ProductivityProgram ( WPQP ) has a subset called TDP, or Technology Development Program, whose task is to collect and set up innovation projects for new processes and products. The term technological strategic planning is defined by the various projects being undertaken and becoming part of a strategic plan.



Investing in R&D

Innovation is actually one of the most interdependent human resources in the organization, and having creative minds with dynamic minds is essential to developing and developing new products and processes. Precisely because of this, the WEG engine has invested a great deal of significant capital in its R&D team and is keen to support creative people and their ideas.

Company electric Vogue  WEG in the production of electric explosion-proof or fire-important steps taken and the ability to produce other products such as coatings for industrial liquids, powder coatings, coatings for refinishing vehicles, varnish Electric has found, the company Electro Vogue  WEG Manufacturing and production of these products are important industry solutions to meet the needs of this field. One of the largest and most famous manufacturers of powder coatings in Latin America is Vogue WEG Company  , which has proven its position in the Brazilian marine and anti-corrosion paint market due to its high quality.

One of Vogue WEG's most important activities and efforts  in the field of building and construction infrastructure is to focus on providing useful and intelligent solutions for urban construction in residential, commercial and industrial companies. The  WEG 's activity in this regard, as well as its efforts to develop it, have enabled construction to be implemented using more complete equipment, facilities and processes.

The main objective of VEG WEG Electromotor is  to manufacture and produce an anti-explosion-proof electric motor, rational and environmentally sound, with the aim of minimizing the damage to it, so it is natural to constantly strive for solutions. It is new in electric cars so as to reduce the noise emitted by these machines, minimize damage to the environment and increase energy efficiency.


Standard Certificate of Electromotor


Electric motors, or electromotors made by Electromotor Vogue  WEG, have one key characteristic: high quality of performance with high energy efficiency. WEG is one of the largest electromotor makers in the world and has always strived to provide new and useful solutions to commercial applications, from residential and industrial applications to the needs of its customers. Automotive unit at WEG Electromotor Company  strives to increase the efficiency of its products as well as increase production to satisfy its customers in the automation of their products and to compete with operational safety and reliable energy. Other WEG electromotor activities  in Brazil include the production of mainly automation systems, drives and inverters.

The positive points of the VEG WEG electromotor  include the presence of emergency power. Vogue WEG also  manufactures new, high quality products that are of high quality and are used in the field of protection of all electronic equipment and devices. Vogue  WEG taking into account customers' needs and to meet their needs over time your knowledge about UPS, rectifiers, converters, stabilizers, batteries, and has expanded the purpose of expanding the knowledge in the company's electric Vogue  WEG offers safe and practical solutions in environments with critical and hazardous combustion gases. The task of the UPS UPS included in the WEG electromotor is to  conserve energy as well as improve its efficiency.

The most important issue for the authorities to produce renewable energy sources is to ensure that energy is not wasted and that it does not lose its efficiency. Company WEG for their activities in this field of endeavor that meets the demands of social, economic and environmental customers go and also can be the most advanced and the most extensive technology generation, transmission and distribution of solar, wind, biomass plants To provide hydropower to the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Vog Electromotor in Mashhad?

A: To purchase a Vog Electromotor in Mashhad, you must submit your order via the order link and keep track of your purchase until sales experts contact you.

With what names is the Vog Electromotor available on the market?

A: The Vog Electromotor is popularly known as the Vog Alternator, Vog Engine, WEG Electric Motor, WEG Electromotor, VEG Electromotor and three phase Vog Alternator.




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