An electric motor or electric motor was first introduced in 1883 after Professor Tesla introduced the principles of the magnetic field. By designing a two-phase induction motor, Tesla was able to make a name for itself, and three years later, Galillo Ferrari, in Italy, began an independent study and published its results at the Italian Academy of Sciences. For many scholars, the move they started in the 1980s is the foundation of the Second Industrial Revolution. The reason is that with the invention of the two, the process of generating and transmitting electricity became easier. Then, in 1890, the first three-phase squirrel rotor electromotor was invented and used today in various industries.


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How do electric motors work?

Since the invention of electricity, the engine, and in particular the electromotor, has undoubtedly been one of the most important engineering and technology inventions. As a simple answer to how the electromotor works, the electromotor converts electrical energy into magnetic energy and then into mechanical energy. But this is simply not the case. Most electric motors are rotary, but there are also electric motors that are not rotary. Conversely, generators that convert mechanical power into electrical power are converted into electrical power in an electric motor. Since the invention of the engine, great progress has been made in this field.

Generally, when a body carrying an electric current is subjected to a magnetic field, the force is applied to it. As a simple example, two magnets can be considered. At the magnet, the poles of the same name repel each other and the anonymous poles absorb each other. In the electromotor there is a fixed part called a stator and a rotating part called a rotor. The following image shows the categories of electromotor types:



Types of electromotors

Today, electric motors, along with industrial gearboxes and pumps, are widely used in industry, buildings and agriculture. For example, electromotors are used in industries such as petrochemicals and cement, various food factories, garment industries, buildings, power and speed tools and many other applications. 
- Electromotor types: 
Electromotors are divided into three general categories. DC, AC and special electromotor. DC or Direct Current motors work as direct current and AC or Alternating Current motors work as alternating current. Direct current motors are older and are part of the early versions of the electric motor. Today, alternators with alternating current are more commonly used with two types of single-phase and three-phase electromotors.Are available. Specific electromotors are manufactured on demand and for specific tasks, and in the specific order registrationsection you can register your on-demand electromotor to contact technical experts.

  • Electromotor Uses

Nowadays, electromotors are one of the most important components of the industry and many people are searching online for their order daily. For example, a pottery wheel electric motor generally used by a two-speed or Dalander motor, as well as a shower valve motor for cattle, an industrial gearbox for a carpentry machine, etc. are special requirements.

  • How does an electric motor work?

Simply put, inside an electromotor, an object carrying electricity is impacted by a magnetic field, as a result of this magnetic field and the momentum entering the object, it rotates within the cylinder of the motor (rotor). Most electromotors are rotary, but there are linear motors as well.

  • What is the best brand of electric motor?

You might also be asked what is the best Iranian electric motor for example. Or what is the best external electric motor? Today, due to the wide range of electromotors available, it is difficult to choose the best brand of Iranian or foreign electromotors, but the important thing is to choose the electromotor depending on what you expect. If you are looking for a waterproof, low-speed, high-speed, low-power or high-efficiency electromotor and such features for your consumption, read the following text carefully to select the best electric motor.

  • The most important factors to consider when buying an electric motor:

You may know that speed, torque and power are enough to select the best electric motor, but here are 19 important factors that will help in choosing an electric motor.

  1. Voltage: For standard home voltage of 220 volts, you will need a single-phase electric motor and for industrial voltage (380 volts) you will need a three-phase electric motor. Typically three-phase alternators are cheaper and more applicable in industry. 

  2. Current: The frequency of power supply in Iran is 50 Hz and you need to choose a alternator or a suitable motor. In most European countries the frequency is 50 Hz and in North America 60 Hz.

  3. Output torque: You have to calculate how much torque you will have in the worst case, and if the torque is high, use a suitable motor for high torque or industrial gearbox on the drive.

  4. Speed: Do you need constant speed during electromotor operation or is it important to get fixed at low engine speeds or slow down?In this case you will need a brake electromotor.

  5. Power: The amount of power required for the alternator or electromotor is one of the important parameters of choice. This parameter is measured in kW or horsepower.

  6. Function Cycle: If your electromotor is running idle, that is, between each engine starter, the engine cool down time, you can use a smaller alternator than a permanent electric motor.

  7. Life Cycle: For a permanent electric motor, which is expected to work for thousands of hours without stopping, an AC or Brushless electric motor may be used for longer life and will be suitable for low power motor, DC motor and Universal.

  8. Special Use: In some applications, such as the food industry, stainless steel may be required. Or it may require a dustproof and waterproof alternator. For each of these special cases, there is a suitable electric motor. This feature is labeled IP on the motor.

  9. Electromotor Frame Size and Configuration: Sometimes due to space constraints, a compact electromotor is required. Therefore, considering the installation location will be one of the factors that influence the choice of the motor.

  10. Ambient temperature and altitude above sea level: Ambient temperature and altitude above sea level have a direct impact on the output power and operating health of the motor.

  11. Location of Electromotor: Sparking every time the alternator starter can cause disaster. The location of the electromotor will also play a special role in electromotor selection. For example, in mines and places with flammable gases, an explosion-proof electromotor, an ignition engine or a fire extinguisher are used.

  12. Noise Generation: Movable components in all rotary devices produce noise, so noise-free electromotors should be used in environments where noise generation is problematic, such as hospitals. By selecting suitable bearings and moving parts (impeller, bracket, flange, base, etc.), the noise from the motor can be greatly reduced.

  13. Ventilation System: Will the engine work indoors without ventilation? Fanless motors provide more protection against the input of external components than fan electromotors but require more time to cool completely.

  14. Ability to install monitoring equipment: To control the speed and direction of the electric motor, there are inverters, encoders and sensors that can retrieve information from the engine and transfer it to the monitoring unit that the engine must be capable of installing.

  15. Start and Stop Type: Are there items that need a smooth start and end in your user interface? Can your user work at more than one voltage? The alternators have different Duty depending on the intermittent or intermittent load and continuous startups. These are questions that can be addressed when choosing an electric motor.

  16. Maintenance Costs: At first glance, a cheaper electric motor may be appealing to you, but you should also consider operating costs, power consumption, power outage, and other factors that later add to your costs and are the best. Make the selection.

  17. Efficiency: The energy consumption of the alternator is very important compared to the power output with the energy saving approach. Today IE1 to IE4 electromotors are produced.

  18. Maintenance: Make sure you use it before choosing your electric motor. For example, if you need a DC DC motor, do you have someone to regularly check and replace charcoal?

  19. Load: Is your engine connected to a wide range of loads or does it have a constant load? When choosing an electric motor you should note that the optional alternator covers the range you need to load.

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Technical Proposal for Electromotor

The complex will submit technical proposals, at the request of the customer, including expert catalogs, including alternator catalogs, technical specifications, dimensions and specifications of the proposed electromotor, with the expertise of experienced electricians. Also refer to page Catalogs  can catalog motor of various brands of electric Iranian and foreign motor as a PDF download.

Financial Offer (Pre-invoice)

One of the benefits of the industrial commodity store is the instant pre-invoicing of routine electromotors, which has led many customers to receive their pre-invoices by email or telegram instantly. However, as the price of the electromotor is constantly changing, so is the list of prices posted over a limited period of time. 
If an electric motor order is out of the market and needs to be imported from other countries, for example, electromotor pre-invoicing will take from one day to one business week depending on the response from the outside.

Sell ​​second hand electric motor or stoke

One of the features of the Industrial Goods website is that you can register your used electric motor for sale in the store and find a customer for it. The section on purchasing a Stoke Alternator or Functional Industrial Wall is posted on this website. So if you would like to advertise for the sale of your electric motors and other industrial products, send the full specifications of the alternator, including technical information and length of service, along with some real-time photos to the technical experts for free. Delivery of electromotor order in Mashhad city will be urgent for Khorasan and other parts of the country.

Parts and accessories include: flange, shell, electromotor bracket, terminal box also available on electromotor accessories page.

The list of alternator types is as follows:

Heavy duty three-phase electromotor, three-phase aluminum, three-phase cast iron

Cooling Water Screw Electromotor, Two Capacitor Single Phase, Cooler, Single Phase Capacitor

Special Alternator, Stand Electromotor, 1400 Rpm Brake Electromotor, Explosion-proof Electromotor, 3000 Three Phase Explosion Proof, 1400 Single Phase Clutch Alternator, 1400 Single Phase Clutch, 3000 Phase Single Phase Clutch, 3000 Single Phase Electromotor Clutch Phase and Long Shaft Electromotor, Double Speed ​​or Dalander Electromotor, Pottery Wheel Electromotor

You can find Iranian Alternator Price List, Motogen Price List, Jumco, Electrogen, External Electromotor Price List, Siemens (SIEMENS), AEG, ABB, WEG, HAVI Electromotor and various types of Chinese Electromotors such as Kajili (KAIJIELI), Erasmus Request and receive (ERSEM), GUANGLU via telegram.

Electromotor sales in Iran

Electromotors purchased from industrial goods site to all cities of Mashhad, Khorasan Province, Bakhars - Bojestan Brodskan Taybad Torbat-e-Torbat Heidarieh Jowal Khalilabad Khaf Khabash Referee Darges Rashtkhovar - Zaveh Sabzevar Sarakhs Tarqabeh Chandiran Farishan Gharishan Farishan Farishan Farishan Fariman Farishan Gonabad Esfarajan Jajarm Raz and Jargalan Shirvan Faroj Maneh and Somalqan Garmah Islamia Tabas Ferdows Ghaen Ghaenat Iranshahr Chabahar Khash Delegate Zabul Zahedan Mirjaveh Zahak Saravan Soldier Apple and Soran Qasrqand Konarak Mehristan Nikshamr Nimroz And other cities in the east of Iran urgently send to other cities such as Tehran Isfahan Karaj Shiraz Tabriz Qom Ahvaz Kermanshah Urmia Rasht Zahedan Hamedan Kerman Yazd Ardabil Bandar Abbas Arak Islam Shahr Zanjan Sanandaj Qazvin Khorramabad, Gorgan, Sari, Iran's Quds Kashan Mallard Dezful Nishapur Babylon Khomeini Shahr Sbzvarglstan Amol PAKDASHT Najafabad Boroujerd Abadan Qarchak Bojnoord Varamin Bushehr Saveh Ghaemshahr Birjand Nasimshahr Sirjan temper Elam Bukan Shahr Semnan FARDIS Maragheh Shahin Mahabad turpentine Mahshahr Rafsanjan Gonbad-e Qabus anymore MARVDASHT Kamal Shahr arranged Torbat Marivan Andimeshk Shahreza Zabol Yasuj Miandooab Khorramshahr Marand Jiroft Bam Behbahan Nazar Abood Face one Fasting will be sent. The site sells all kinds of single phase alternator, Iranian, Chinese, Turkish, European alternator. The Electromotor Price List is available on the Industrial Goods site as well as a catalog of various electromotors.