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Sharif Gearbox was founded in 1983 in Dolatabad Industrial City - one of the most important industrial hubs in the country - located in Isfahan province. Since its inception, part of the industrial community has met the needs of the manufacturing and manufacturing of spare parts. The main purpose of Sharif Gearbox has been to produce one of the most important components of the industry, namely the industrial gearbox , which has been incorporated into the company's R&D unit. Sharif Gearbox Gearbox was first mass-produced by the company for the first time in the country in 1989, following the design and engineering activities of the Bevel Helical Sharif Helicopter Gearbox. And now the company is the first manufacturer of bulk gearboxes in the country. 


Sharif Gearbox Factory


Isfahan Sharif Gearbox Resume

Sharif Gearbox for more than 30 years has been able to satisfy the customers of the most important major industrial units and prestigious factories in the country and respected industrial managers who have been and are the most important quality indicators in their planning and selection. . We are proud to deliver on the experience and use of the best technology, high quality raw materials, honest and responsible efforts of all our staff and company executives, which continues to comfort and reassure dear customers who are business partners at Gearbox Sharif. Be country. Sharif's various units are ready to respond to specific orders as well as receive comments and suggestions from respected customers and consumers. 

Following on from the growing trend of Isfahan's Sharif Gearbox, the H Series gearbox has been produced and put into operation, with good feedback from various factories. More details on the Sharif Gearbox H Series gearbox can be obtained from sales experts.

Sharif Gearbox has recently made a big step in the field of industrial gearbox production with the F Series production, which is an Iranian parallel suspension or gearbox. On the Industrial Goods site you can see all types of parallel gearboxes or noble pendants.

As the official representative of Isfahan Sharif Gearbox Industrial Co. manufactures and distributes all products of this authentic Iranian brand. Refer to the Catalog Bank section for the Sharif Gearbox Catalog.

Bevel Helical K Series Gearbox

Bulk helicopter transmission range covers power of 1.5 to 45 kW. The K series offers a minimum output torque of 170 Nm and a maximum of 8500 Nm and an output speed of at least 2 and a maximum of 300 rpm in 6 types. Some of the most prominent features are:

  •  Low depreciation and long service life in  Sharif Bull Helicopter
  • Reducer in three stages
  • Torque congestion
  • Wide range of speed
  • Ability to install in several different modes
  • Two Solid and Halo Shaft models 

In which cities can the Sharif Gearbox be available?

Industrial Commodity Group is able to export Sharif gear to all cities of Iran such as Mashhad Isfahan Karaj Shiraz Tabriz Qom Ahvaz Kermanshah Urmia Rasht Zahedan Kerman Yazd Ardabil Bandar Abbas Arak Islam Zanjan Sanandaj Qazvin Khorramabad Khoram Abad Babol Khomeini Shahr Sabzevolgol Amol Pakdasht Najafabad Boroujerd Abadan Gharchak Bojnourd Varamin Bushehr Saveh Ghaemshahr Birjand Nasimshahr Sirjan Khoy Ilam Elam Bukan Shahrekord Semnan Fardis Maragheh Shah Mahabad Neshahr turpentine Gonbad-e Mahshahr Rafsanjan

Where is the Sharif Gearbox official representative in Iran?

Answer: Sharif Industrial Group is the official representative of Sharif Gearbox and one of the activities of this group is to supply and distribute Sharif Gearbox to all over the country and to provide after sales service and Sharif Gearbox parts.

Where can I get the Sharif Gearbox Catalog?

A: It is possible to download the Sharif Gearbox Catalog from the Catalog Bank section and you can contact sales experts for further details.

Where can I download the Isfahan Noble Gearbox Catalog?

Answer: The PDF file of the Noble Three Axle Gearbox can be downloaded from the Catalog Bank page. The Catalog Bank page contains a variety of industrial catalogs, electromotor catalogs, industrial gearbox catalogs, pump catalogs, vibrator catalogs and many other industrial goods.

Do you also have training courses for industrial gearbox consulting?

A: Industrial Commodity Group is organizing industrial training courses in Khorasan province. Industrial gearbox training is also offered at different times of the year. Refer to the seminar and conferences page for the course calendar. He points out that the courses offered by the industrial commodity are of very high quality and have been used by experienced teachers in various fields. At the end of all courses, a professional technical certificate will be awarded to those who have attended the training.


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